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TUMcampus is the university magazine of TUM. It offers insights into campus life, higher education policy, teaching and research, and entrepreneurship. And it shows the people behind TUM. Four times a year, in German. The latest issues of the magazine.

Eine Frau mit einer VR-Brille steht vor einem Bildschirm.

“TUMcampus” Magazine Issue 4/2022

Lectures with VR glasses

In this issue we look at the many different digital learning formats that complement in-person lectures and seminars at TUM. Also featured: a journey to the birthplace of lager beer in the Caucasus region. A climate risk map indicating threat levels for forests. And a report on the spirit of optimism at the first TUM Sustainability Day.

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[Translate to English:] Vier Stueirende sprinten in einer der größten neuen Sporthallen.

“TUMcampus” Magazine Issue 3/2022

Health and sports under one roof

We have opened one of the world’s most advanced facilities for health and sports sciences in the Munich Olympic Park. Also in the magazine: smart sensors for sustainable agriculture. And we had a lot to celebrate: the 20th anniversary of our Singapore campus and the TUM School of Management as well as our summer concerts.

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Masterstudentin Franziska Zhu bei einem Aufenthalt mit TUMexchange in China 2017

“TUMcampus” Magazine Issue 2/2022

“Science thrives on connections to the world”

The key theme of this issue: internationalism. Our university brings together people from all over the world to generate new knowledge and create solutions for the problems of our time – whether they are working at our location in Mumbai, India, participating in our research for the global south, or attending our virtual European campus of the EuroTeQ universities. See our report here.

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Die Umweltingenieurin Laura Franke forscht im Bereich Gebäudetechnologie und klimagerechtes Bauen am Department of Architecture der TUM School of Engineering.

“TUMcampus” Magazine Issue 1/2022

“We keep reinventing ourselves”

With the transition from departments to schools, TUM has undertaken a unique structural reform. Four of the seven schools are up and running. This issue features an update. Other topics: the inextricable links between values and technology. And: international victories by TUM teams with the fastest tunnel boring machine in Las Vegas and in autonomous motor races in Indianapolis.

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