• 3/27/2023

“TUMcampus” Magazine Issue 1/2023

The sensation of weightlessness

Student Michi Benthaus is training to make her dream of space flight a reality - and she has already experienced weightlessness. Read more in this issue. We also report on research at TUM into multiple sclerosis and look at where data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence come together at our university. And: join online editor Andreas Schmidt on a trip to Singapore to learn about the TUM Asia campus.

Student Michaela Benthaus in a wheelchair. Astrid Eckert / TUM
Michaela Benthaus is a student in the TUM M.Sc. program in Aerospace. In December 2022 she travelled to Houston in the USA, where she took part in a parabolic flight to experience weightlessness. She is now a little closer to her dream of becoming an astronaut.

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