1 Jun 2024
2 Jun 2024

Festival on Ludwigstraße

Zamanand: Street Science and more

  • Saturday, 6/1/2024 - Sunday, 6/2/2024

Event location

Public event

Visit us at Munich's big street festival "Zamanand" in the heart of the city and immerse yourself in the world of science. With around 200,000 visitors in one weekend, this festival is the ideal place to meet people from different backgrounds and interests. Be a part of it! Expect a varied program of short talks and plenty of space for direct dialog with researchers.

StreetScience: Meet researchers from the TUM

Come to the tent of our Young Academy and get to know researchers from our university over two days. They will report on their everyday lives and provide answers to exciting research questions: How to survive on Mars, what chemicals do in our bodies, or how we need to transform our cities for sustainable development. Complete program 1st/2nd June

SDG-Stage of BR Puls: Where wildlife welcome

On June 2, 4:15 pm, we will be on the SDG stage of BR Puls. Throughout the festival, there will be live podcasts, discussions, workshops and many other stage performances about sustainability and urban society. Come along on Sunday afternoon and meet Dr. Fabio Sweet from the Terrestrial Ecology Research Group.

Squirrels, ladybugs or slugs: where in the city is wildlife welcome? Take the self-test with biologist Dr. Fabio Sweet. He researches where people in Munich like to encounter wild animals - and where they would rather not. This provides important insights for combining urban planning and nature conservation.