• 12/07/2022
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Prof. Astrid Séville invited to BR Dossier Politik broadcast

Is democracy holding up in the crisis?

How does the German federal government communicate in the current crisis situation? How openly should politicians admit to problems? How can they counteract pessimism and populism? In Dossier Politik, a weekly political program by the broadcaster Bayerischer Rundfunk, Astrid Séville, a professor of political philosophy and theory, explains how democracy can stand its ground in a fundamental crisis.

Astrid Séville Privat
Prof. Astrid Séville investigates populism and political communication.

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Key areas of interest for Prof. Astrid Séville include populism and democratic opposition, political communication, societal transformation and inclusion processes and technocratic discourse. She conducts research and teaches at the Hochschule für Politik München (HfP) and the TUM School of Social Sciences and Technology.

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