TUM Founders Gallery

From ICT to CleanTech to LifeSciences and Medical Technology - the start-up scene at TUM is diverse. Get to know the diversity of our spin-offs better and be inspired by the multitude of innovative solutions & products.

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accu:rate GbR

Founder: Angelika Kneidl, Florian Sesser, Michael Schölkopf
Founding year: 2014
Contact: info[at]accu-rate.de
Website: www.accu-rate.de

accu:rate offers software that can be used to simulate crowd flow dynamics in the run-up to events. By running through different variants, possible problems with evacuations, for example, can be identified early and mitigated. The software uses an agent-based model that takes into account people’s decision-making autonomy.

Actiworks Application Solutions GmbH

Founder: Daniel Seidl, Konrad Peters
Founding year: 2011
Contact: info[at]actiworks.de
Website: www.actiworks.de

"Entrepreneurship is somehow a roller coaster. If you accept that it will get rough, you will have fun on the ride."

Actiworks – Founders from the TUM community develop solutions for apps and hardware

Actiworks is a dynamic service provider that creates solutions for smartphone and tablet apps and takes an integrated approach to developing electronic products.
With technical expertise and solution-oriented processes for hardware and software engineering, Actiworks develops products and embedded systems, from idea to series production. Applications range from innovative consumer products to robust industry solutions.
Actiworks’ client-focused apps are used both to improve human-machine product interfaces as well as to modernize marketing and production processes.
The company was founding in January 2011 by two TUM graduates: Konrad Peters and Daniel Seidl. At their Munich-adjacent location in Garching, the founders began with a young team of working students and freelancers, later expanded to include salaried employees. The town of Garching and its close ties to TUM professors are crucial to Actiworks.

AdCo Engineering GW GmbH

Founder: Dr.-Ing. Volker Gravemeier, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang A. Wall
Founding year: 2011
Contact: info[at]adco-engineering-gw.de
Website: www.adco-engineering-gw.de/en

“High-level expertise is the cornerstone of AdCo EngineeringGW GmbH.”

The company was launched in 2011 as a spin-off of the Institute for Computational Mechanics at Technical University of Munich, one of the leading research institutes in the field of computational mechanics and computer-aided engineering (CAE).
The Institute for Computational Mechanics is one of the few research institutes in the world devoted to developing and applying computational methods over almost the entire spectrum of engineering applications, from solid mechanics to fluid mechanics to biomedical engineering. With AdCo EngineeringGW, this unique expertise will become available to you, as we apply these and other top-level research advances to your industrial applications.

Advanced Navigation Solutions – AMCONAV GmbH

Founder: Dr. Patrick Henkel
Founding year: 2011
Contact: patrick.henkel[at]anavs.de
Website: www.anavs.de

Advanced Navigation Solutions (ANAVS) develops software and hardware for precise positioning and attitude determination with a relative positioning accuracy of 5 mm and a heading accuracy of up to 0.01°. This high accuracy is obtained by combining the carrier phase measurements from two receivers and by resolving the integer ambiguities of the periodic phase measurements. ANAVS also performs a sensor fusion of GPS/ Galileo phase and code measurements and of acceleration and angular rate measurements from inertial sensors to improve both accuracy and robustness.
The positioning methods of ANAVS can be used to determine the orientation and rate of turn of cars and ships, to find precise locations in construction projects, and to track the positions of athletes.

  • Relative GPS-based position determination with an accuracy of 5 mm using two low-cost GPS boards

  • Heading determination with an accuracy of 0.5°/ baseline length [m]

  • Cycle slip detection and correction based on optimum MAP estimator

  • Sensor fusion of GPS/ Galileo, INS and magnetometer measurements (loose and deep coupling)

  • Reliable carrier-phase integer ambiguity resolution using stochastic a priori information on baseline length and attitude

AMSilk GmbH

Founder: Prof. Thomas Scheibel, Dr. Lin Römer, Axel H. Leimer
Founding year: 2008
Contact: pr[at]amsilk.com
Website: www.amsilk.com

“AMSilk is a one-of-a-kind technology that enables the customized production of a range of different biomaterials that are often far superior to conventionally produced synthetic materials. AMSilk serves a number of different applications in a wide range of industrial sectors, providing new materials to generate new and innovative products.”

In terms of its weight, spider silk is four times stronger than steel and can be stretched to three times its length without tearing. That is why a spider’s web is able to withstand the active force of the insects that crash into it without tearing apart.
AMSilk was the first in the world to produce competitive artificial spider silk fiber (Biosteel®), which is completely manufactured from re-combined spider silk proteins. In addition to developing this fiber, AMSilk is also focused on expanding its primary materials production to guarantee further progress in other application areas.

anevis solutions GmbH

Founder: Lee Wasilenko, Johannes Hauptmann
Founding year: 2012
Contact: johannes.hauptmann[at]anevis-solutions.com
Website: www.anevis-solutions.com 

“In addition to the traditional education I received at TUM, I found the commitment and experience of my professors especially valuable. Without it I would never have been able to start a business in the first place. I am incredibly thankful for the support I have received over the years.” (Johannes Hauptmann)

Founded in mid-2012, anevis solutions has been enriching the financial industry with the latest generation of technology-based products. Our international team specializes in IT-based services in the data processing and reporting sector. We put our technical expertise to work to maximize our clients’ potential for optimization, primarily using automated processes. In doing so, we confront individual needs with determination and commitment, offering creative, tailored solutions. Specialists in different areas guarantee a broad spectrum of interdisciplinary capabilities in service to our partners.

Assistr Digital Health Systems GmbH

Founder: Jens Grudno
Founding year: 2017
Contact: jens.grudno[at]assistrcare.com
Website: www.assistrcare.com

"I believe it is one of the highest honours to care for those who once cared dearly for us. Having experienced first hand the challenges of adequately looking after someone in need of care in my circle of family and friends, I am deeply passionate about making daily care routines more humane and efficient."

assistr develops profitable business cases in the medical, care and health sector, oftentimes together with development partners. We are developing technical solutions for care process optimisation allowing for a more independent life of elderly people and people in need of care. 
Our products have a positive ethical and social impact, help reduce healthcare costs, and have large business potentials due to an underserved and growing market. We make sure that all stakeholders benefit from our solutions. The first product deals with incontinence, which affects 200 million people worldwide.


Founder: Prof. Dr. Björn Schuller, Dagmar M. Schuller, Dr. Florian Eyben, Dr. Martin Wöllmer, Dr. Felix Weninger
Founding year: 2013
Contact: info[at]audeering.com
Website: www.audeering.com

“The next generation of intelligent machines will listen and be able to act and react empathically competent. Our technology empowers them to do so in a responsible way. Get excited!”

audEERING is pioneer of Affective Computing and Computer Audition. The audEERING technology enables automatic and robust detection and analysis of various different features and patterns within the audio and speech signal, such as emotions, personal profiles, personal data, health states, (environmental) sound analysis, industry/machine sounds, music-patterns, and many more. Applying first-of-its-kind,  trendsetting and state-of-the-art Audio Intelligence Analysis (Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Transfer Learning, Feature Extraction, etc.) as well as innovative and robust models, audEERING has managed to become one of the leading inventors and enablers of emotional and social Artificial Intelligence and intelligent audio analysis projects. 
With its sensAI products, audEERING offers a Web-API as well as mobile SDK solutions to analyse audio data in real-time. With openSMILE audEERING owns a globally renowned and thoroughly tested Feature Extraction Toolkit, setting the standard in its field. audEERING’s patent pending technology “VocEmoApI” revolutionizes the methods by robust real-time recognition of over 50 emotion classes.
Besides the standard products, audEERING also develops tailored solutions and models for clients and their specific needs. audEERING’s clients comprise DAX-companies as well as national and international leading companies of various industries such as telecommunication, automotive, media & entertainment, market research, hearables/wearables manufacturing, hardware, etc. 
In May 2017 audEERING was named “Vendor to Watch for AI” from Gartner, Inc. empowering device manufacturers to enable their products with artificial intelligence capabilities.


Founder: Dr. Oliver Baron, Dr. Thomas Böttcher, Prof. Dr. Stephan Sieber
Founding year: 2010 - 2016
Contact: baron[at]aviru.de
Website: www.aviru.de 

“We can do it!”

AVIRU GmbH is a spin-off from the Center for Integrated Protein Science Munich excellence cluster (CIPSM, www.cipsm.de) and its laboratories are located at TUM in Garching. The company specializes in developing small molecules to fight bacterial pathogens and parasites.
The demand for alternative therapies to antibiotics is rapidly increasing. For decades, the spread of resistance and multi-drug resistant pathogens (e.g., MRSA) have threatened the efficacy of traditional antibiotics. AVIRU combats this lack of new treatment approaches with novel active ingredient candidates and a revolutionary mechanism of action.
Inhibiting ClpP, the universal virulence regulating protease, shuts down the production of bacterial toxicants (virulence factors, toxins) and disarms pathogens without killing them. In animals, this concept leads to effective cures for infections and carries crucial advantages over conventional antibiotic therapies. Instead of being killed, the pathogens become disarmed, but stay alive. This means that there is no direct selective pressure that provokes the emergence of resistances. Another advantage of not killing bacteria is that the cooperative bacteria of the human body, like that in the gut flora, are preserved.

BABO Beverages UG

Founder: Patrick Loy, Ludwig Gerlinger, Robin Stein
Founding year: 2014
Contact: info[at]baboblue.com
Website: www.baboblue.com

“Even the market for beer-based mixed drinks needs an influx of young and innovative companies. That’s where we come in: BABO blue, the first craft beer mix!”

BABO Beverages UG was founded in 2014 by Beverage and Food Technology students studying at TUM’s Weihenstephan campus. The company manufactures its trademark blue beer-based mix drink, called BABO blue. The team of young entrepreneurs gained national attention when they appeared on Die Höhle der Löwen, a German television show on VOX that showcases budding entrepreneurs pitching their business ideas.
In addition to the other beer-based and alcohol-free drinks they produce, BABO Beverages UG is also engaged in consulting activities, helping companies with product development and bringing their drinks to market.

Barefoot Technologies UG

Founder: Stefan Kreminski, Michael Schuster, Bernhard Kreminski, Lars Stäbe, Maximilian Matschke, Clemence Chee
Founding year: 2013
Contact: info[at]bglobl.com


“Unlike other companies that focus on finding new contacts, we help you maximize the potential of your existing personal network. A world with a greater number of real, global connections is a world with more opportunities.” (Clemence Chee)

bglobl reunites friends in real life
Increasing mobility in professional and academic life means personal networks are constantly growing, but social interaction visibly focuses on chats and timelines. Barefoot Technologies UG has tasked itself with taking digital interaction back to its personal roots, putting friendships and acquaintances back on solid, one-on-one ground.
The BGLOBL app allows people to link up with friends and acquaintances. The app uses data from users’ personal address books, networks like Facebook and LinkedIn as well as information from alumni and business networks. Bglobl illustrates the geodata of a user’s contacts from their social networks on one map, enabling users to find and meet up with contacts near them (Around Me), as well as giving them the opportunity to see just how networked they are in different places around the world, which is extremely useful in identifying local experts among a user’s own circle of friends the next time they travel, for example. The app also shows local hot spots, the places your friends like to go most. Contacts are always kept up to date thanks to automatic updating of friends and contacts in the bglobl address book.
NetworkXplorer displays information from individually activated alumni or company networks or other closed networks. This allows bglobl to help users make new acquaintances through their existing but anonymous networks.

Beyer & Söhne UG

Founder: Nico Beyer, Robby Beyer
Founding year: 2011
Email: DieSoehne[at]beyer-soehne.de

“Stop, think, take action – and quit taking things so seriously.”

Hi. We’re Nico and Robby from Beyer & Söhne and we sell the best lotion in the world. Lotion? Yes, lotion! This is where our dad comes in. He’s a pharmacist by passion and profession and has raised us to be real health geeks, starting when we were in diapers. The idea of selling his products always seemed to be floating at the back of our minds somehow. But before we got down to business, we both went down more traditional post-collegiate routes. Nico worked as an IT consultant for Accenture and Detecon, while Robby got his start as a product manager at L’Oréal. We came to the decision to strike out on our own one day in the early hours after a few beers. We clinked our glasses, handed in our notice and moved to Berlin. Although there are quite a few difficult days, many are great and we wouldn’t want to miss the bad ones for anything.

Bitflux GmbH

Founder: Sascha Kühl, Dr.-Ing. Peter Landsmann, Dr.-Ing. Dirk Paulus
Founding year: 2016
Contact: info[at]bitflux.eu
Website: www.bitflux.eu

„We render synchronous motor drives more cost effective, compact, robust and reliable.“

With the introduction of new efficiency standards, the efficiency of electric motors is becoming increasingly important. Up to now, control systems, which use a sensor to constantly determine the current position of the rotor, form the basis of efficient electrical drives. Founded at the beginning of 2016, the company Bitflux has its roots in a team of scientists of the Chair of Electrical Drive Systems and Power Electronics of TUM. The software bundle dynAIMx® developed by Bitflux enables an efficient control of electric drives without position sensor. The software is installed as an add-on library to the existing controller and normally causes no additional hardware costs. The flexible interface of dynAIMx® enables implementation within a few days. DynAIMx® works with all types of synchronous machines with high dynamics and in the entire speed range. In addition, dynAIMx® offers significant cost savings, higher reliability and robustness as well as a more compact drive system.


Founder: Dr. Mathias Müller, Rolf Wojtech, Dr. sc. Florian Petit
Founding year: 2017
Contact: info[at]blickfeld.com
Website: www.blickfeld.com

"Blickfeld enables the mobility of the future"

Autonomous vehicles must understand their environment. This is where laser-based LiDAR sensor technology sets new standards. Every autonomous car will probably have several LiDARs in the future. However, today's devices are too large, too heavy, often not reliable enough and much too expensive. High-end models cost tens of thousands of euros.

Blickfeld has reinvented a key component of LiDARs and manufactured it entirely from silicon: A MEMS scanner. This allows us to simplify the LiDAR setup considerably. Thanks to this innovation we do not use 64 lasers, but only one, our LiDAR weighs 50 times less than the current standard and we have reduced costs by a factor of 100. Our devices will only cost a few hundred euros - and that at highest performance.

Paired with our recognition software, our devices can also be used in many other areas such as Smart Cities, IoT and robotics. 

blik GmbH

Founder: Bastian Burger, Philip Eller, Victoria Hauzeneder
Founding year: 2017
Contact: info[at]blik.io
Website: www.blik.io

We want to create a fully transparent global supply chain.”

We have found out that the average industrial warehouse looses up to 10 Million € every year due to uncertainty in their stock levels. Up to 40% of all items are mislocated in their processes. This is why we develop a real-time tracking platform that allows to follow thousands of devicessimulatiously.
Companies like Bosch, SAP, BMW and much of the automotive industry run projects with us and already save many hours of unnecessary labour.

brainboost Neurofeedback

Founder: Philipp Heiler, Tobias Heiler
Founding year: 2016
Contact: info[at]brainboost.de
Website: www.brainboost.de

"Just like healthy nutrition and physical exercises have become a normality, people should also be aware of their mental health and well being. We are convinced that neurofeedback can help many people with their mental performance as well as reduce or completely discontinue medication for several mental disorders.”

Brainboost enables people to unleash their full brain potential to improve performance and furthermore quality of life.
Using EEG technology, brain activities and various behavioral patterns can be displayed, analyzed in real time, and then trained through the scientifically and medically based training method called neurofeedback. It is already applied in therapeutic settings, as well as in sports, music or coaching to enhance performance. Another important field of appliance lays in corporate health promotion and prevention; wherefore brainboost is also engaged in occupational health management. With the help of our EEG screenings, brain activities among employees in companies are analyzed and comprehensively and understandable summarized in our self-developed BrainReport. The brainboost team always sets the highest quality standards in the field of neurofeedback. Interdisciplinary, it consists of medical doctors, (business) psychologists, sports and health scientists, as well as managers.
Brainboost was founded in 2016 by the Munich brothers Philipp (Medical doctor; TUM) and Tobias Heiler (B.Sc. Sports science and M.Sc. Management; TUM). The company's headquarter is directly at Sendlinger Tor in Munich. Further locations are situated in Augsburg, as well as in Karlsruhe. Further franchise locations are in planning.

