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Exploring the origins of the universe and the foundations of life, seeking solutions to the major challenges of our time – from students to Nobel Prize laureates, our university community creates inspiration, new knowledge and innovation.

Following our guiding principle of "Human-centered Engineering", we align the development of technical solutions towards the functionality for people, the values and needs of society, and the requirements of a sustainable future. Our innovation-supportive matrix structure of TUM Schools and mission-driven Integrative Research Institutes creates an operatively agile and scientifically inspiring environment for interdisciplinary collaboration across TUM and beyond.

Artificial Intelligence

AI applications are already changing the world of work, research and everyday life. We are helping to shape this technological progress: Our researchers are developing new methods and applications of AI across disciplines. Ethical and social issues always play an important role in this.

AI at the TUM

Excellent infrastructure for research

Rooftop view of the Technical University of Munich's city center campus on Arcisstraße.

University of Excellence

TUM has been one of Germany's Universities of Excellence since 2006 – we remain committed to this highest of quality standards.

Scientist works in a research lab of the Center for Translational Cancer Research at Technical University of Munich.

Careers in research

Be part of the research community as a PhD student, postdoc or professor.

Reaction tubes labeled for an experiment stand in a rack in the laboratory of Prof. Jürgen Ruland's working group.

Services for researchers

We offer comprehensive support for researchers – for funding, continuing education and start-up consulting.


Our schools and research centers

Our Schools form the academic foundation of our university, connected by integrative research institutes at the interfaces between disciplines. Through this kind of networking, we are building a matrix organization for innovation in research and teaching.

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We develop innovative technologies not for the sake of it, but for people and nature.

President of Technical University of Munich

Experience research

We share our curiosity, knowledge and fascination with people from our university and beyond, and create new paths into the future.

150 Years of TUM – anniversary stories

Curiosity and an entrepreneurial spirit have been at the heart of TUM for more than 150 years. From the first viable refrigerator to robots capable of feeling to the sandwich molecule – researchers have made numerous inventions and discoveries during that period that still shape our lives today.

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"Faszination Forschung" research magazine

Read about the latest scientific findings and the people behind them in our research magazine.

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