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Together, we can turn this situation to our advantage and make a meaningful contribution to the success of the current generation of students and our university as a whole – and, above all, get ourselves safely through these challenging times.

As of 1 May, 2022

Critical information in brief

  • 3G rule and checks: The 3G requirement and compliance checks ceased to apply on April 2022, This applies to both course meetings and examinations, to employees and guests on all TUM campuses. This means that there will no longer be a 3G requirement for accessing TUM premises.
  • Face masks recommended: Pending further information on the extension of the mask requirement, we recommend the use of FFP2 masks on all TUM premises where the minimum distance of 1.5 meters cannot be maintained.
  • Home office: A framework agreement between TUM and the General Employee Council governing remote working and including options for ‘Telearbeit’ and ‘mobiles Arbeiten’ went into effect on 1 May 2022. Details: HR FAQ
  • Studying, teaching, exams: Find all current regulations on Please note that different regulations may apply to the University Hospital.
  • Vaccines work: Make use of the public vaccination campaigns.
  • Corona-Warn-App: We recommend all students and employees to use the Corona-Warn-App (CWA) provided by the Robert Koch Institut. What should you do if you see a red tile? Please follow the CWA team's instructions when the "increased risk" status is displayed.

Please inform yourself regularly

about the latest developments and decisions concerning the handling of COVID-19 through the following channels:

Current Covid-19 research from TUM


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TUM is responding to the outbreak of the corona pandemic with innovative research approaches in which doctors, virologists, epidemiologists, natural scientists, IT specialists and engineers work together as partners. The TUM University Foundation helps implement the most promising projects.

TUM University Foundation: Project funding

TUM Corona Crisis Task Force



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