Brewbarrel / Customized Drinks GmbH

Founder: Dominik Guber, Ping Lu, Wolfgang Westermeier
Founding year: 2012
Contact: info[at]braufaesschen.com
Website: www.brewbarrel.co.uk

“Unique moments with customized beer”

During our time at the center for entrepreneurship at Technical University of Munich (UnternehmerTUM), it occurred to us that a lot of beers have a relatively similar taste. And this diversity of beer we had experienced and come to value in other countries was distinctly lacking in Germany. As enthusiastic young entrepreneurs, we wanted to find a solution to this, so we developed the Brewbarrel idea: With Brewbarrel, we provide the quickest and easiest opportunity to brew your own customized beer at home. You can put together your own customized beer online in just three simple steps. First you choose the type of beer (pilsner, wheat beer, dark beer, lager, pale ale), then the hoppiness. You can further customize your beer set by adding up to three flavors, including grapefruit, American oak timber, honey and Bourbon timber. All you have to do at home is add water to the ingredients in the barrel supplied. You can tap your homemade keg to enjoy your homebrewed beer after just a week. We took this idea and founded Customized Drinks GmbH in 2012 while we finished up our studies at TUM. Our team has now grown to nine employees.

Brolis Semiconductors

Founder: Augustinas Vizbaras, Kristijonas Vizbaras, Dominykas Vizbaras
Founding year: 2011
Contact: info[at]brolis-semicon.com
Website: www.brolis-semicon.com 

"Beyond state-of-the-art technology for infrared applications"

Brolis Semiconductors is a high-tech semiconductor technology company focusing on the development of novel III-V materials and optoelectronic devices for defense, medical, industrial and research markets. The company was founded in 2011 by three Vizbaras brothers: Augustinas, Kristijonas (TUM alumni, prof. M.-C. Amann group (E26)) and Dominykas Vizbaras. Since founding, company has raised 6.2 M EUR and established a state-of-the-art semiconductor facility in Vilnius, Lithuania in the end of 2012.

Brolis Semiconductors offers:

  • Near/Mid-IR laser diodes in the wavelength range 1800 nm - 3800 nm. Devices are based on a GaSb type-I quantum well technology and feature state-of-the-art performance figures: 30% WPE, >1 W CW output power and threshold input powers below 17 mW.
    Applications: gas sensing, IR countermeasures, medical, material processing, solid-state and fiber laser pumping.
  • Molecular beam epitaxy foundry for AlGaInAsSb. 14 x 2". 7 x 3" and 4 x 4" multi-wafer capacity is available.
    Applications: Mid-IR thermal imaging arrays, Quantum cascade lasers, pHEMT, high-power RF components, Hall effect sensors.

Entire manufacturing and testing operations are carried out in Brolis in-house class ISO 6 cleanroom environment.
Brolis Semiconductors is ISO 9001:2008 certified in the field of Development and manufacturing of semiconductor optoelectronic devices.


Founder: Sebastian Dominguez, Milen Ivanov, Philipp Hollberg, Dr. Alexander Hollberg
Founding year: 2016
Contact: info[at]caala.de
Website: www.cala.de

With CAALA® architects can calculate and compare in seconds millions of building variants with regards to energy demand, CO2-emissions, investment and operational costs. Our SaaS solution assists architects in optimizing building designs in the early development phases by providing life cycle assessment on design variants considering all relevant design parameters. With CAALA the environmental footprint can be lowered (up to 40% less CO2-emissions) and the value of the building project increased (up to 30% less life-cycle costs).

Cadami UG (LLC)

Founder: Andreas Dotzler, Michael Heindlmaier, Thomas Kühn, Maximilian Riemensberger
Founding year: 2015
Contact: info[at]cadami.com
Website: www.cadami.net

For the leading network operators, we have the solution to massively scale mobile video without overloading the network. Our solution saves the network operators (e.g., WiFi networks, LTE, Satellite networks) millions on network upgrades and creates additional revenue streams by novel services.
People love video-on-demand (VoD) services like YouTube or Netflix and the massive increase in video traffic challenges mobile networks. Cadami lets the network operator can team up with VoD providers and introduce new services. By deploying our technology, these services can be excluded from monthly data caps – without overloading the network. This makes subscribers loyal, differentiates the user experience from competition, and generates additional revenue.


Calwave Power Technologies UG

Founder: Marcus Lehmann
Founding year: 2014
Contact: team[at]calwave.org
Website: www.calwave.org

"To achieve our commitment to the Paris agreement, we need technologies that empower us to
access all locally available renewable resources. CalWave's mission is to contribute to the portfolio of solutions."

CalWave Power Technologies provides a solution to harness the renewable power of ocean waves to produce electricity and freshwater. Our device is a novel Wave Energy Converter (WEC) that is simple and scalable. Our innovative approach was inspired by the ability of a muddy seafloor to effectively absorb over passing ocean waves within only a few wavelengths. Our patented solution operates submerged, allowing it to survive stormy seas while causing no visual pollution or posing any collision danger.
CalWave Power Technologies is a winner of the US Wave Energy Prize by meeting the threshold to double the energy captured from ocean waves compared to the state of the art.


Founder: Dr.-Ing. Patrick Christ, Florian Biller, Florian Ettlinger and Sebastian Schlecht
Founding year: 2018
Contact: info[at]capmo.de


"PAVE is a software as a service tool for defect management, construction documentation and document management. PAVE helps architects, engineers and construction managers to collaborate during construction execution and facility management. PAVE user can save 70% of their time and reduce overall project costs by 7%, due to fewer construction defects and issues."

PAVE is a software as a service tool for defect management, construction documentation and document management. PAVE helps architects, engineers and construction managers to collaborate during construction execution and facility management. PAVE user can save 70% of their time and reduce overall project costs by 7%, due to fewer construction defects and issues. PAVE applies newest technologies such as artificial intelligence, deep learning, big data analytics and block chain. PAVE runs withour installation on every device (PC, MAC, IPhone, Smartphone and Tablet). PAVE can be used by every construction worker without training due to intuitive UI and UX. 

cellasys GmbH

Founder: Dr. Joachim Wiest, Prof. Dr. Bernhard Wolf, Dr. Helmut Herz, Herbert Zuleger
Founding year: 2007
Contact: info[at]cellasys.com
Website: www.cellasys.com

cellasys delivers system solutions to continuously analyze the vitality of living cells. This includes research and development as well as the production and maintenance of cell-based systems. Furthermore we offer consulting services in the area of application development, data analysis and data interpretation.
Our microphysiometric systems monitor different parameters directly from living cells. These parameters include extracellular acidification (pH), cellular respiration (pO2) and morphology (impedance). The measurement is label-free, parallel, continuous and in real time. With our BioChip technology you can, for example, determine the efficacy of a drug outside of humans (or animals) directly on living cells. In terms of laboratory technology, this allows for the opportunity to continuously study the vitality of cells in a microfermenter, for example.

Celonis SE

Founder: Alexander Rinke, Bastian Nominacher, Martin Klenk
Founding year: 2011
Contact: info[at]celonis.de
Website: www.celonis.com

With its innovative process mining technology, Celonis offers the worlds most productive tool for analyzing and optimizing IT-based business processes. Companies in any sector can utilize the power of modern Big Data technology to contribute significantly to the success of their business. Celonis Gmbh is an incredibly successful technology company that is growing rapidly. Siemens, ABB, Bayer, RWE, EDEKA, ING-DiBA, Schaeffler, Vodafone and many more notable companies from the retail sector, industry and service sector are among Celonis’ satisfied customers.

Cevotec GmbH

Founder: Felix Michl, Thorsten Gröne, Neven Majic, Yannick Blößl
Founding year: 2015
Contact: info[at]cevotec.com
Website: www.cevotec.com

Cevotec industrializes the production of complex carbon composites and is the first company to use and offer patch-based production technologies like Fiber Patch Placement (FPP) commercially. We provide the necessary software and hardware for product development and production of complex carbon composites and develop, optimize and manufacture carbon composites for brand manufacturers that were previously only produced by hand. This makes Cevotec your one-stop-shop for patch-based production, bundling together the significant advantages of this technology to provide tailor-made production solutions. Our clients, brand-name manufacturers from the medical technology, sports and mechanical engineering industries, benefit both from faster market access thanks to shorter development and production cycles as well as better, lighter high-quality components – all at attractive prices and produced using scalable series production here in Germany.

cioplenu GmbH

Founder: Benjamin Brockmann, Daniel Grobe
Founding year: 2017
Contact: info[at]cioplenu.de
Website: www.cioplenu.com

The unique software solution from cioplenu offers the basis for successful digitalization in production. Based on the latest web technology, the founding team has developed a digital information platform for process data and operations, which consists of three modules. Due to the intelligent linking of creation, management and use of digital job descriptions, companies can playfully master the increasing complexity of their productions. The cioplenu solution is mainly used in assembly, maintenance and quality assurance, but can be also used for the description and documentation of all business processes.

Climedo GmbH

Founder: Sascha Ritz, Dragan Mileski
Founding year: 2017
Contact: info[at]climedo.de
Website: www.climedo.de

"Web based medical data protection without compromising on user experience."

Continuously collect and manage your clinical trial data, gather valuable insights and make it searchable for future studies! Starting with sample logistics, biomaterial analysis or probands declaration up to first statistical analyses, our solution covers the crucial pain points. With our software you are no longer dependent on predefined input masks or additional programming services from your software provider. From now on you can independently decide on which data you want to collect where and how. Easy. Intuitive. Without any IT knowledge. From storing, managing, and identifying data correlations, with Climedo you will transform your data jungle into a centralized clinical trial database for active and upcoming studies.

Colorimetrix GmbH

Founder: Dr. Leo Martinez, Dominik Westner, Anda Radu
Founding year: 2017
Contact: contact[at]colorimetrix.com
Website: www.colorimetrix.com

"The lab in your pocket"

Our first product helps couples conceiving by individually monitoring their fertility, we use self-testing hormonal urine test strips and the mobile camera with our mobile app, to accurately predict, well in advance, the best days to conceive. Works for every cycle regardless of the regularity.

combinatic GmbH

Founder: Dr. Christoph Meier
Founding year: 2009
Contact: info[at]combinatic.com

combinatic is a young company developing and offering multi-disciplinary customer-specific software and consulting services for extremely large-scale combinatorial analysis problems in the field. combinatic develops software platforms, each comprising multiple modules with solutions for the relevant combinatorial problems, for various industries. At the moment, combinatic is concentrating on enhancements of the Automotive Optimization Platform, AOP™, which includes solutions for optimization problems within automotive industry.

Contigua GmbH

Founder: Felix Baaken, Markus Eichinger, Arash Houshmand, Harald Siebenweiber
Founding year: 2011-2017
Contact: info[at]contigua.de

Website: www.10stamps.de

“As a graduate, there’s not a lot you can screw up when founding a company other than not doing it at all.”

Loyalty provider Contigua Gmbh offers simple yet well-thought-out solutions for customer loyalty – right to your smartphone. By using the company’s first product, 10stamps, local restaurants, retailers and service providers can bring mobility to their paper or  plastic customer loyalty cards, opening up a direct mobile channel of communication with their customers. 10stamps combines the functional bonus card system with the innovations of the digital world, making all this easily accessible to local businesses.

Contunity GmbH

Founder: Alexander Pohl, Tobias Pohl
Founding year: 2018
Contact: info[at]contunity.eu
Website: www.contunity.eu

„Our ready-to-use online Software BLOGX allows anyone to create its own individual electronic control unit, to counter the lack of skilled employees in the electronics sector.“

The development of electronic control units (ECUs) is a time-consuming task that requires a lot of specialized knowledge. These devices are commonly found in almost any everyday object, whether it is the control loop of a coffee machine or an electric vehicle. These devices contain small computers that give them some sort of intelligence. The development of these so-called ECUs is carried out by highly trained specialists. This creates a dependency on well-trained professionals, who are increasingly scarce and hard to find.
Our solution to this problem is a software that simplifies this development process to such an extent that every technical person can independently develop a digital control unit. This solution is provided by Contunity's proprietary backend algorithms. They automate the development of ECUs. A simple drag & drop user interface allows the user to define the functionalities of the control unit, without specifically going into programming or hardware development. These two steps, that is programming the ECU and designing printed circuit boards (PCBs), are done fully automatically by the Contunity algorithms.

cosinuss° GmbH

Founder: Dr.-Ing. Johannes Kreuzer, Dipl.-Kffr. Greta Kreuzer
Founding year: 2011
Contact: j.kreuzer[at]cosinuss.com

“Starting your own company is a great experience, although not a particularly easy one. It’s a long process with a good number of obstacles along the way. But at the end you’ve really accomplished something groundbreaking.”

cosinuss° is an advanced technology company that develops and markets highly accurate and mobile sensors that measure people’s vitals via the ear. The technology used continuously and comfortably monitors heart rate, body temperature and arterial blood oxygen saturation levels on the go, forwarding the measurements to a mobile device (such as a cell phone, heart rate monitor or smartphone). This allows cosinuss° to comfortably measure the heart rate on the go, while also pioneering mobile measurement of core body temperature and comfortable and continuously monitoring it, not to mention increased accuracy in measuring blood oxygen levels. Basedon this technology, cosinuss° offers sensors and apps for three major markets:

  • Sports & fitness: the cosinuss° heart rate sensor as a comfortable alternative to chest straps.

  • Medicine: measure multiple parameters with just one sensor in one place.

  • Worker safety: increase the level of safety, and prevent and recognize stress at work.


Founder: Dr. Florian Deißenböck, Dr. Martin Feilkas, Dr. Benjamin Hummel, Dr. Elmar Jürgens und Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Manfred Broy 
Founding Year: 2009
Contact: info[at]cqse.eu
Website: www.cqse.eu

Founded in 2009 as spin-off of Technical University Munich (TUM), CQSE GmbH offers innovative consulting and products to help customers evaluate, control and improve their software quality. Successful companies have to adjust their software systems permanently. Only those who implement new challenges time- and cost-efficiently, stay competitive. Commits which are made under high pressure lead to a degradation of the software. Furthermore there arise high service costs. CQSE can help: The portfolio of service ranges from auditing of different characteristics of software systems to the implementation of continuous processes of quality control. 

Crashtest Security GmbH

Founder: Felix Brombacher, Janosch Maier, René Milzarek, Daniel Schosser
Founding year: 2017

Contact: info[at]crashtest-security.com
Website: www.crashtest-security.com

"With the help of our automated security scans, we help make the Internet a bit safer."

Crashtest Security, founded in 2017, is a Munich-based cyber security company that helps digital companies to continuously create secure software with the help of automated vulnerability assessments. As a team of experienced hackers, Crashtest Security is striving to make agile software development safer. Through a mix of trainings and tools, Crashtest Security enables customers on their DevSecOps journey. The core of the offering is the Crashtest Security Suite, which focuses on scanning web applications and APIs continuously for security vulnerabilities. This relieves agile development teams from writing manual tests and looking for remediation help. The standardization of reporting enables measuring the security state to mitigate risks more efficiently and comply with regulations.


