Tenure Track Academy 2014
Getting together in a familiar atmosphere: TUM's Tenure Track Professors meet each year at the Annual Tenure Track Assembly.Image: Andreas Heddergott

TUM Tenure Track Academy

The TUM Tenure Track Academy is a cross-faculty event platform to promote the connectivity and integration of assistant professors at TUM. The aim of TUM Tenure Track Academy is to make it easier for assistant professors to find their way in the academic system. It attempts to do this by offering lectures and seminars concerning topics relevant to assistant professors at TUM and by promoting the exchange of ideas beyond the limits of their disciplines.

Tenure Track Kick-Off Retreat & Annual Assembly

A two-day retreat gives all assistant professors at TUM the opportunity to meet, exchange ideas and network. Workshops, lectures and a framework program offer recently appointed professors useful guidance on the workings of TUM faculty tenure track and gives all attendees the opportunity to identify areas of concern and discuss these with others. High-profile academic experts and leaders from the world of research and science hold guest lectures and discuss their work.

For organizational questions, please contact Cornelia Kracker from TUM Faculty Recruiting.

Next retreat: 17 July - 18 July 2018

Guest Speakers





Lectures and Seminars

Throughout the academic year TUM offers a program of seminars focusing on the successful role of the professor and the requirements of the TUM tenure track system.

As an exclusive offer for holders of tenure track posts, these seminars supplement TUM’s otherwise extensive range of training and development programs for its teaching and academic staff.

As TUM Tenure Track Professor you can register right here.

If you have any questions concerning the lectures and seminars, please contact:

Jonas Schirrmacher (schirrmacher@zv.tum.de), TUM Faculty Recruiting


Excellence in teaching (T)

These workshops are provided by ProLehre, the Department for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education at TUM. ProLehre focuses on supporting teaching staff by providing a program of seminars, workshops and lecturers as well as individual advice and support with the aim of further enhancing teaching skills. Please note: both seminars are an exclusive offer for TUM tenure track professors. For information about further seminars please check the ProLehre website.

Responsible and successful scientific practice (R)

These workshops and training sessions focus on the theory and real life requirements of effective and responsible scientific practice. Learn more about the political and ethical background of being a scientist, reflect on the experiences of leaders in science, and get to know useful instruments for your own scientific profile.

Management and leadership competencies (M)

These services and seminars are provided by the team of the TUM Professorship for Research- and Science Management of Claudia Peus.

Entrepreneurial Thinking (E)

Download: Documents on the TUM Faculty Recruiting and Career System


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Excellence Initiative

TUM Faculty Tenure Track is a central part of the university's institutional strategy.