• 5/5/2021

The third Corona semester has started – five students tell their stories

Corona Report: Student life in the pandemic

The semester begins – and the campus is empty, in the middle of Munich. Studies are possible, but mostly only from home, and it has been that way for more than a year now. Five TUM students tell us how they experience this time. Some of their experiences are similar, others are very different. One thing they all have in common: a longing for normality after Corona.

A student reports via Zoom about her everyday life as a student in Corona times TUM

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Violetta, Jason, Julia, Tim and Hanya share their stories. Honest, thoughtful and critical. But also confident. How have they experienced the past two semesters of the Corona pandemic behind their laptop screens? What moves them, what burdens them, and what do they wish for? In addition, lecturer and father Dr. Stefan Krusche talks about how he manages the daily balance between digital teaching and childcare.

Kirsten Bannert is familiar with many of our students' problems. As an academic coach at the TUM Center for Study and Teaching, she advises students. The expert takes a look at the current situation and describes her approach to coaching.

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