Deflexible Systems

Founder: Zoran Novacki, Georg Räß, Ervin Poljak
Founding year: 2011
Contact: info[at]deflexible.de

Website: www.deflexible.de

Deflexible Systems is a team of engineers, architects and designers that develops innovative solutions for convertible structures with a high pack factor. Their patented, foldable and flexible system provides high potential for savings on storage and transport costs and reduces assembly time. The modular system also allows for a versatile and flexible product configuration in order to be able to respond to a range of different requirements. Possible applications range from furniture design to structures for trade fairs and events to mobile bridges and roofing systems. The system can also be used as a portable spindle rotor and as a substructure for portable solar panels for generate power without fossil fuels. The name “deflexible” is a portmanteau of “deployable” and “flexible,” perfectly describing the system’s key features.
In February 2012 Deflexible Systems successfully brought its first product to market. The first borderless power wall was presented with four short-distance projectors at the 2012 Integrated Systems Europe in Amsterdam. A deflexible power wall with six projectors was used at the NRF Retail’s Big Show in 2012 in New York. Another power wall with four projectors was then constructed for the high-tech laboratory in the Institute for Architecture at TUM. The company is now focusing on developing innovative rear projection systems for a range of different application areas.

Desio GmbH

Founder: Dominique Felsch, Simon Nüesch
Founding year: 2016
Contact: info[at]vendl.de
Website: www.vendl.de

"Our goal is to establish vendl as a fourth form of beverage packaging."

Dynamic Biosensors GmbH

Founder: Dr. Ulrich Rant, Dr. Dirk Scholl, Dr. Ralf Strasser, Dr. Wolfgang Kaiser, Dr. Frank Fischer
Founding year: 2012
Contact: info[at]dynamic-biosensors.com
Website: www.dynamic-biosensors.com

Dynamic Biosensors is a provider of instruments, consumables, and services in the field of analytical systems for the characterization of biomolecules and molecular interactions. The company commercializes switchSENSE® technology, a groundbreaking platform technology for the analysis of biomolecules with applications in R&D and drug development. The switchSENSE® technology is protected worldwide and only available through Dynamic Biosensors. The company is headquartered in the south of Munich, Germany and runs offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, in France, Japan and Singapore.

Dynamic Components GmbH

Founder: Dr. Michael Geisinger, André Leimbrock, Dr. Hauke Stähle, Benjamin Wiesmüller
Founding year: 2016

Contact: info@dynamic-components.de
Website: www.dynamic-components.de

“We are standing on the precipice of an exciting era in the years to come with digitization, artificial intelligence and Big Data. As entrepreneurs, nothing is as exciting as helping to shape the future and standing on the front lines of developing new technology products to push our customers forward. That is what we work toward every day.”

Nowadays machinery and systems still largely require maintenance every so often. Yet they often go without this vital work, with annoyed customers at best and high costs resulting from downtime, repairs and replacement work at worst.
SENSORLINK is a hardware and software solution from Dynamic Components for retrofitting machinery and systems for digitization and cost saving purposes. It works by enabling condition-based and predictive maintenance. This shifts the role of maintenance technicians to a proactive one instead of simply responding to outages or failures. Dynamic Components’ system can be used in industrial automation technology (Industry 4.0), railroad engineering (e.g., switch points), public infrastructure (elevators and escalators) and specialty vehicles.

ecomply GmbH

Founder: Aazar Ali Shad, Hauke Holtkamp
Founding year: 2017
Contact: contact[at]ecomply.io

Website: www.ecomply.io

ECOMPLY.io is the guided user-friendly Data Protection Management System. It helps to implement data protection in businesses, like it is required by the General Data Protection Regulation. ECOMPLY.io guides the compliance process from scratch, offers the necessary software tools in the browser, check entries and gives useful reminders.

eGym GmbH

Founder: Phillip Rösch-Schlanderer, Florian Sauter
Founding year: 2010
Contact: alena.peters[at]egym.de
Website: www.egym.de

“Our product strategy is unique in the global fitness market: eGym combines state-of-the-art German electronic and mechanical engineering with the advantages of mobile online applications. eGym stands for quick yet long-term training success, plus more fun at the gym! We are so incredibly please that we have been able to spread our enthusiasm to Highland Capital Partners and to have gained them as a partner for our young company.”

eGym develops, builds and markets the world’s most modern software and hardware products for the fitness market. We develop professional fitness equipment for premium health clubs in Germany and Europe. Our training software, eGym PREMIUM, allows gym members to reach their personal training goals more quickly and effectively than ever before. Our innovative eGym Trainer app helps fitness club trainers and personal trainers better serve their members and clients. All data is accessible to end customers digitally through our website, iOS app and Android app, and can be linked with and connected to numerous partners.

Ehrenmüller GmbH

Founder: Dr. Julia König (born Ehrenmüller)
Founding year: 2019
Contact: info[at]ehrenmueller.ai
Website: www.ehrenmueller.ai

"We develop data science and AI solutions for innovative medium-sized businesses."

We are a team of motivated, passionate mathematicians, software developers and economists and experts in the field of data science and artificial intelligence. We help companies to become more data-driven and efficient by designing and implementing individual, customized software. To this end, we analyze and visualize data, use state-of-the-art methods and technologies for machine learning and deep learning, and develop our own algorithms in order to be able to make optimal decisions fully automatically in real time. Our customers are mainly small and medium-sized companies in Southern Germany. They come from a wide range of industries, from wholesale to mechanical engineering to the food industry.


EndlessBrain UG

Founder: Albert Hahn
Founding year: 2010
Contact: support[at]endlessbrain.com

These days learning is a lifelong process and education is a significant economic factor. That’s why it’s all the more important to have technology to acquire knowledge quickly, easily and effectively. Traditional repetitive methods take a lot of time and often only achieve minimal results. EndlessBrain develops a clever solution to this problem: an e-learning platform that combines brain-friendly learning methods with the opportunities presented by a modern website (Web 2.0) in a unique way. This combination means you memorize content long term with less effort.
According to current studies, this sophisticated system not only saves time up to 50 percent, it also inspires people to learn more because of the quick results achieved. Users also improve their concentration skills. This results in better mental fitness, increased self-confidence and greater enjoyment of learning. Users can even effectively minimize learning disabilities.


Founder: Dr. Thomas Heege
Founding year: 2006
Contact: info[at]eomap.de
Website: www.eomap.de

Satellite derived bathymetry of inland waterways and coastal waters provides exceptional support for industrial and regulatory monitoring activities. The high-resolution sensors of today’s satellite systems combined with EOMAP’s high-tech operational evaluation process allows for cost-effective, safe and rapid monitoring of relevant environmental parameters at a spatial resolution of just a few meters. EOMAP maps the water depth and seabed in the first 10-20 meters for international customers worldwide. EOMAP monitors the effects of offshore activities on shore area vegetation as well as the water quality of coastal areas, lakes and rivers on behalf of regulatory agencies and industrial partners. EOMAP is continuously expanding upon the technical infrastructure required for a worldwide service network, working together with commercial and governmental satellite operators like DLR, ESA, DigitalGlobe and others in Europe, Australia, Asia and the US.

ethris GmbH

Founder: PD Dr. Christian Plank, PD Dr. Carsten Rudolph
Founding year: 2009
Contact: info[at]ethris.com
Website: www.ethris.com

“ethris develops chemically modified mRNA therapies as a new concept in gene therapy – without the genes.”

ethris – Enabling Therapies develops innovative therapies based on its own patented platform technology with a high potential for diversification that enables new therapies to be developed for diseases for which there were not previously any suitable treatment options.

Magnetovax® is a platform for personalized tumor vaccines, and can be activated locally and for specific tumors using magnetic fields. Ethris SNIM® RNA Technology is a first-in-class biopharmaceutical platform for therapies of rare diseases, alternative for recombinant proteins, and for “transcript therapies” in regenerative medicine. ethris (“enabling therapies”) provides access to highly profitable markets.ethris was founded by Dr. Carsten Rudolph (CEO) and Prof. Christian Plank (CSO) in 2009, with Dr. Walter Schmidt coming on board that same year as a partner. ethris focuses on using its internationally unique set of expertise to rapidly bring new therapies into clinical trials.

evalu GmbH

Founder: Romano Wolf, Benedikt Seitz, Raphael Blistein and Maximilian Gloël
Founding year: 2016

Contact: info[at]evalu.io

Website: www.evalu.io

evalu offers athletes professional coaching.

The intelligent training software used in evalu.run, a running trainer, is customizable for each athlete by incorporating personal strengths and weaknesses as well as goals into training. An athlete’s fitness level and running technique are measured in real time through a force sensor in the shoe and processed with machine learning algorithms. The athlete then receives live feedback based on this through the evalu app, as well as tips on their running style and individual modifications to the training plan. The training focuses on efficiency, increasing performance and health.

The athletic team of designers, business graduates, engineers, software developers and trainers is constantly growing and is always looking for motivated young talents from the TUM network.


Founder: Dr. Stefan Becker, Peter Becker, Benjamin Neubauer und Jenny Gleitsmann
Founding year: 2015

Contact: info[at]evomecs.com

Website: www.evomecs.com

Expertiger GmbH

Founder: Lutz Küderli, Stefan Gersmann
Founding year: 2013
Contact: info[at]expertiger.de
Website: www.expertiger.de

“As a computer science graduate, we often function as a port in the storm when our friends and relatives run into computer problems. A shortage of time has led us to look for service providers that can simply and easily relieve us of these duties – with no luck. So we decided to take matters into our own hands.”

Expertiger GmbH is an innovative platform for private and commercial IT support. Its complex technical infrastructure means callers can be connected directly to the right expert to tackle the problem at hand. The expert then provides tailored support right there on the phone and using remote maintenance. This means that customers don’t need to leave the house or do without their device for any period of time since the problem gets solved right before their eyes on their own computer. While the demand for private computer support is enormous, the market is extremely fragmented. Expertiger functions as a kind of bridge between IT service providers looking for a steady flow of clients and the massive demand for professional support from private customers and small businesses. Well-known representatives of the telecommunications sector have begun taking notice of Expertiger and are now handling their customer support through the platform.


Founder: Dr. Björn Schwerdtfeger, Dr. Peter Keitler, Nicolas Heuser
Founding year: 2010
Contact: info[at]extend3d.de
Website: www.extend3d.de

“We want to become THE leading hidden champion in the world of projected augmented reality. We want to be a trendsetter in the industry and put augmented reality into practice across a number a different industries and with a great deal of style.”

EXTEND3D GmbH is a spin-off of the Institute for Augmented Reality at Technical University of Munich and was founded in November 2010. It specializes in developing innovative, mobile and interactive 3D visualization systems. These systems have an incredibly wide range of possible industrial, marketing and design applications. Some uses include:

in the initial phases of product development to protect design and construction in order to maintain control when faced with shorter and shorter product cycles and ever increasing variety as a worker assistance system in assembly, quality assurance and maintenance in order to design the implementation of manual work stages more effectively in the face of increasingly complex products and avoid errors in marketing as a striking eye-catcher and intriguingly setting the scene for a proliferation of options.

The team of three entrepreneurs composed of Dr. Björn Schwerdtfeger, Dr. Peter Keitler and Nicolas Heuser have a combined experience in the augmented reality sector of more than two decades. The have succeeded in taking over a number of new technologies from the research phase and directly incorporating them into the development of Werklicht® projectors.

flissade GmbH

Founder: Lisbeth Fischbacher, Daniel Hoheneder
Founding year: 2013
Contact: office[at]flissade.com
Website: www.flissade.com 

“Balcony or living space? Both! flissade lets you simply make more space.”

There is growing pressure worldwide for available living space in the heavily populated areas of major metropolitan regions. This means that every single available square foot counts in dense, urban environments.

With flissade, a revolutionary facade system, we have created a convertible living space that can transform an outdoor living area into an indoor one. The glazed elements effortlessly glide along u-shaped tracks from interior to exterior, transforming an exposed balcony to a full-fledged living room in a matter of seconds when the weather is bad. You benefit from valuable living space during the cold winter months while increasing solar gains and reducing your home’s surface area – both of which conserve heat energy.

As an innovative element, flissade offers new solutions for future-proof residential construction – 100% living room and 100% balcony on demand. The ability to expand your home by using convertible rooms makes renovation truly attractive for existing building stocks as well.

With flissade, we are introducing an entirely new category of private outdoor space that goes beyond balconies and sunrooms.

flyla GmbH

Founder: Fabian Höhne
Founding year: 2017

Contact: f.hoehne[at]flyla.de

Website: www.flyla.de

"FLYLA is a platform for cheap last minute flight tickets exclusively for students to improve the capacity utilization of international airlines."

fos4X GmbH

Founder: Dr. Lars Hoffmann, Dr. Mathias Müller, Dr. Thorbjörn Buck, Rolf Wojtech
Founding year: 2010
Contact: info[at]fos4X.de
Website: www.fos4x.de

“At fos4X, we want to take advantage of fiber optic measurement technology to make wind turbines more intelligent and wind energy more cost effective.”

fos4X – fiber optic sensor technology for lightweight construction Since founding the company from Technical University of Munich’s Institute for Measurement Systems and Sensor Technology, we have been helping customers measure the loads in and on their lightweight structures. We help them succeed at designing their structures better, producing them more conveniently and using them more cost effectively. For example, we measure the bending moments of rotor blade to make wind turbines more intelligent and allow for more efficient control of these systems.

Freeletics GmbH

Founder: Joshua Cornelius, Andrej Matijczak, Mehmet Yilmaz
Founding year: 2013
Contact: info[at]freeletics.com
Website: www.freeletics.com

Freeletics is the most effective and motivating way to achieve athletic fitness. Freeletics uses short, high-intensity workouts with no equipment but your own body weight. Your workout performance is measured with the mobile app and ranked alongside other athletes in the Freeletics community.

Grillido GmbH

Founder: Manuel Stöffler and Michael Ziegler
Founding year: 2014
Contact: info[at]grillido.com
Website: www.grillido.de

“There never used to be any healthy yet tasty sausages – so we invented them. Starting a business of your own is such a great thing, especially because you slowly build a company with professional structures out of one of your ideas.”

Sausage revolutionaries Manuel, Marcel and Michael first combined high-quality meat with their own blend of spices and delicious extra ingredients to create extraordinary sausages in grandma’s garage in the fall of 2014. They have now worked with Michelin-star chefs to develop 30 different flavors – from chicken with spinach and feta to pork with apricot and pistachio. Their creations have won over foodies, the nutrition-conscious and athletes alike. Grillido aims to fill in the tasty gap between steak and sausage – and establish a lifestyle brand in the sausage segment as the first provider on the market. Grillido produces its sausages in accordance with international standards and ships its sausage varieties all over Germany thanks to innovative refrigeration technology. Taste comes first for every creation for food technologist and Grillido developer Marcel: Each and every sausage undergoes an intensive development and testing process involving several top chefs.

Hertle Ingenieure

Founder: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Robert Hertle
Founding year: 1992
Contact: mail[at]hertle-ingenieure.de
Website: www.hertle-ingenieure.de

“The key to responsibly designing the future lies in responsibly and deliberately applying the insights gained in the natural sciences and engineering technology and continuously developing these further.”

Engineering services in the construction industry, particularly applied research and development for special construction in plant engineering. – Industrial mills, tanks for cryogenic liquids – Infrastructure construction – Bridge construction, noise protection systems – and for temporary construction aids – Scaffolding, shuttering – taking particular account of time-variant, extraordinary and dynamic interactions and the basic conditions of series production.

HIGGS livestreaming technologies UG

Founder: Glenn Glashagen, Lucas Jacobson, Jakob Bodenmüller, Leon Szeli
Fonding year: 2016

Contact: hello[at]higgs.live

With HIGGS you can bundle different camera perspectives from smartphones and publish them live on facebook, YouTube or your own website. Every visitor of an event can join the stream and contribute his perspective. The host of the stream can choose the best perspective with the director mode and publish it directly as a livestream on his social media channels. There are also additional features such as adding overlays.
The software revolutionizes the livestreaming industry as a priceworthy alternative (90% cost reduction) to professional and expensive live video production. It offers new opportunities for content marketing for brands and corporate events (exhibitions, pitches, product demos, conferences etc.).

