• 5/17/2019

"Flexparken": A new parking concept at Gabelsberger Straße

Shared space is double the space

Car sharing, bike sharing, pedelecs, and electric scooters – we are witnessing fundamental changes of individual mobility in the city. However, a common problem remains: where to park one's vehicle? Together with TUM, the city of Munich is now testing "Flexparken", an approach to flexible/shared parking.

Street sign for bicycle parking space Maren Willkomm
Bikes during the day, cars at night: The new parking concept at the Gabelsberger Straße in Munich.

There is an increasing need for parking spaces in the city center of Munich. During the day, students and commuters need a place to park their car or bicycle, while people who live in the area need a parking space for the night. It's not exactly easy to meet these demands: If more bicycle parking spaces are created, there will be less parking spaces for cars – and vice versa.

The city of Munich now wants to take on the challenge with flexible parking – a project that has already been successfully implemented in Copenhagen – and TUM will be a partner for the pilot phase on Gabelsberger Straße.

Bikes during the day, cars at night

The basic idea is simple: if cyclists and motorists share the spaces, there is more space for everyone. In Copenhagen, flex parking zones were created especially in front of schools and educational institutions, where the need for bicycle parking spaces is particularly high. At the same time, due to the fact that this often involves historical buildings, it is often difficult to install new stands.

This is where flex parking comes in: During the day, it is possible to park bicycles – and in the evening, the cyclists clear the parking spaces to make room for cars.
At the first flex parking lot in Munich (Gabelsberger Straße, at the corner of Luisenstraße) it will be possible to park bicycles from 9:00 am to 11:00 pm, while cars can be parked from 11:00 pm to 9:00 am. If the concept works out in practice, more flex parking spaces will be established in other areas of Munich's city center.

More information:
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