Founders: Quirin Schweigert and Leif Carstensen
Founders: Quirin Schweigert and Leif Carstensen

TUM Founder's Talk: Veam Instant Audio

As of: October 2021

What problem do you solve with your product? 
The problem of inappropriate calls when you're on the phone. With Veam, you can talk into your friends' ears walkie-talkie-style when they show up as available. And if they're not listening right now, your message will land in the app. Said simply, we're combining phone calls and voicemails to dynamically shift between the two.  

What is the technology behind the product? 
Our audio streaming technology is designed for the fastest possible transmission, but can dynamically cache audio data at any time, creating a time offset in the phone call. In other words, what starts as a voice message can turn into a "normal" phone call as soon as the other person is listening.

How did you come together as a team? 
We met in 2018 through the Entrepreneurship Scholarship "Manage&More" of UnternehmerTUM. We have been working together on the Veam Instant Audio app for about 5 months. 

What connection do your team members have to TUM? 
We are both TUM alumni, Quirin holds a master's degree in computer science and Leif one in physics. 

What makes your idea unique? 
Veam is the fastest way to reach another person. We make starting a digital exchange as natural as if your conversation partners were sitting in the same room with you. We achieve this by combining asynchronous and synchronous communication for the first time.

What target group do you serve? 
Young people between the ages of 17 and 22 use our app the most. Especially for very fast and direct exchange with friends. But we also see a growing user group in the business sector that uses Veam for fast and flexible exchange between employees, regardless of their workplace. 

What are the next steps? 
By the end of the year, we want to break the 100k download mark and prove that the Veam concept ushers in a new and progressive way of digital communication. At the same time, we also want to release Veam for download internationally. 

What personal skills does the team bring to the development of the product? 
Quirin brings the technical know-how and iOS-programming skills. Leif focuses on marketing and analyzing usage data in order to be able to further develop the product along the wishes of our target group.