HIO Fitting GmbH

Founder: Benny Pfister, Marco Burger
Fonding year: 2011
Contact: info[at]hio-fitting.de

Website: www.hio-fitting.de

"Do it with passion or do it not at all."

HIO Fitting – Well-designed perfection. Customized by german enigeneers.
HoleInOne Fitting represents expertise and passion in the golf club fitting business. Engineers, sport scientists and designers combine their know-how for ideal results. Our interdisciplinary team takes care of all aspects concerning your personalized golf clubs.

ibidi GmbH

Founder: Dr. Valentin Kahl, Prof. Dr. Joachim Rädler, Dr. Ulf Rädler, Dr. Roman Zantl
Founding year: 2001
Contact: info[at]ibidi.de
Website: www.ibidi.com

“With its two excellent universities, outstanding research institutions and university of applied sciences combined with an active entrepreneurial environment, the city of Munich possesses the ideal conditions in which to found a company in the high-tech industry. Funding programs like BayTOU and BayTP and the infrastructure provided by IZB Innovation and Start-Up Center in Martinsried significantly contribute to transforming seminal inventions into successful innovations.”

ibidi was founded in 2001 as a spin-off from Technical University of Munich (TUM) and the Center of Nanoscience (CeNS) at the University of Munich (LMU). Since its inception, the company has continuously developed and is now a leading provider for innovative functional cell-based assay technologies utilized in academic research, applied testing, biotechnology and pharma. In 2013 ibidi GmbH won the coveted German Economy Innovation Award Competition.

innosabi GmbH

Founder: Jan Fischer, Hans-Peter Heid, Moritz Sebastian Wurfbaum, Catharina van Delden
Founding year: 2010
Contact: info[at]innosabi.com

Website: www.innosabi.com

“Corporate innovation processes are changing and TUM has recognized this in its research. This was the perfect starting point for founding innosabi: a provider of open innovation software."

innosabi supports businesses in implementing crowdsourcing and open innovation strategies using tried and tested innovation and community management software plus an experienced team to provide additional services. Incorporating future users into decisions about the features of new products and services reduces the risk of flopping and increases brand loyalty. This can be done efficiently and purposefully with high participation numbers through innosabi’s software. innosabi’s customers include consumer goods manufacturers like Coty, Danone and OSRAM, retailers like EDEKA, Görtz and dm Drogeriemarkt as well as companies like Kärcher, CeBIT, Continental and 20th Century Fox.

interfacewerk GmbH

interfacewerk is a UX innovation service provider. We are unique in combining UX
design and technological expertise. From start-ups to industrial companies, it is
becoming increasingly clear to everyone: it’s impossible to continue without
digitisation, and innovation is needed for digitisation. With a high level of technical
understanding and good communication, we enable our customers to become or
remain international leaders in both technology and user experience.

Founder: Moritz C. Türck und Sebastian Ullherr
Founding year: 2014
Contact: hallo
Website: www.interfacewerk.de

“At the heart of every digitalisation project lies a user’s problem.
We make it our problem.”


Founder: Richard Eckl, Martin R. Hammer, Moritz Steffan, Georg Walder, Mathias Wipfler
Founding year: 2014
Website: www.invenox.de

“Our battery storage systems reduce manufacturing expenses for battery storage and contribute to the progress of electromobility”

INVENOX offers innovative lithium ion battery storage systems for the electromobility sector as well as stationary applications from small batch series to large lot sizes. Welded connections are a thing of the past thanks to Invenox’s unique patented contacting technology, CONCHIFERA. Conchifera provides far-reaching safety and cooling across contactors, giving rise to compact battery storage systems with high volumic energy.


Founder: Alexander Geißler, Lorenz Sykora, Anja Müller
Founding year: 2017
Website: www.irubis.com

"We make analytics better and simpler to improve life."

Protein analysis using infrared spectroscopy is already established but suffers from low sensitivity and is time consuming. Only single measurements are possible. A core component of this technology is the crystal (sample carrier) which must be cleaned and reused due to its high price. 
Our solution is a low-cost silicon crystal whose sensitivity much higher compared to conventional crystals. By integration into well plates for the first time high-throughput ATR (attenuated total reflection) Spectroscopy becomes possible. An automated solution enables the detection of changes in the secondary structures in stability studies. In the pharma industry, stability studies are an important pillar in drug development to test proteins in different conditions to develop the final stable formulation. 

Isar Aerospace GmbH

Gründer: Daniel Metzler, Josef Fleischmann, Markus Brandl
Gründungsjahr: 2018
Kontakt: procurement[at]isaraerospace.com
Internetpräsenz: https://www.isaraerospace.com/

„Engineering the future of space flight. Launching is the first step to space. By enabling access to space, we contribute to humanity’s progress and our planet’s sustainable technological and economic development.“

Isar Getriebetechnik KG

Founder: Dr.-Ing. Albert J. Wimmer
Founding year: 2008
Contact: kontakt[at]isar-getriebetechnik.de
Website: www.isar-getriebetechnik.de

“By the time I had finished my first internship, I wanted nothing more to do with boring old gear wheels. I never thought when I completed my studies that I would assemble a gear myself. And a clumsy old gear wheel couldn’t possibly rotate faster than 1000 times per second. Funny how wrong we can be.”

Solutions for exacting gear systems – and all that as part of a enormous range of applications. That is Isar Getriebetechnik KG’s wheelhouse, so to speak, both as a service provider and supplier. The company focuses on developing prototypes and small batch series, as well as in designing, calculating and optimizing high-volume production. Depending on what customers need, gear concepts are either designed and evaluated from scratch or completed structures can be implemented in detail for production. Customers range from companies in the automotive and commercial vehicle industries, especially in university and academic research and development departments, as well as the aviation industry. The company specializes in high-speed gearing, achieving speeds of over 100,000 rpm depending on the performance range.

iThera Medical GmbH

Founder: Prof. Vasilis Ntziachristos, Prof. Daniel Razansky, Christian Wiest
Founding year: 2010
Website: www.ithera-medical.com

iThera Medical develops and markets biomedical imaging systems based on an innovative technology called multispectral optoacoustic tomography (MSOT). MST uses the photoacoustic effect to illustrate and quantify anatomical, functional and molecular information in vivo, in high resolution, in deep tissue and in real time. Today MSOT is used in animal models to study disease processes at the molecular level and to analyze the pharmacokinetic properties of new substances. The future of MSOT is bright, promising important contributions to clinical diagnostics. iThera Medical was given the German Innovation Award for its pioneering technology in April 2014.


Founder: Dr. Rainer Stetter
Founding year: 1998
Contact: info
Website: www.itq.de

“Nothing´s impossible.“

ITQ GmbH, established in 1998, is an independent engineering and consulting company specialised in mechanical engineering. Our expert team is focused on interdisciplinary solutions related to the subjects of software and systems engineering.  
The company consults and supports companies and SMEs during all stages of system and software development: starting with analysis and design, through implementation and test and finally ending with commissioning. 
An aspect that is of special concern to ITQ are future-oriented education concepts that meet the requirements and nurture young academics in practical student projects. ITQ offers lectures and seminars at national and international universities within the frameworks of its Gerda-Stetter-foundation “Technik macht Spaß!" (“Technology is fun!”). 

iuvas medical GmbH

Founder: Sinan Denemec, Jonas Zimmermann, David Fehrenbach and Moritz Knoblauch
Founding year: 2017
Contact: contact
Website: www.iuvas.de

„iuvas - product and process optimization in clinical everyday life“

iuvas is the second conjugation of the Latin verb iuvare and means: You help, you support. iuvas has the goal of applying this theme to modern medicine and care. Medical products should help the patient as well as the staff and not least inspire. Aspects, which are always in the background when it comes to the development of medical devices. Time pressure, regulatory requirements and technical barriers often hinder and inhibit the responsible players in the hospital from rethinking existing products and processes. This is where iuvas bridges the gap: Together with nurses and physicians, we analyze products and procedures in clinical life and try to formulate success-oriented solutions for discovered, everyday problems. In this way, we are loosening our inhibitions, questioning existing issues, and offering the actors a forum where they can develop their creativity for the benefit of the patients. This holistic approach brings iuvas to the position of optimized products and processes for clinical everyday life.

JobNinja GmbH

Founder: Mircea Popa Laurent Meyer
Founding year: 2016
Contact: info[at]jobninja.com
Website: www.jobninja.com

„We made it our business to facilitate tomorrow’s job-placement and revolutionize the market with the principle of mobile recruiting.”

kaia health software GmbH

Founder: Konstantin Mehl, Manuel Thurner 
Founding year: 2016
Contact: info[at]kaia.com
Website: www.kaia-health.com

"Digital therapy is the future of healthcare."

Kaia Health is a digital health company that develops therapy solutions to treat chronic diseases. We improve care and reduce costs by providing digital access to the most effective back pain therapy. 
Patient journeys are distorted by a lack of transparency and inadequate treatments. The effective yet costly multimodal therapy is available to only few patients.
Kaia enables a guideline oriented therapy with early stratification of chronification risk for patients and payers. We then provide digital access to the multimodal therapy for every patient in need. The Kaia therapy app is a CE-certified medical product and provides patients with a fully personalized multimodal exercise program. Other back pain apps focus on physical exercises. We treat physical and psycho-social causes. The program combines patient education with physio-, psycho- and cognitive behavioral therapy elements. Our therapy algorithm constantly adjusts the program to the user's needs.


Founder: Dr. Alexander Hüttenbrink, Dr. Oliver Trinchera
Founding year: 2012
Contact: info[at]kinexon.com
Website: www.kinexon.com

“Our solution for precision localization and motion sensing represents a key technological development for the Internet of Things. To us entrepreneurship means not being satisfied with existing answers. Instead it means questioning the status quo and consistently pushing ahead to discover new answers to the urgent questions of our time. Our solutions are meant to make that crucial distinction.”

KINEXON is focused on the development of precision 3D-localization and motion sensing solutions for people and objects. KINEXON’s portfolio includes both sensors for real-time data collection as well as software applications to intelligently analyze and visualize data on mobile devices. The system can be used both indoors and outdoors. As a key technology for the Internet of Things, Kinexon solutions have been used by well-known clients in a range of different industries to optimize quality, costs and time. In the production and logistics sectors, for example, Kinexon helps locate all kinds of items (e.g., containers, components, tools) and assists with navigation for driverless transportation vehicles. The company’s solution for mapping and automating processes is also used. In the sports and media sectors, Kinexon is used for training management and game analysis to optimize tactics, technique and performance as well as to prevent injury. The media also benefits from innovative and fascinating digital data. The company is headquartered in Munich.

komoot GmbH

Founder: Markus & Tobias Hallermann, Jonas Spengler, Christoph Lingg
Founding year: 2010
Contact: feedback[at]komoot.de
Website: www.komoot.de

Imagine it’s the weekend, the sun is shining and you’re looking forward to getting out and enjoying nature with family or friends. But where should you go? Not back to the same old spots you already know like the back of your hand.

Komoot suggests fantastic destinations and plans your entire day out for you. It takes into account the difficulty level, bike paths, traffic and a number of other factors as well. Let the app plan your route for hiking, biking, mountain biking or cycling – different routes are selected depending on the type of activity you’re looking for.

Voice navigation guides you along while you’re out, and you can also use topographic maps to orient yourself if you like and record the route with photos. Best of all, you don’t need an Internet or cellular data connection to access all this during your hike. You’ll receive occasional updates about your friends’ activities as well. You’ll see routes trodden by people you follow in your newsfeed, and you can also leave comments. In turn, they get to see where you have been as you traverse through your favorite spots.

Data from the OpenStreetMap, additional partners, NASA and other sources are used for route planning and komoot maps – a total of over 600 million data sets. Data mining using open source materials and machine learning from user data lets komoot take care of planning on behalf of its users, making navigating when out and about child’s play. Stressful, complex planning is now a thing of the past – you can event use komoot’s intuitive tools to plan longer trips with just a few clicks.

kontextR GmbH

Founder: Christian Eberl
Founding year: 2012
Contact: info[at]kontextr.com
Website: www.kontextr.com

kontextR is a technology that is capable of easily integrating web and mobile publishers into websites or apps. This allows online readers of editorial texts to view superimposed thumbnails instead of links in order to obtain additional information.
kontextR distinguishes itself through its above average click rates and user engagement. It increases traffic and user view times on publishers’ own portals.


Founder: Andreas Kunze, Dennis Humhal, Vlad Lata and Husam Ghanem
Founding year: 2014
Contact: info[at]konux.de
Website: www.konux.de

"The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing"

Precise, cost-effective and customized mechanical sensors for industrial applications. KONUX is a Munich-based company with a grand vision of revolutionizing the sensor market for mechanical indicators. KONUX has been developing contactless optical measurement technology for several years. This technology is capable of measuring an incredibly wide range of mechanical indicators. KONUX offers customized sensor solutions using this technology. KONUX’s business model places clients and their individuality at the fore. Clients come in with problems and receive a prototype to solve them in return. Simple, fast and tailor made. If the client is satisfied with the product, they can order duplicate parts through KONUX.

All of the sensors developed by KONUX are based on the same technology. They combine KONUX’s patented light filters with the measured force to create a measurable change in luminance. Different points on the patented light filter generate different luminances, which can be converted into a digital signal in the next step. Compared to existing solutions, the technology developed by KONUX offers a number of advantages, including electrical isolation between measuring cells and electronics, incredibly high levels of precision, electromagnetic compatibility, quick response times and low complexity. Other advantages include contactless measurement, quick response times, high resolution, multiple indicators with one output signal, saving the signal in case the supply voltage fails, high linearity and reproducibility, and not being affected by external perturbations (temperature, EMC, vibrations).


Founder: Stefan Leonhardt, Dr.-Ing. Miriam Haerst, Stefan Fischer, Sebastian Pammer, Alexander Henhammer
Founding year: 2017
Contact: info[at]kumovis.com
Website: www.kumovis.com

“Our aim is to enable additive manufacturing of medical products, e.g. individualized implants, out of high performance plastics.”

Kumovis develops and sells new 3D-printers based on FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) for the production of medical products.
Especially for medical applications 3D-printing will be a key technology, as small series products as well as individualized implants cannot be produced economically with current manufacturing processes.
The Kumovis printer enables an economically feasible processing of medical-grade high performance plastics such as PEEK and flexible plastics (e.g. TPE).
Additionally Kumovis holds the fabrication of the filaments to guarantee a production process fulfilling medical standards (biocompatibility, particle-free).

Landwärme GmbH

Founder: Zoltan Elek
Founding year: 2007
Contact: info[at]landwaerme.de
Website: www.landwaerme.de 

“If biomethane, then Landwärme. We ensure that biogas makes its way into the natural gas network and on to customers. Together with biogas producers, we develop customized projects and supply biomethane consumers.”

Landwärme GmbH ensures biogas makes its way into the natural gas network. Together with biogas producers, we develop customized projects and bring gas generators and consumers together.
Biogas continues to largely be converted into electricity directly adjacent to biogas plants without any kind of coherent heating concept in place. By treating and refining biogas, it can then be fed into the natural gas network and distributed in line with demand. This significantly increases energy efficiency and provides a substitute for fossil natural gas. This not only combats climate change, but can also result in revenues that are significantly higher than conventional energy recovery methods. A range of technical, business-related and legal issues must be resolved for the existing natural gas network to be used for biogas. And we’re experts. We take care of treating, supplying, transporting and marketing this green gas.
As a project developer and service provider in the biomethane sector, Landwärme is a well-established business. We have been active across Germany since 2007. Landwärme is an owner-operated company, making it an independent business with 12 employees.

