Experience lectures

As part of the study orientation, there is the possibility for individuals to attend a lecture.

A full lecture hall during a presentation.

Key facts at a glance:

Target group: Prospective students (bachelor), high school students
Location: presence and lecture recordings
Time: during the lecture period (not at the beginning of the semester)
Language: German or English
Registration: as single person not required, from 3 persons please pre-register!

Experience lectures in the summer semester 2024

You are welcome to attend a lecture on site before you start your studies. In our course catalogue you will find selected lectures that are well suited for a first impression. Only individuals can attend lectures without prior registration! If you wanted to experience a lecture together as a group (3 or more people), please contact exploretum@tum.de in advance.

Note for teachers: If you want to visit a lecture with a school group, please also contact exploretum@tum.de in advance so that we can register your visit with the lecturer. Thank you!

In our course catalogue (pdf; 1.05 MB) you will find - sorted by campus and department - all lectures that the individual departments have selected as appropriate lectures. The organizational details (campus, lecture hall, time) are deposited there with further links. We hope you enjoy your visit!

Maybe one more tip: If you are already at one of our campuses, maybe you want to discover the location with our interactive campus tour?

As an alternative to visiting lectures on campus, you can also watch lecture recordings from various departments:

Lectures online

You can find more interesting videos related to studies at TUM in our YouTube-Playlist.

Help, I didn't understand anything in the lecture. Does this mean that I am not suitable for the course of study?

No, of course not. Please don't panic! The pace is very fast and certainly faster than you are used to at school. It is therefore completely normal that you do not understand large parts of a university lecture - unlike school lessons! The students prepare the lecture with the help of technical literature both before and after. In addition, students receive help during tutorials and exercises and deepen what they have learned.

Your one-time (virtual) lecture visit is therefore not intended to provide you with specialist knowledge, but merely to offer you an insight!

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