TUM Tenure Track Academy

The TUM Tenure Track Academy bundles selected training and coaching programs offered by the Technical University Munich for all Tenure Track professors at our university. We provide a range of programs tailored specifically to your needs, each designed to help you successfully develop as an assistant professor.

A further education program for our Tenure Track professors, offered by the Chair of Research and Science Management (Prof. Dr. Claudia Peus).

You face multiple challenges in your role as a leader. These include establishing your own research group, supporting PhD students and strategically developing your own unit. We tailor our program specifically to your needs to help you master these multidisciplinary leadership and management tasks.

Benefit from the latest research findings in the field of leadership, and take your leadership and management skills to the next level!

  • Seminars & workshops
  • Individual leadership development
  • Best Practice sessions
  • Finding the best talents for your team

If you have any questions about a particular service or seminar, contact Jonas Schirrmacher (schirrmacher(at)zv.tum.de) at TUM Faculty Recruiting.

A program of seminars tailored specifically to the needs of our Tenure Track professors, offered by ProLehre | Media and Didactics.

Our university is built on outstanding research and excellent teaching. As a professor, your teaching activities play a key role in educating the next generation of young scientists. The team at TUM ProLehre | Media & Didactics will help you develop and grow your skills on TUM’s Tenure Track, providing exclusive, tailor-made programs in the fields of university teaching methods, education technology, and media production.

  • Individualized and exclusive support
  • Coaching on teaching and learning
  • Education technology & media production

If you have any questions about a particular service or seminar, contact Jonas Schirrmacher (schirrmacher(at)zv.tum.de) at TUM Faculty Recruiting.

Tenure Track Kick-Off Retreat & Annual Assembly

Our annual, two-day retreat gives all Tenure Track professors at TUM the chance to network and enjoy the attractive program of events. Newcomers can find out everything they need to know about the TUM’s Tenure Track at the TUM Science & Study Center in Raitenhaslach.

The retreat is also a must for experienced assistant professors, offering fascinating talks by internationally renowned experts in the fields of research and politics, and an enjoyable social environment.

  • Next retreat: 2019 (exact date to be announced in good time)
  • Contact for organizational questions: Cornelia Kracker, (kracker(at)zv.tum.de), TUM Faculty Recruiting

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