Li.plus GmbH

Founder: Martin Brand, Max Horsche, Christian Huber, Peter Keil, Korbinian Schmidt
Founding year: 2016

Contact: info[at]li.plus

Website: www.li.plus

"Battery diagnostics by Li.plus: fast. precise. simple."

Li.plus has developed a technology, that for the first time enables fast, precise and simple diagnosis of large battery systems. The technology is based on the combination of a novel load pulse and innovative analysis algorithms. Measurements are completed and evaluated within a few milliseconds and can easily be automated or integrated into existing processes. The obtained data allows a complete and analytical parametrization of the electrical equivalent circuit network of complex battery systems. With one single measurement reliable information on quality, state of health and safety of the battery can be derived. The novel technology is particularly applicable in the fields of end-of-line testing, service and maintenance applications and during recycling of used battery systems.
Among the core customers of Li.plus are several automotive OEMs as well as tier 1 and tier 2 suppliers. Based on numerous years of battery experience, the start-up also offers consulting and contract research in the field of battery aging, lab planning and design of experiments.

Lilium GmbH

Founder: Daniel Wiegand, Sebastian Born, Patrick Nathen, Matthias Meiner
Founding year: 2015

Contact: info[at]lilium.com

Website: www.lilium.com

"Lilium’s vision is of towns and cities, liberated from today’s congestion and pollution, with people able to come and go freely, vastly expanding the radius of their everyday lives".

Lilium is a disruptive aviation start up based in Munich. Co-founded in 2015 by Daniel Wiegand, Sebastian Born, Patrick Nathen and Matthias Meiner, the team brings together international world-class engineers and designers.
The group shares the vision of a completely new type of individual transportation and is dedicated to develop and build the world´s first fully electric vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) Jet. An estimated range of up to 300 km, and cruising velocity of 280 km/h, along with zero emissions make it the most efficient and environmentally friendly means of transportation of our time. By providing ultra-redundancy the Lilium Jet will also set new standards in safety

LION Smart GmbH (LION E-Mobility AG)

Founder: Daniel Quinger, Michael Geppert, Tobias Mayer
Founding year: 2008
Contact: info[at]lionsmart.com

"We electrify the future! LION helps to successfully overcome challenges of energy storage applications."

Die LION Smart GmbH ist ein innovativer Entwicklungsdienstleister von Batteriesystemen, Berater, Ersteller von Studien und Prototypenbauer, der seine Leistungen primär Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) und renommierten Zulieferern der Automobil- und Luftfahrtindustrie (bspw. BMW AG, Airbus Group) sowie Herstellern stationärer Speichersysteme zur Verfügung stellt.  Unter anderem wurde ein Batterie-Management-System (BMS) entwickelt, das Steuerungs- und Regelaufgaben sowie Sicherheitsfunktionen im Batteriespeicher übernimmt. Das Engineering-Unternehmen unterstützt seine Industrie-Partner bei der Analyse und Auswahl geeigneter elektrischer Energiespeichersysteme und der Auslegung entsprechender Komponenten für den sicheren und effizienten Betrieb von Lithium-Ionen-Batterien und deren Applikation auf das jeweilige Fahrzeugkonzept. Darüber hinaus besitzt LION Smart 30% der TÜV SÜD Battery Testing GmbH, einem erfolgreiches Joint Venture mit der TÜV SÜD AG im Bereich Test und Zertifizierung von Zellen, Modulen und Batteriepacks für Anwendungen in der Industrie und Elektromobilität.

Locis GmbH

Founder: Dr.-Ing. Christian Sorger, Felix Frischmann
Founding year: 2017
Contact: info[at]locis.gmbh

Website: www.locis.gmbh

"We truly live and think digitalization in our working environment and the solutions for our customers. We are excited to be part of this innovative era with our own company."

Locis GmbH is an innovative service provider for engineering and software solutions within the CAD-, CAE and CAM world. Our portfolio is founded on an extensive expertise in pre-processing of complex geometric data for numerical simulation (FE-, CFD-analysis), visualization, automated manufacturing and robotics, packed in innovative and highly efficient solutions. We deeply believe that digitalization is one of the key components for a sustainable success and growth of our customers and partners. Thus, we drive for innovation in the IT and digital sector to provide our customers and partners with a solid, efficient and highly automated digital process throughout the entire product development, production and operation cycle. Locis is Latin and stands for “Spatial Experience”. 

STABL Energy GmbH

Founder: Christoph Dietrich, Arthur Singer, Martin Sprehe, Nam Truong
Founding year: 2019
Contact: infospam prevention@m-bee.net
Website: https://www.m-bee.net

STABL Energy was founded in January 2019, at that time still under the company name m-Bee, and has its origins in research projects at the University of the Federal Armed Forces Munich, the Technical University Munich and the University of Applied Sciences Osnabrück. STABL Energy is a supplier for storage integrators and develops software-based inverters for commercial and industrial storage. The new technology enables simplified design of battery storage systems, increasing personal safety, efficiency and reliability. Losses are reduced by up to 70% compared to conventional solutions, significantly lowering operating costs and making battery storage systems more accessible and affordable. The modular approach also allows the integration of battery modules from different manufacturers and states. This ultimately enables the commercial use of discarded EV batteries, extends battery life and reduces their carbon footprint. In this way, STABL Energy makes a direct contribution to a net-zero energy system and the circular economy.



Founder: Frederik Brantner, Lukas Zanger, Nikolas Engelhard
Founding year: 2013
Contact: Info[at]magazino.eu
Website: www.magazino.eu

“The much talked about Industry 4.0 is possible thanks to Magazino technology.”

Magazino develops, builds and markets innovative automated warehousing and picking machines.
The warehouse logistics market is changing. From warehouses full of pallets to depositing and picking individual items. Small items are currently stored in commercial lockers or paternoster storage facilities. One of these relevant markets is pharmacies. Packages are warehoused in two parallel shelving systems in existing systems, with a handling system in between that results in a great deal of lost storage space. Magazino stores items on round plates, making storage compact, quick, ergonomic and versatile (different types of packaging). For example, a pump manufacturer no longer needs to fish around for the components of each special pump. All they need to do is press a button and the warehousing system takes care of the order. Each item is then removed individually and prepared for each manufacturing order. Our technology is also ideally suited to major retailers with a large numbers of component parts. Change is possible thanks to new technologies. The 3D camera identifies size and format and selects one of many different vacuums or mechanical grips. This allows us to deposit and pick a wide range of different items. The system also allows for easy retrieval of objects should anything go wrong. Depositing and picking is particularly ergonomic.

matrics engineering GmbH

Founder: Dr.-Ing. Dipl.-Kfm. Hermann Weiher
Founding year: 2010
Contact: info[at]matrics-engineering.com
Website: www.matrics-engineering.com

“Transforming your own idea into a business start-up opens up a number of possibilities and builds a sense of identity and satisfaction. Once you decide to go for it, a great deal of support is available in and around the university.”

matrics engineering GmbH

  • is a technology-focused spin-off from Technical University of Munich (Institute for Concrete and Masonry Structures, Prof. K. Zilch).

  • develops innovative products for civil engineering using new materials like ultra high performance concrete and fiberglass reinforced plastics (e.g., hybrid anchorage technology).

  • advises on the development and certification of systems for constructive civil engineering (e.g., prestressing systems, bearing technology, anchors).

  • offers engineering services for prestressed concrete and bridge construction (assessments, damage analysis, reviewing existing structures, planning reinforcements, monitoring).

MBE-Komponenten GmbH / Dr. Eberl

Founder: Dr. Karl Eberl
Founding year: 1989
Contact: info[at]mbe-components.com


Dr. Eberl MBE-Komponenten GmbH has been manufacturing and selling thin film deposition equipment for molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) and physical vapor deposition (PVD) since 1989. The product range comprises complete MBE and PVD systems as well as different evaporation sources, effusion cells, electron beam evaporators, sublimation sources, gas sources and various customized equipment. The products are frequently applied in nano and optoelectronics, nanostructure fabrication, CIGS solar cell absorber deposition, oxide molecular beam epitaxy, organic layer deposition for OLED and metal thin film deposition.

Dr. Karl Eberl founded MBE-Komponenten GmbH in 1989 as a spin-off of Prof. Gerhard Absteiter’s group at TUM’s Walter Schottky Institute in Garching. The company is now located in Weil der Stadt, close to Stuttgart, Germany.

Dr. Eberl MBE-Komponenten GmbH aims to provide high-quality products and exceptional customer service. Continuous product improvement and development allows us to build up new products which come along with customers' needs in fundamental research as well as in industrial applications.

Mediabiose GmbH

Founder: Dr. Mariana Yordanova
Founding year: 2010
Contact: mariana.yordanovaspam prevention@mediabiose.com
Website: www.mediabiose.com

Mediabiose develops, often together with business partners, smart, multifunctional lighting solutions for building facades. These allow a management of the building envelope and thus an additional income of the building. In this way we generate additional added value that can benefit operators of commercial real estate, property manager, building owners, architects and planners. Through the IoT (Internet of Things), the intelligent façade takes user needs into account, is comfortable and connected to its surroundings.

microDimensions GmbH

Founder: Dr. Martin Groher, Dr. Marco Feuerstein, Dr. Hauke Heibel
Founding year: 2011
Contact: info[at]micro-dimensions.com
Website: micro-dimensions.com

“Our product will influence diagnostics in pathology in a similar manner to how computer tomography has influenced radiology.”

microDimensions GmbH develops and markets innovative software solutions and services in the microscopic imaging sector. Our particular focus lies in the quick and highly accurate three-dimensional reconstruction of histological samples. When analyzing microscopic samples, users are constrained by two-dimensional cuts of what are actually three-dimensional structures. Uncertainty about qualitative and quantitative conclusions is the natural result of this process of estimation. Our key application, 3DView, enables the three-dimensional reconstruction, visualization and quantification of histological samples. 3DView provides tools to extract structures and measure quantitative indicators (anatomical extraction and volumetric analysis). These reconstructed volumes deliver the 3D information that was previously lacking. This means that questions relating to three-dimensional structures (tubular structures, tumors, cells, etc.) can be answered using three-dimensional data. One example of a typical application is the analysis of angiogenesis as a pathological process in tumor growth in the oncological drug development sector.

Moticon GmbH

Founder: Dr.-Ing. Maximilian Müller, Dr.-Ing. Robert Vilzmann, Florian Zierer
Founding year: 2009
Contact: info[at]moticon.de
Website: www.moticon.de

Founded in 2009 and headquartered in Munich, Moticon GmbH develops, manufactures and distributes sensor products for motion analysis in sports and medical applications. Moticon products are characterized by a fully integrated design and easy handling, opening up a completely new dimension of applications. Trainers and scientists have been using sensor insoles since the mid-1990s, especially for ski sports, in order to determine the distribution of pressure when analyzing alpine training. Although these systems rendered accurate results, they were not very popular among athletes due to the wires that had to be attached, resulting in higher rates of error, not to mention they were complicated to use. The idea that later led to the founding of Moticon was to develop a fully integrated sensor insole using state-of-the-art technology: no wires, no switch, no problems. But they didn’t stop there. They wanted their sensor insoles to be able to provide athletes audio training feedback to a mobile device in real time. This is what drove the philosophy behind Moticon: integrating meaningful yet complex measurement methods into an everyday, easy-to-use system and making that system accessible to scientists as well as popular sport and rehabilitative medical applications.

Motius GmbH

Founder: Zièd Bahrouni, Daniel Weiß, Michael Sauer, Philipp Dörner, Sören Gunia
Founding year: 2013
Contact: info[at]motius.de
Website: www.motius.de

“The idea behind Motius is to develop innovative products with an innovative employee structure. This approach originally arose as a response to the demand for technical innovations in the Gulf region. The concept we developed has also piqued a great deal of interest among German industry companies, which moved us to found Motius GmbH in early 2013. We got to know one another during the Manage&More Program put on my UnternehmerTUM.”

Motius is a young and innovative development partner with locations in Munich and Muscat. Its innovative structure and strategic collaborations with university faculties and MakerSpace/UnternehmerTUM have positioned Motius at the crossroads between research and industry. Fresh ideas combined with the latest technology and flexible staffing are crucial factors for successful product development, especially in prototyping and pre-development.

Motius combines these elements into one unique approach to IT and engineering services: Motius solves technical problems and develops products with a talent pool comprised of over 500 undergraduates, doctoral students and young graduates. They work on projects from a range of different areas: 3D printing, embedded systems, smart homes, driverless vehicles, construction and manufacturing, gesture commands and app, web and software development.

Mox Innovations GmbH

Founder: Benjamin Mooslechner, Michael Fox
Founding year: 2016

Contact: mail[at]moxvr.net

Website: www.moxvr.net


Founder: Dr. Martin Frejno, Dr. Daniel Zolg, Dr. Siegfried Gessulat, Tobias Schmidt, Dr. Mathias Wilhelm, Prof. Dr. Bernhard Küster
Founding year: 2019
Contact: info[at]msaid.de
Website: www.msaid.de

MSAID transforms the way scientists analyze proteomics data. The company was founded by an interdisciplinary team of scientists with the vision to provide better computational solutions to the field of proteomics. All founders have an exceptionally strong track record and long-standing expertise in the acquisition, analysis and interpretation of proteomic data. Our ambition is to replace current algorithms for proteomics with powerful, AI-based solutions, thereby paving the way for a smarter, deeper and more reliable way of interrogating proteomic data.

Munich Composites GmbH

Founder: Felix Fröhlich, Olaf Rüger, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klaus Drechsler
Founding year: 2011
Contact: info[at]munich-composites.de
Website: www.munich-composites.de

“Along with alternative drive systems and new energy storage concepts, lightweight construction contributes a great deal to shaping a more conservationist future. Compared to other metallic materials like aluminum and steel, carbon offers significant potential for lightweight construction. With our technology we have succeeded in efficiently manufacturing hollow components for the first time in high quantities with consistent quality.”

Munich Composites manufactures carbon components using braiding technology. An innovative kernel system was developed for this technology that allows us to manufacture a coreless, hollow component with exceptional mechanical properties in a single step.

NavVis GmbH

Founder: Sebastian Hilsenbeck, Robert Huitl, Dr. Felix Reinshagen, Dr. Georg Schroth
Founding year: 2013
Contact: info[at]navvis.com
Website: www.NavVis.com 

NavVis brings indoor mapping and positioning to the next level. Our trolley creates photorealistic 3D models of even the largest indoor spaces on the go. This results in factor 10-100 lower price points per m2 for high quality building digitalization vs. to existing technologies. Explore digitalized buildings with our web-based IndoorViewer for virtual exhibitions, real estate presentations, construction monitoring, etc.

Using these models, our patented indoor positioning engine lets your smartphone camera “see” where you are. NavVis technology allows indoor positioning even under highly challenging conditions without the need for expensive infrastructure (like WiFi or Bluetooth LE). The result: reliable and accurate positioning performance at a significantly lower price. Just like GPS for outdoors, this technology is an enabler for the indoor market, including navigation, augmented reality, context aware ads, and myriad more applications.

NavVis builds on years of research and development in 3D mapping and computer vision, resulting in robust proprietary technology backed by a number of patents. The founders bring experience from world’s leading research and management institutions (including Stanford, Georgia Tech, UCSB, KIT, St. Gallen, McKinsey, TUM).


Neokami Inc.

Founder: Ozel Christo, Andrei Ciobotar
Founding year: 2014
Contact: info[at]neokami.com
Website: www.neokami.com  

Neokami uses advanced machine learning algorithms to generate significant added value and insights for companies that correlates an organization’s internal and external data. The importance of this technology is already being demonstrated in several industrial sectors, including financial services, life sciences and the military for cyber security, the Internet of Things and computer vision applications. 

Our key products:

1. Imagine being able to identify your most critical and sensitive business data in the cloud.

CyberVault™ is the latest artificial intelligence technology the market and prevents data loss. CyberVault allows large companies to separate their critical business data from the cloud. We help your data protection officer(s) effectively manage this sensitive data. CyberVault uses machine learning algorithms. It incorporates the initial configuration and user input and automatically optimizes them. This makes CyberVault both a general concept as well as a company-specific concept for sensitivity.

2. Bento Box™ is the platform-based solution for business based on artificial intelligence.

Bento Box provides large companies real, verifiable insights into their corporate data. This innovative generation of machine learning and predictive analytical capabilities represent a an even higher level of precision than has ever been seen before. This technology was developed using innovative solutions and artificial intelligence capabilities.

3. Visual Cortex™ is the world’s most advanced user-defined computer vision technology.

Visual Cortex helps developers and large companies to develop all kinds of computer vision applications with a never before seen level of precision. The more the system is used, the smarter it becomes. We offer directly usable “deep learning”/artificial intelligence to allow you to develop far-reaching applications for mobile, augmented reality, robots/drones and the Internet of Things, etc. It’s ready to use immediately.

nextnano GmbH

Founder: Dr. Stefan Birner
Founding year: 2012
Contact: stefan.birner[at]nextnano.com
Website: ww.nextnano.com

"One reason that the nextnano software is so good at nanoelectronics is that it was not designed for nanoelectronics. It was designed to do physics."

Software for the simulation of electronic and optoelectronic semiconductor nanodevices

nextnano Gmbh develops software for semiconductor nanotechnology to simulate electronic and optoelectronic components and materials (e.g., transistors, quantum dots, quantum wires, quantum cascade lasers, LEDs). Due to the continuing scaling of semiconductor electronics, quantum physical effects are gaining importance and are confronting the industry with fundamental challenges with respect to simulation and design.

Our unique selling point is an advanced physical method for calculating the quantum mechanical properties of an arbitrary combination of geometries and materials.

nextnano GmbH is a spin-off from the Walter Schottky Institute at Technical University of Munich (Institute for Theoretical Semiconductor Physics, Prof. Peter Vogl).

The business idea was funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (EXIST SEED – University Start-Ups).

Noam GmbH

Founder: Daniel Noah Sheikh
Founding year: 2016
Contact: noah[at]noam.beer
Website: www.noam.beer

“Changing the perception of beer.”

Born from the ambition to bring the craftsmanship behing traditional bavarian brewing to the most contemporary international tastes, Noam Beer is an updated homage to the great bavarian lager.

Nomor Research GmbH

Founder: Dr.-Ing. Thomas Stockhammer, Ingo Viering, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Joachim Hagenauer
Founding year: 2004
Contact: info[at]nomor.de
Website: www.nomor.de

“Experience the Future.”

Nuclino GmbH

Founder: Veronika Fischer, Jonathan Kienzle, Björn Michelsen
Founding year: 2016
Contact: contact[at]nuclino.com
Website: www.nuclino.com

“We want to help teams drastically improve their workflows and adapt to meet the challenges of the new professional world.”

Nuclino is a fast and easy-to-use wiki system that makes teamwork more productive. It allows everyone on the team can immediately capture and share all kinds of knowledge and find it again later.

The main advantages over other wiki systems (such as Confluence) are:

  • minimum adjustment time thanks to a quick and intuitive user interface

  • semiautomatic tagging, powerful search function and easy linking between pages to avoid file structures

  • content is automatically visualized as a mind map to provide a better overview

Nuclino is web-based. Try it free at www.nuclino.com.

open ideas GmbH (emmasbox)

Founder: Oliver Latka, Michael Reichelt, Rüdiger Weimer
Founding year: 2013

Contact: office[at]emmasbox.de

Website: www.emmasbox.de

Orcan Energy GmbH

Founder: Dr. Andreas Sichert, Dr.-Ing. Andreas Schuster, Richard Aumann
Founding year: 2008
Contact: info[at]orcan-energy.com
Website: www.orcan-energy.com

Renewable energy plays a vital role in meeting our energy requirements in a sustainable manner. Even so, the huge potential of waste heat recovery has, until now, remained untapped. At present, up to 50% of the energy used in industrial processes, power generation and the mobility sector is wasted in the form of unrecovered waste heat. A spin-off from the TUM Institute for Energy Systems, Orcan Energy GmbH’s stated objective is to harness the vast amounts of waste heat from industry, transport and power generation.

The first testing facility for studying components for organic rankine cycle (ORC) systems at TUM was established back in 2004. The ORC works just like a traditional steam power station but an organic fluid is used in place of water. Thanks to innovative new control and response techniques, even waste heat sources with rapidly fluctuating power and temperature characteristics can be harnessed safely and efficiently, even when operating under partial load.

TUM employees Richard Aumann, Dr. Andreas Sichert and Dr. Andreas Schuster started the Orcan Energy GmbH spin-off in 2008. The aim was to develop, manufacture and distribute “ePacks,” ORC products in the low output sector, for the mass market. The team initially received support through the EXIST Transfer of Research program. The team ran into a number of problems when developing the first ePack prototypes, which were supposed to be particularly compact, cost effective and flexible. This ultimately led to a range of innovative solutions and later to patent ideas. Orcan Energy now employs more than 20 highly-qualified staff members from a number of different disciplines, and has sold many ePacks to customers in the biogas and industrial waste heat sectors.

Outfittery GmbH

Founder: Anna Alex, Julia Bösch
Founding year: 2012

Contact: service[at]outfittery.de

Website: www.outfittery.de

OUTFITTERY makes it easier for men to shop for fashion online. Customers simply answer a few questions about their clothing style and sizes at www.outfittery.com. OUTFITTERY’s stylists then personally contact them and put together individual outfits which are conveniently shipped to their homes. The customers then keep whatever they like and send the rest back. OUTFITTERY offers this innovative service free of charge. The Berlin-based company was founded in 2012 by Julia Bösch and Anna Alex and now employs 300 people. 150 style experts are solely dedicated to the fashion desires of their customers. Over 100 high-quality fashion brands are currently on offer. The company is currently active in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Sweden and Denmark.  500.000 men have already used OUTFITTERY.

ParkHere GmbH

Founder: Felix Harteneck, Clemens Techmer, Jakob Sturm
Founding year: 2015
Contact: info[at]park-here.eu
Website: www.park-here.eu 

“Exceptional products are founded on exceptional product development processes.”

ParkHere is developing an energy self-sufficient system that will improve parking in cities. The use ultra-thin sensors attached to parking spaces that detect when a car parks or leaves a spot. Elastically deforming the sensors generates an electric current that sends the parking status to a central database via a wireless module. GPS mapmakers and navigation service providers can then access the data and integrate it into their systems. The team of three entrepreneurs has been researching and developing their idea in cooperation with the Business Start-up Center at UnternehmerTUM since 2014. They have registered their technology for patent approval, and ParkHere is now an independent company.

PATH medical GmbH

Founder: Dr. Andre Lodwig, Dr. Hans Oswald
Founding year: 2007
Contact: info[at]pathme.de
Website: www.pathme.de

PATH medical is dedicated to developing and using the best technology to provide innovative solutions in audiological diagnostics for all age and risk groups – from newborns and preschoolers to grandparents.

In cooperation with leading universities, PATH medical supports basic research on new strategies and methods in audiology. Part of PATH medical’s mission is to analyze and transfer the most promising results from research to innovations and technical solutions. The company focuses on the field of NHS tracking, objective and subjective audiological diagnostics including (pre)school hearing screening, adult hearing screening and consulting services.

perisens GmbH

Founder: Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Erwin Biebl, Dr.-Ing. Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. (FH) Florian Pfeiffer
Founding year: 2009
Contact: info2012[at]perisens.de
Website: www.perisens.de

perisens GmbH is a consultancy firm that works on tailored client solutions in the high-frequency technology sector. The idea behind the business emerged while Florian Pfeiffer was working on his doctoral dissertation, which focused on installing automotive radar sensors for optimal wave propagation. perisens has been successful in translating this expertise into numerous projects with AUDI AG and further expanding upon it. New innovative areas like the coexistence of wireless systems in vehicles have now been added. Here, too, they have been working for many years now with another premium German automotive manufacturer.

Founder: Hanno Renner, Ignaz Forstmeier, Roman Schumacher and Arseniy Vershinin
Founding year: 2015
Contact: infospam prevention@personio.de
Website: www.personio.de

Personio is an innovative cloud-based HR management and recruiting software for small and medium sized enterprises. Personio simplifies administrative tasks involving the management of employee master data and documents, provides support for absence management and payroll accounting, thereby helping you to design your recruiting and onboarding processes more efficiently. Employee self-service is at the heart of each of these areas, ensuring employees are incorporated into each process and are able to manage their data themselves.

Personio was founded by four graduates of TUM & LMU, all of whom have gone through the CDTM Technology Management Program.

Peter Park

Founder: Maximilian Schlereth, Florian Schaule, Patrick Bartler
Founding year: 2019
Contact: info[at]peter-park.de
Website: www.peter-park.de

TUM graduates Florian Schaule and Patrick Bartler founded Peter Park together with Maximilian Schlereth in 2019. The team digitalizes the management of parking lots. A software platform, together with computer vision, supports parking lot operators in managing their parking spaces and the processes behind them in a central dashboard. Peter Park also enables the integration of new technologies into the existing infrastructure, e.g. parking apps, smart kiosks and dynamic pricing. This creates maximum efficiency and opens up new revenue potential. Drivers benefit from a high degree of user-friendliness, including barrier-free parking and full cost transparency.


Pieris AG

Founder: Prof. Dr. Arne Skerra, Dipl.-Kaufm. Claus Schalper, Dr. Karsten Schürrle, Dr. Steffen Schlehuber
Founding year: 2001
Website: www.pieris-ag.com

Pieris AG uses patented Anticalin® technology to develop innovative drugs to target validated disease pathways in a unique and transformative way. Anticalin-branded proteins are engineered lipocalins, endogenous low-molecular weight human proteins typically found in blood plasma and other body fluids that naturally bind, store and transport a wide spectrum of molecules. They offer an alternative to conventional antibodies, promising safer and more effective treatment options. Anticalin-based medicines have the potential to be used to treat illnesses that are currently untreatable, or to expand upon existing therapeutic approaches.

 The Pieris product pipeline includes PRS-050 (anti-VEGF, oncology), which has successfully completed Phase I clinical testing, as well as numerous other Anticalins in the pre-clinical state for a number of different indications. The company is actively engaged in research and development collaborations with a range of different international pharmaceutical companies, and receives funding from leading venture capitalists.

Probino GmbH

Founders: Rafael Knobling, Thomas Kühn, Christian Rabus, Julian Weinmann
Founding year: 2013
Contact: info[at]probino.com


“PROBINO is a DIY at-home wine tasting seminar. The perfect gift and a playful way to become a wine connoisseur!”

How do I choose the right wine?
Most of us face this problem in restaurants or the wine section at the grocery store. We just haven’t had the right kind of access to the subject of wine. We at Team Probino want to change all that, which is why we developed the PROBINO WINE SET.

Have you always wanted to learn more about wine?
Then we have just the ticket. Our innovative wine seminar for 2 to 4 people teaches you about the world of wine in a practical yet playful way. Whether you’re a total beginner or a budding sommelier – there is always something new to discover. Our at-home PROBINO WINE SET comes with everything you need for a successful wine tasting seminar. We guide you through an interactive wine tasting. You’ll enjoy a selection of six top quality wines. You’ll get the perfect night in and have a blast becoming a true connoisseur.

And the founders?
The idea behind Probino was developed in 2012 while we were students at TUM taking part in the Manage&More Program. It struck us that even though a lot of people are interested in wine, they seem to have difficulty accessing it as a subject of study. With a great deal of support from our network, we were able to put our idea into action and found Probino.


Founder: Thomas Kirchner, Jonas Girardet, Alexander Grots and Paul Günther
Founding year: 2014
Contact: founderspam prevention@proglove.de


"That's one small step for mankind, but one giant scan for ProGlove"

ProGlove is developing a smart glove that allows production and logistics workers to work more quickly, safely and ergonomically. This, in turn, increases efficiency and quality.

The Munich-based company was founded by Thomas Kirchner, Jonas Girardet, Alexander Grots and Paul Günther in December 2014.

ProGlove brings wearables into the production environment, combining the power of people with the Internet of Things. This smart glove frees up workers’ hands and allows them to safely grab items with both hands. Shorter distances make for quicker processes. ProGlove offers wearers visual, acoustic and haptic feedback on their workflow. This means they know when an item has been scanned without always having to check the display. This minimizes sources of error.

The smart glove not only optimizes processes, but can easily be implemented without any expensive integration measures. This, in turn, ensures greater acceptance by those in charge of processes and projects.

QuickBird Medical

Founder: Stefan Kofler, Malte Bucksch
Founding year: 2016
Contact: kontakt[at]quickbirdmedical.com
Website: www.quickbirdmedical.com

"Whether we live a happy life depends on many factors. The foundation, however, is in
in any case, our physical and mental health."

QuickBird Medical develops mobile apps for companies and research institutions in the healthcare industry. Together with our customers, we create solutions that make life easier for patients or support doctors in their work. The common goal with our customers: To enable people to live healthier lives. Medical apps in particular must comply with strict regulatory requirements and meet extensive demands in the areas of data protection, data security and stability. Pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and medical technology companies therefore turn to us when it comes to implementing medical apps.


Refit systems GmbH

"We develop Digital Solutions for Medicine, Healthcare and Therapy."

reFit Systems brings the medical market into the 21st century with modern software and digitalization. In addition to consulting and individual solutions, we also produce finished products for doctors, clinics and therapists.
One example is the 'reFit Gamo' therapy system for children with motor deficits. The software enables specialists to plan and configure necessary exercises for their patients. On the gaming platform ‘reFit Gamo’, the patient can play motion-controlled video games in which the control of the games corresponds exactly to the defined exercises. The games include direct biofeedback. This improves long-term motivation and reduces distractions for a more coherent therapy. The sessions are monitored, stored and evaluated by reFit Systems' own algorithms in a secure cloud. The treating therapist can call up information on the progress of therapy, analyses and session details in order to make adjustments. Thus, the system supports and simplifies the work of therapists and patients during the entire therapy process.


Founder: Dr. Andreas Brunnert, Prof. Dr. Helmut Krcmar
Founding year: 2016
Contact: info[at]retit.de
Website: www.retit.de

RETIT stands for „Resource Efficient Technologies & IT Systems“ and was founded in 2015 at the Technical University of Munich (TUM). Since then, our software developers and consultants do their best to optimize the performance of complex enterprise applications. Our goal is to improve your application performance while at the same time reducing your IT and license costs. We realize this goal by an efficient integration of model- and measurement-based performance evaluation techniques in our software solutions. This integration not only allows for an analysis of the current state but also for simulating changes without the need for expensive tests.

Retorio GmbH

Founder: Dr. Christoph Hohenberger, Dr. Patrick Oehler
Founding year: 2018
Contact: contact[at]retorio.com
Website: https://www.retorio.com

Founded in 2018 at the Technical University of Munich, Retorio is a video-based talent management platform that fuses artificial intelligence and machine learning with scientific findings from psychology and organizational research. Using a groundbreaking AI and fine-tuned through millions of prior observations, Retorio's video recruiting and training platform offers deep insights into personality, job-fit, and culture-fit. Retorio's AI analyzes applicants' speech, voice, and facial expressions directly through neural networks. Accordingly, the AI can directly predict how a person will be perceived by other people, such as customers, team members, and superiors.

rfrnz GmbH

Founder: Dr. Sven von Alemann, Dr. Adriaan Schakel, Dr. Ahmed Sayed
Founding year: 2017
Contact: info[at]rfrnz.com
Website: www.rfrnz.com

The analysis of contracts is costly and time-consuming for legal professionals. It is currently done mostly manually. This does not only take a lot of time but also leads to human error. Results of manual contract analysis usually are not in structured form and therefore cannot be fed into other corporate systems like contract management systems, ERP or CRM.
rfrnz offers automated contract analysis for lawyers based on Artificial Intelligence. With rfrnz, legal professionals can automatically analyze single contracts or bulks of contracts. The system provides them with an extraction of relevant information (e.g. parties, contract type, term, or any chosen clause) and a risk analysis. The risk analysis highlights specific clauses that are unusual, risky or missing. Customers therefore save about 40-60% of their time when analyzing contracts. The system can be trained quickly for different contract types, languages and jurisdictions. It automatically learns and improves with every processed contract. rfrnz is integrated in the customers’ IT landscape and has numerous visualization, filter and export options.


Founder: Lukas Mohs, Tobias Reinerth, Fabian Seitz
Founding year: 2018
Contact: infospam prevention@ridebee.de
Website: www.ridebee.de

RideBee develops a carpooling application for companies to enable their employees to share the ride to work. This way vehicle costs and emissions are reduced and time is used more productively. The matching of participants is improved based on methods from mathematical optimization and data science. For its corporate customers, RideBee is the first step towards mobility of the future.

Rocket Golf UG

Founder: Julian Bachmaier, Christoph Schmück
Founding year: 2013
Contact: mail[at]golflaser.de
Website: www.rocketgolf.de

"We founded RocketGolf on the belief that excellent laser rangefinders in golf must be available at a cheaper price point."

RocketGolf stands for high quality golf rangefinder at affordable prices. We do not save on quality, but keep our company lean, transparent and efficient. We know how the retail industry works in the golf industry and have therefore developed a new business model. This allows us to pass on a discount of up to 50% on comparable products to our customers.

Roding Automobile GmbH

Founder: Ferdinand Heindlmeier, Günther Riedl, Johann Stangl, Stefan Kulzer
Founding year: 2008
Contact: fahren[at]roding-automobile.de
Website: www.roding-automobile.de

"Performance through lightweight. At the beginning there was the idea to develop a unique roadster – the result was the exclusive carbon lightweight sports car “Roding Roadster”. Meanwhile Roding Automobile GmbH is an internationally operating technology company with lightweight technology and electric mobility as main business areas."

As an experienced engineering and production partner Roding Automobile GmbH developes, designes and produces functional prototypes and future-oriented concept vehicles with  lightweight structures of carbon, predominantly with electric drivetrains. 
Our international customers benefit from short engineering and manufacturing delivery times as UPSs.

SimScale GmbH

Founder: Anatol Dammer, Vincenz Dölle, Alexander Fischer, David Heiny, Johannes Probst
Founding year: 2012
Contact: mail[at]simscale.de
Website: www.simscale.de

“Exceptional products are founded on exceptional product development processes.”

SimScale GmbH develops and markets a browser-based platform for engineering and design simulation and computer aided engineering (CAE). By taking advantage of the modern user interface on www.simscale.de, users have access to simulation technology for structural and fluid mechanics and thermodynamics. Simply upload a CAD component model to create and compute a numerical simulation in 3D and analyze the results. Users benefit from unlimited computing capacity, without needing any extra local hardware or software. SimScale enables any company profile to use these simulation methods for product development – regardless of their size and infrastructure.

Social Engineering Academy GmbH

Founder: Dr.-Ing. Kristian Beckers, Dr. Sebastian Pape 
Founding year: 2017

Contact: info[at]social-engineering.academy

Website: www.social-engineering.academy

The Social Engineering Academy provides Cyber-security training focusing on the human aspects. Our interactive trainings focus on serious games, which allow employees of companies to be involved in security activities in an enjoyable and sustainable way. While still preserving a playful character, serious games are used for e.g. security education and threat analysis. We provide a number of different games for classroom trainings, inhouse trainings and web-based trainings. These serious games are adaptable for various customers and scenarios and their learning goals. Furthermore, all of our products are based on thorough academic research. 

Social-Bee gGmbH

Founder: Zarah Bruhn, Maximilian Felsner
Founding year: 2016
Contact: info[at]social-bee.de
Website: www.social-bee.de

Bringing social change through entrepreneurial solutions!”

Social-Bee is the first social temporary employment agency in Germany and actively integrates refugees into the labor market and society. Social-Bee employs and pays the refugees in full with their partner companies. In addition to the workplace: language courses, educational support and qualifications are offered. Social-Bee takes on bureaucracy, recruiting and integration tasks for the partner company. As an intermediary employer, the start-up builds the bridge between refugees and companies and ensures that the integration into the partner company is uncomplicated and long-term.


Founder: Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Fink, Prof. Dr. Casimir Katz, Dipl.-Ing. Joachim Stieda
Founding year: 1987 (as SOFiSTiK GmbH)
Contact: info[at]sofistik.de
Website: www.sofistik.de

“There was absolutely a generous helping of coincidence to the process. But if the founders of SOFiSTiK AG hadn’t met each other at TUM and if they hadn’t been encouraged by Prof. Werner at what was then the Department for Electronic Computing and Structural Engineering, the lives of our founders, our 55 employees, their families and our 1,000-plus customers all over the world would be very different today.”

SOFiSTiK AG develops and sells software and provides product support for structural engineering, with calculation, design and construction capabilities for construction projects of all kinds. Together with our partner, autodesk AG, our primary focus is on industry standards in reinforced concrete construction. Our clients include consultant engineers, construction firms and public authorities in more than 60 countries worldwide.

It all began with a casual partnership between three independent engineers. Each of them developed software components and each was involved in sales. SOFiSTiK AG was founded as a joint enterprise for sales and marketing in 1987. The first CAD programs for reinforcement planning using AutoCAD 2.5 soon followed. All company divisions were integrated into SOFiSTiK AG in 1999.

Our mission:
As an attractive employer, SOFiSTiK develops innovative products of outstanding quality. Our customers benefit from a productive and scalable solution to efficiently implement demanding projects.

Our vision:
SOFiSTiK is Europe’s leading software developer for the analysis, design and detailing of building and infrastructure projects worldwide.

Software Factory GmbH

Founder: Peter Bartl, Dr. Rainer Stetter, Thomas Trägler
Founding year: 1992
Contact: info[at]sf.com
Website: www.sf.com

Software Factory develops tailored, needs-based and powerful software solutions and products. Our clients include companies from the automotive, manufacturing systems engineering and plant construction sectors, other branches of industry and public institutions.

In terms of developing crucial business systems and components, Software Factory designs customized software solutions for an incredibly wide range of sectors that are optimally tailored to their requirements. For the manufacturing systems engineering and plant construction sectors, these solutions include management and control systems for assembly lines with statistical process control (SPC), plant data collection, product and process documentation for traceability and developing communications modules for different SPS controls. Other focus areas are maintenance, plant documentation and controlling.

We have been a certified partner and service partner of PTC for many years. We develop client-specific project solutions as part of our development work for PTC® products, as well as add-on products and interfaces for the Creo® engineering system and the Windchill PDMLink™ PLM system. We are experts in PLM systems in the consumer goods industry – FlexPLM.

software4production GmbH

Founder: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Joachim Berlak
Founding year: 2009
Contact: info[at]software4production.de
Website: www.software4production.de

software4production GmbH sees itself as an innovative software forge and comprehensive problem solver for industry 4.0. With the aim of innovation leadership, new industrial 4.0 solutions for production planning and control are being researched, developed and distributed via direct and indirect sales channels. The modular solution portfolio covers realtime scheduling, data collection, process control and automation/logistics control, from work preparation, multi- resource travel planning, to operating/machine data and personnel time recording. The standard and individual solutions, which are scalable from low-cost to high-end, are characterized by innovative functionality, high conversion capability and an optimal price/performance ratio.

Soley GmbH

Founder: Alexander Golovatenko, Dr. Bergen Helms, Dr. Maximilian Kissel, Peter Grüner
Founding year: 2013
Website: www.soley.io

"Smart data analysis begins with expert knowledge, existing data and innovative analysis technology. This is how hidden treasures become a positive contribution to the company's results."

With the solutions from Soley, industrial companies master the complexity of their product portfolio. This saves you costs along your entire value chain. Soley creates transparency and thus helps its customers to unearth hidden treasures in their product portfolio. In addition to ready-made solutions, Soley's technology enables the digitization of expert knowledge. This way, companies can expand existing solutions and also use their own expertise to analyze current data.

SoundSnip UG

Founder: Malte Bucksch, Thomas Frisch
Founding year: 2016
Contact: malte[at]soundsnip.net
Website: www.soundsnip.net 

SoundSnip is an app that allows you to capture the last minute of what you just said or played. Literally whenever you want to. Whenever you performed something remarkable, you simply tap your phone or smartwatch once, and the last minute of audio gets saved. We found it frustrating that there is no good way to capture great spontaneous pieces of your playing in a guitar session. It’s really hard to reproduce moments of creativity and passion. There should be a way to capture them at any time. Using a classic audio recorder in your session however lets you end up with hours of recording. No one wants to go through that again. We aim to solve this problem with SoundSnip. It can listen up to an entire day in the background without ever saving any audio. But only when you tap your phone or watch once: the last thing you just played gets saved permanently.

spanflug Technologies GmbH

Founder: Markus Westermeier, Adrian Lewis und Johannes Schmalz
Founding year: 2018 
Contact: info[at]spanflug.de
Website: www.spanflug.de

Spanflug is an online platform for the instant and hassle-free ordering of custom manufactured parts. The platform provides an open network of manufacturers combined with an accurate pricing service. The customer can upload the specifications of the part in the form of a CAD file. A sophisticated algorithm then analyses this file and determines the appropriate price. This allows us to make the customer an offer in a matter of seconds. Placed orders are made available to a network of manufactures. We plan to initially focus on the turning and milling manufacturing processes (CNC machining), which is our area of expertise and which comprises a substantial portion of the manufacturing industry.

Staburo GmbH

Founder: Hannes Buchner, Josef Höfler
Founding year: 2008
Contact: info[at]staburo.de
Website: www.staburo.de

“We use our biostatistical and SAS expertise to support pharmaceutical companies in researching and assessing the benefits of medications. We are passionate about contributing to improved health and quality of life.”

The history of Staburo GmbH began in 2008 with two business plan seminars organized by UnternehmerTUM. We developed a successful business model as part of the seminar, found the right team to implement it and were able to meet our first customers.

As part of our services we offer consultation on statistical issues with companies carrying out clinical studies. We ensure the efficacy of new medications is tested in accordance with the strictest statutory regulations, while at the same time keeping costs as low as possible for manufacturers. As an external service provider, our clients often hire us to validate their in-house projects and to carry out statistical planning and analyses. Most of our work is dedicated to programming with the SAS software package.

For example, we have reviewed complex statistical methods for clients to check their applicability in oncological research. This has even resulted in research projects that we as a company then head up in cooperation with the university.

Being located in Munich is of course particularly advantageous since we can easily get in contact with highly educated students and graduates.

Stecnius UG

Founder: Vladimir Kondic, Giorgi Khubua, Georgi Anastasov, Dimitar Magurev
Founding year: 2017
Contact: kondic[at]solosmirrors.com
Website: www.solosmirrors.com

„The Technical University of Munich offers a great education and preparation for the working life. But it offers an even better education and preparation for starting your own business. With the combination of the lectures from the TUM and the knowhow from the UnternehmerTUM, Munich has an Europe-wide unique ecosystem for entrepreneurs with innovative ideas. Every TU student should use this unique opportunity.”

SOLOS is a digital personal trainer which detects and analyses every single body movement in order to give gym users the possibility to track and manage their workout by counting sets, repetitions, speed of execution and much more. The digital assistant tracks and analyses user’s progress, gives constant real-time feedback during the training, connects with the gym equipment and is easy to use. SOLOS uses the latest state of the art sensors to track the human motions. The sensors are working in the ultra-wide frequency bands to track the smallest movements without any device attached to the body. The feedback is given on an innovative mirror principle to show the real time feedback.

StudySmarter UG

Founder: Simon Hohentanner, Till Söhlemann, Maurice Khudhir, Christian Felgenhauer
Founding year: 2017
Contact: info[at]studysmarter.de
Website: www.studysmarter.de

“Empowering everyone to achieve their educational goals.” 

StudySmarter is an intelligent learning platform that supports students throughout their entire learning experience.
With learning materials such as mind maps, summaries or flashcards generated automatically or with just a few clicks, students save time and can collaborate with each other. StudySmarter also increases the transparency of the learning progress through statistics and feedback on the studying process. Ultimately, community and gamification features maximise the student's motivation


Founder: Benjamin Günther, Sebastian Schuon, Max-Josef Meier, Anselm Bauer
Founding year: 2008
Website: www.stylight.de

“The team makes decisions about success and failure every step of the way.”

Munich-based start-up STYLIGHT is an international fashion community that combines products from brand-name online clothing shops like Zalando and Asos. Users can use their own outfit photos, their favorite songs, videos and product photos to create their own looks on STYLIGHT. These STYLIGHT looks are then shared with other users in the community all over the world – in Milan, London, Paris or Stockholm. The website is particularly advantageous for consumers because it allows budding fashionistas to use this social curation to discover the best products for their own shopping experience with STYLIGHT’s partner shops. In a nutshell, fashion inspiration from an international community, but buying from trusted online shops in your own country.

The business model used by this start-up, which was founded in 2008, has impressed investors like ProSiebenSat.1 subsidiary SevenVentures, Tengelmann E-Commerce GmbH and Holtzbrinck Ventures. STYLIGHT had brokered some one million orders in 2012, corresponding to external sales of around 100 million euros. STYLIGHT is proof positive that social curation can be combined with an internationally functional revenue model.

SurgicEye GmbH

Founder: Dr. Joerg Traub, Dr. Thomas Wendler
Founding year: 2008
Contact: info[at]surgiceye.com
Website: www.surgiceye.com

[Translate to en:] SurgicEye GmbH is a pioneer in 3D intra-operative imaging and fuses expertise in 3D reconstruction and surgical navigation to create breakthrough tools in the fight against cancer. SurgicEye’s strong clinical expertise and partner institutions refine our products for seamless integration into existing workflows and demonstrate our efforts to engineer the best possible user experience.
The declipse®SPECT from SurgicEye® is the world’s first CE and FDA certified product for intra-operative 3D imaging of Tc99m labeled structures using existing gamma probe technology. Without adding any additional hardware, the declipse®SPECT goes further and provides localization and guided biopsy of sentinel lymph nodes in breast cancer, head & neck and melanoma. declipse®SPECT enables sentinel lymph node biopsy procedures for melanoma and in the breast to be more sensitive, more reliable and less invasive.
Ongoing clinical investigations in other tumor surgery domains promise a wide application domain and huge potential for quality as-surance during surgical interventions.

tado° GmbH

Founder: Christian Deilmann, Johannes Schwarz, Leopold v. Bismarck, Valentin Sawadski
Founding year: 2011
Contact: contact[at]tado.com
Website: www.tado.com

“At tado°, we believe that it’s possible to live comfortably and still act responsibly. One third of the energy consumed around the world is used for heating or cooling buildings. The systems used for this are controlled by non-smart technology that has been outdated for decades. We believe in state-of-the-art intelligent technology that fully automatically ensures that no energy is wasted.”

tado° helps households save energy where it is most consumed. Nearly three quarters of buildings in Germany were built before 1979, which means they were built before the first German Heat Insulation Ordinance was enacted and are therefore less energy efficient. More than 75% of the energy consumed by an average German household goes toward heating the building. This is precisely where tado° and its smart thermostat come in. With tado°, customers save an average of 27% on their heating costs thanks to a personal heat assistant adjusting the temperature in real time according to its inhabitants’ schedules. The tado° smartphone app shows users when the last person has left the house. A signal is then sent to the heating unit to bring the temperature down. Because no two buildings are the same, tado° learns your home’s individual quirks in just a few short days. For example, it will learn how long it takes for a home to cool down or how sunshine affects indoor temperature. Even current weather forecasts are used: if it looks like it will be sunny tomorrow, tado° automatically turns the heating down.

Talentry GmbH

Founder: Carl Hoffmann, Lionel von Dobeneck, Michael Blazek
Founding year: 2012
Contact: info[at]talentry.de
Website: www.talentry.de

“It is our belief that once a business reaches a certain size, each and every job can be successfully filled by its existing network of its own employees.”

Talentry is a cloud-based recruiting suite that businesses can use to digitize employee recommendations for open positions and professionalize them by incorporating social networks. This means that employees regularly receive information about jobs that fit their own network and, for example, suitable candidates for the open position from their own social networks are suggested using our proprietary referral algorithm. Talentry leads to flexibility and lowers company costs. It is already being successfully used by well-known clients, including ProSiebenSat.1 Media AG.

Testbirds GmbH

Founder: Philipp Benkler, Georg Hansbauer, Markus Steinhauser
Founding year: 2012
Contact: kontakt[at]testbirds.de
Website: www.testbirds.de

“My studies and the framework in place at TUM prepared me for the challenges of starting a business. Not only in terms of substance, but also the personal experience I gained, contacts I made and the people I met who turned out to be crucial in successfully implementing our idea.” (Philipp Benkler)

Testbirds began testing apps for mobile devices, smartphones, tablets and web applications in December 2011. The founders of Testbirds combined the principle of crowdsourcing with that of software testing, building a crowdtesting platform that enabled reality-based software testing by consumers. The feedback given by the carefully selected pool of testers serves as the raw material. Project managers analyze the test results and provide clients with specific recommendations. Project managers are also the point of contact for the client, and they are responsible for everything going smoothly and ensure the quality of the testing. In addition, extensive test reports ensure maximum transparency and confirmability from a client standpoint.

Now that “crowdtesting” is established, the company has a large pool of quality assurance testers at its disposal for any kind of software and device combination at any time. Specific target groups allows for extensive usability studies. Crowd members can use the Testbirds platform to help optimize software while earning money at the same time.

The innovative idea these three founders had has enhanced traditional software testing methods by taking a sensible crowd-based approach.

Thetaris GmbH

Founder: Dr. Andreas J. Grau
Founding year: 2007
Contact: info[at]thetaris.com
Website: www.thetaris.com

“It’s becoming increasingly more difficult to successfully operate in the long term as an actor in the international financial markets. Companies are facing major challenges. With Thetaris, they can regain control over the risks. Our solutions enable companies to calculate this risk incredibly accurately using numerical methods. The EXIST SEED and UnternehmerTUM programs have provided us with skilled advice and guidance on the path to implementing our business idea.”

Thetaris is a world-leading provider of modeling solutions for the financial sector. These solutions are designed to support quantitative analysts and actuaries to manage financial risks in the face of escalating complexity in the world of finance. To this end, Thetaris has developed a landmark method called Computer Aided Finance (CAF). Thetaris offers consulting and innovative means of intuitive modeling, detailed analysis and automated creation of financial products. Theta Suite and Theta Proxy are its flagship products, to be applied in trading operations, development of new financial products and risk management.

The WineStore GmbH

Founder: Moritz Schreiner, Maximilian Schiefer
Founding year: 2016
Contact: info[at]the-winestore.com
Website: http://www.the-winestore.com/

  • The WineStore was founded by Maximilian Schiefer and Moritz Schreiner in May 2016. The Company employs 7 people. 
  • The Company develops i.a. data analytics solutions for the wine industry. Among others, these solutions are used by wineries to increase their liquidity, as well as to optimize their logistics processes.
  • In addition, target-oriented data analyses are enabled. The existing data pool allows clients to perform anonymized industry benchmarkings and thus streamline internal processes.
  • Another business segment of The WineStore enables wineries to sell directly to end customers ('direct-to-consumer') using cloud-based software. This ensures a more cost-effective offering and an increased business result.
  • To finance the initial growth phase of The WineStore, a dedicated e-commerce platform was built to sell exclusive wines from South Africa. This platform was optimized over the years and fully automated. 
  • Among other things, artificial intelligence is used to analyze buyer behavior and thus to expand and update the product portfolio.

tilibit nanosystems GmbH

Founder: Prof. Dr. Hendrik Dietz
Founding year: 2012
Contact: info[at]tilibit.com
Website: www.tilibit.com

“tilibit” stands for tiny little bit – after all, extremely miniaturized objects are what companies are focusing on. tilibit nanosytems is dedicated to developing, producing and selling biomolecular nanostructures. Using an innovative synthesis technique based on molecular recognition and self-organizing nucleic acids, we make water-soluble, user-defined nanotools and nanomachines, which distinguish themselves through their high-level structural and functional complexity with nearly atomic production precision.

tilibit nanosystems plans to begin marketing prefabricated products in the near future. The primary focus is on developing analytical tools for fundamental biomolecular research. In the medium term, products will be added for diagnostic applications. tilibit nanosystems also offers customized design and development of nanostructures. tilibit nanosystems covers two business areas: tilibit science and tilibit engineering.

TourTrend GmbH

Founder: Stephanie Zankl, Patric Schmid
Founding year: 2013
Contact: team[at]enziano.com
Website: www.enziano.com

“It used to be just the mountain and you. Now it’s the mountain, enziano and you!”

Enziano is a digital marketplace for outdoor guides for climbing, fixed-aid climbs, hiking, biking and skiing. Authors and publishers in the outdoor market publish their content online in our marketplace, thereby expanding their portfolio to become a digital publisher. Outdoor enthusiasts can quickly access the content offered as well as route maps (topographical) – purchasing everything directly online. Users can then print out the hiking or climbing routes they purchased our synchronize their purchases with the Outdoor app. The content is fully mobile as it does not require any data or Internet connection once downloaded.

enziano’s innovative marketplace concept takes the e-book concept one step further. Instead of simple digital brochures, enziano’s web portal and app mean hiking or climbing guides can be accessed by users simply and interactively. The innovative business model links authors who research this quality material directly with their end customers: a generation of outdoor enthusiasts that is young and has an affinity for technology.

Tür an Tür - Digital Factory gGmbH

Founder: Daniel Kehne, Fritjof Knier
Founding year: 2016
Contact: digitalagentur[at]tuerantuer.de
Website: www.tuerantuer.de/digitalfabrik

"Being active as a non-profit company in the social sector doesn't mean not to have a business plan or even generating your own sales."

We see ourselves as a digital consultancy for social and public institutions, which links different sales models with non-profit ideas. With our main product,the mobile app Integreat, we already support multilingual information in a multitude of cities and counties in Germany. We are sponsored by, among others, the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, the German Academic Exchange Service and the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth.
The charitable nature of our actions helps us to make tangible positive contributions and to involve a large number of volunteers in our work, while at the same time minimizing our costs. With our company, we would like to motivate potential founders not to shrink from innovations and intivatives in the social sector. 


Founder: Michael Baumann, Dr. Stephan Rohr
Founding year: 2018
Contact: contactspam prevention@twaice.com
Website: www.twaice.com

"Predictive Battery Analytics with Digital Twins”

TWAICE supports enterprises across different industries with predictive battery analytics software based on digital twins. We empower our customers to develop and use battery systems more efficiently and sustainably while making them more reliable and durable. Precise predictions of battery conditions and aging significantly optimize battery development and use. Exact determination of current condition also enables certification of batteries for reuse and 2nd life.

TWAICE was founded in 2018 as a spin-off from Technical University of Munich and is headquartered in Munich.

Vectoflow GmbH

Founder: Katharina Kreitz, Dr. Christian Haigermoser, Florian Wehner
Founding year: 2015
Contact: info[at]vectoflow.de

Website: www.vectoflow.de

“What do Formula 1 cars, aircraft engines, drones and fume extractor hoods have in common? In all these applications and many more, the aerodynamics are optimized by products and systems from us - Vectoflow.”

Vectoflow makes customized measurement solutions to determine the state of a flow!
Our 3D-printed customized multi-hole-probes and systems measure the static and total pressure, the velocity and the angle of attack of a flow. The probes are easily adaptable in terms of geometry, size and material to your requirements, due to the innovative fabrication method used. The latter also increases the robustness of the probes significantly, making them usable in harsh environments.
Applications can be found wherever aerodynamics provide an essential lever for system efficiency; such as in the automotive sector, turbomachinery, drones, ventilation systems, etc.

Vemcon UG

Founder: M.Sc. Jan Rotard, Dipl.-Ing. Bakir Kreso, Dipl.-Ing. Julian Profanter
Founding year: 2012
Contact: info[at]vemcon.de

Website: www.vemcon.de

“We believe that power is nothing without control. Our products allow for intuitive, safe and efficient machine handling.”

The excavator being used on construction sites is becoming more of a tool carrier, quickly and easily switching out and installing different attachments. But the steering system just can’t keep up. Standard joysticks with two degrees of freedom, like a PC joystick, are actually the norm. But that just wasn’t good enough for TUM start-up Vemcon in 2011, when they were still a team of students: They wanted to know how they could design an excavator’s controls intuitively to increase the machine’s efficiency and shorten training times.

TUM student Jan Rotard, the brains behind Vemcon, had the bright idea to develop a proprietary control unit: uniGRIP would enable machines like excavators that are difficult to handle to be controlled completely intuitively. This gives the hand complete freedom of movement, allowing for any kind of natural movement. Hand movements are translated into similar tool movements; this means the excavator tool does exactly what the hand does, making the operator feel like he has the tool in his own hand. Together with his classmates Bakir Kreso and Julian Profanter, both of whom were also studying mechanical engineering, Rotard began the project in 2011. The students developed their first functional demo relatively quickly in that same year, which included a prototype for the uniGRIP. That was the first time an excavator could be controlled intuitively. Once they finished their degrees, the three young entrepreneurs founded Vemcon in February 2012, with financial support from the EXIST Business Start-Up Grant. Vemcon has been the recipient of funding from the Bavarian FLÜGGE program since February 2013. The three mechanical engineers developed the first series of uniGRIP systems in 2012, with pilot customers signed up even before the product went to market. Vemcon attended the world’s largest and most important construction equipment trade fair – bauma – in Munich in April 2013, presenting their uniGRIP system to a broad public for the first time and officially launching the product.

vertis Biotechnologie AG

Founder: Dr. Fritz Thümmler, Dr. Patricia Algarra, Prof. Dr. Gerhard Wenzel
Founding year: 2000
Contact: info[at]vertis-biotech.com
Website: www.vertis-biotech.com

VERTIS is a research-oriented company in the field of functional genomics. Founded in 2000 as a spin-off of Technical University of Munich, Weihenstephan Campus, the company was one of the first start ups to lease offices at the newly completed IZB Innovation and Start-Up Center in Weihenstephan in 2001.

This makes VERTIS’ founding fairly out of the ordinary since they succeeded without outside capital, instead receiving a research grant from BASF Plant Sciences GmbH (as a result of the negative attitude towards gene-modified plant technology in Europe, BASF Plant Sciences GmbH has now relocated to the US). The techniques they developed for analyzing differential gene expressions allowed VERTIS to break into the biotech industry, building up and steadily expanding their international customer base.

The company now focuses on next generation sequencing (NGS), particularly transcriptome sequencing (RNA-seq). VERTIS offers a complete product line, including project consulting, nucleic acid isolation, NGS library preparation, DNA sequencing and bioinformatic sequence analyses and data mining. The company’s strength comes down to its customer-focused flexibility based on the innovative technology platform VERTIS has been developing over its 13-year history, all the while making constant improvements to it. VERTIS is a true pioneer in analyzing small, non-coded RNA (sncRNA) molecules and bacterial transcriptomes.


Founder: Marco Maier, Felix Meißgeier, Thomas Knauer-Arnold
Founding year: 2016

Contact: info[at]viscopic.com
Website: www.viscopic.com

“Virtual learning to achieve more work safety - made real with VISCOPIC´s training application.”

VISCOPIC is expert for 3D and Augmented Reality technology. Together with industrial companies, the young enterprise develops prototypes in individual projects, evaluates use cases and supports you with the implementation of the VISCOPIC software products PINS, STEPS and POLYGONS.

VISCOPIC was founded as a GmbH in spring 2016 and has been located in Munich since then. The team now consists of 18 experts who are constantly developing innovative AR and 3D software solutions. These are designed so that anyone can create content and work processes in AR purely by drag and drop within a few minutes. The software also helps to master problems such as the automation of part identification processes in an innovative way using 3D technology.

As an official partner of Microsoft, VISCOPIC can combine technical know-how with profound economic understanding. Especially industrial companies such as machine builders, robotics or the automotive industry belong to the target group of VISCOPIC. Its customers include Deutsche Bahn, Audi, TetraPak, BMW, VW and Viessmann. Industries with a high need for training in machinery and equipment also benefit from the services.

voxeljet AG

Founder: Dr. Ingo Ederer, Rainer Höchsmann and Prof. Dr. Joachim Heinzl
Founding year: 1999
Contact: info[at]voxeljet.com
Website: www.voxeljet.com

“voxeljet is a leading manufacturer of 3D printing systems, running one of Europe’s largest service centers for production of molds and models on-demand for metal casting.”

The voxeljet SYSTEMS division is responsible for development, manufacturing and sales of the fastest and most powerful 3D printing systems on the market. voxeljet has a well-coordinated product range, from small research models to large-format industrial machines, offering the perfect 3D printing system for virtually any application.

At the voxeljet SERVICES division’s advanced service center, sand molds and plastic models are made to order based on CAD data. Manufacturers of small batch series and prototypes value our automatic manufacturing process that creates their casting molds and 3D models without tools. Our customers include prominent automobile manufacturers and their suppliers, foundries, design departments and artists.

WSoptics GmbH

Founder: Dipl.-Ing. M. Eng. Florian Sepp, Dr. Christoph Weiß
Founding year: 2013

Contact: info[at]wsoptics.de

“WSoptics is a willfully unconventional company. We look for challenging tasks because coming up with such ambitious solutions is such a pleasure.  Be a Widdae."

WSoptics develops innovative mechanical engineering solutions. We use cutting-edge mathematical methods to discover new ways to tackle problems using algorithms and new approaches. For example, our products prevent collisions during laser cutting purely through software. Ideas, mathematics and the use of computers allows us to accomplish things we never would have considered possible in machine construction. Take it from us: the digital revolution is only just getting started.

XL-protein GmbH

Founder: Prof. Dr. Arne Skerra, Dipl.-Kaufm. Claus Schalper, MSc. Mol. Biotechnol. Uli Binder, Dr. Martin Schlapschy
Founding year: 2009
Contact: info[at]xl-protein.com
Website: www.xl-protein.com

“Ever since my doctoral dissertation, I have been driven to gain knowledge, and not just for scientific publications, but also to accelerate their practical applications. I’ve put this goal into practice in both of my start-ups.”

XL-protein GmbH uses its proprietary “PAS” technology to develop a new generation of improved biopharmaceutical products with longer plasma half-lives. Therapeutic PASylated proteins can be administered in smaller doses less often, making them better tolerated by patients, in turn offering further prospects for follow-on products of established biopharmaceuticals. “PASylation” – the genetic fusion with conformationally disordered polypeptide sequences composed of the amino acids Prolin, Alanin and Serin – provides a new and simple way to attach a solvated random chain with large hydrodynamic volume to the protein of biopharmaceutical interest. The typically rapid clearance of the biologically active component via kidney filtration can thus be retarded by one to two orders of magnitude since the amino acid string behaves as if it were biochemically inert, making it easily degradable in the body.