TUM Student Clubs and Initiatives

Students of the Technical University of Munich (TUM) are active in a huge variety of projects, initiatives and clubs – from business consulting to development cooperations. They campaign for human rights, coach young people and promote on-campus intercultural exchange. By applying their academic knowledge, our students often embody TUM’s mission of thinking and acting like an entrepreneurial university. In the process, they have formed friendships and networks across the world, developed groudbreaking technology and founded successful businesses..

Guide: Essentials for TUM Student Clubs

You want to start a TUM Student Club yourself and need tips on naming or organizing your group? Or are you already active in a student initiative and have questions about the allocation of space, accreditation, or support options from the university?

In the TUM Student Club Guide you will find all the information you need about founding, organizing and financing TUM Student Clubs, renting rooms, getting accredited by the Council of Student Representatives and the support offered by TUM.

Download: Guide “TUM Student Clubs” (PDF, 4,3 MB)

You can also contact studentclubs(at)tum.de with any questions you may have.

Student research groups

Taking to the skies in self-built aircraft: AkaFlieg has been designing and building gliders since 1924. And when the results are air-worthy, students get to pilot their own aircraft. Akaflieg München e.V.

The art of model aircraft: The members of AkaModell design and build remote-controlled model aircraft. The best part is seeing the finished masterpiece take to the skies. AkaModell München

Concrete canoe: Students are building a functioning canoe from heavy concrete. The key is get­ting the shape right. Every two years, stu­dents take part in the German concrete canoe regatta. 

Intelligent airship: The long-term aim of daedalus project is to develop an “intelligent” navigation system for medium-sized airships using a sensor platform. Project deadalus

At globalDrive, TUM students collaborate with students from other international universities to advance automotive technologies. globalDrive

Whiz kid: A team of students is developing a drone to solve logistical problems. The third prototype SILENCIO Gamma is a combination of glider and mutlicopter and will be used not only for urban but also for rural areas and hard-to-reach places. HORYZN

Gas turbines that hum: The team de­vel­ops, tests and optimizes gas turbines in its own design atelier, looking at factors like the drive system and acoustics. Hummingbird

Development of a hydrogen drone: The LeviTUM team is working on the development and construction of a hydrogen-powered eVTOL drone.

Medtech projects for developing countries: MedTech One World Students e.V. wants to develop innovative medical technologies and build a network in the medical technology sector.

Models to understand complex financial systems: QuanTUM is a group of students that develops quantitative models to understand and predict complex systems. Their focus lies on the capital market.

Student racing team: The teams that make up the TUfast project build new Formula Student racing cars every year. They take on teams from all over the world in Formula Student races. TUfast e.V.

The students at TUM.ai work on Artificial Intelligence. They visit workshops, exchange with peers and carry out projects both independently and in cooperation with companies. TUM.ai

Aiming to build the world’s fastest tunnel boring machine: TUM Boring – Innovation in Tunneling is an initiative of 60 students from Munich innovating in underground transportation and competing in Elon Musk's Not-a-Boring Competition with their tunnel boring machine. TUM Boring – Innovation in Tunneling e.V. i.Gr.

High-speed capsule: The team from TUM has won the Hyperloop Pod Competition organized by Elon Musk multiple times. Their capsules are prototypes for a futuristic train designed to travel through vacuumized tubes at almost the speed of sound. TUM Hyperloop

Practical robotics: The TUM Phoenix Robotics group is dedicated to planning, developing and building robotic systems. Their main projects are multifunctional robotic vehicles and multicopters.TUM Phoenix Robotics

Reaching for the stars: From cube satellites to a space elevator – this scientific workgroup for rocket science and space travel focuses on practical space-related projects. WARR

Academic Engagement

Representation of young food chemists: As a specialist group of the German Chemical Society, the working group Young Food Chemists represents the interests of young researchers at universities and during their practical year.

Biotechnology student initiative: In line with our motto “let life sciences meet you – get connected”, we organize regular events for students, doctoral candidates and young academics both at national and local level in collaboration with various institutes and companies, thus acting as an interface between academia and industry. We offer excursions, lecture evenings, seminars, continuing education programs and the ScieCon life sciences recruitment fair, which draws participants from all over Germany. Biotechnologische Studenteninitiative e.V.

When debating at the club meetings or at tournaments, Munich students practice their communication and rhetoric skills – enabling them to join political debates and discussion. The club is a politically neutral platform. Debattierclub München

Interdisciplinary seminar series: The Disorientation Days invite students from all disciplines to lecture and project events dealing with socially relevant topics.

Exchange of ideas: Students of Electrical and Computer Engineering can collect experience Europe-wide and make international contacts in work­shops at universities and in companies. EESTEC

European networking for medical students: The European Medical Students' Association promotes professional and cultural exchange among European medical students.

Representation of interests in computer science: The Informatik Forum Frauen (IFF) is an initiative at the Department of Computer Science at TUM that promotes equal participation of women and other underrepresented groups.

Student Network in the Pharmaceutical Industry: ISPE Student Chapters strive for networking and knowledge exchange between students and companies in the pharmaceutical industry.

The organization of the young members of the German Chemical Society: The Young Chemists' Forum represents the interests of the young members in the German Chemical Society, but it also builds bridges between academia and industry and promotes contact between young chemists across universities and national borders. Young Chemists Forum Munich

Association of Luxembourgish students: The Letzeburger students to Munich represent the interests and promote the exchange of Luxembourgish students at TUM.

Mentoring for STEM-inclined students: MINTORME offers individual mentoring for students who are interested in STEM subjects and are considering studying in this field.

Representation of Muslim Students: The Muslim Student Initiative at TUM (MSI) is a network for all Muslim students at TUM.

Model United Nations: Students re-enact the workings of the United Nations, create model committees and pass resolutions in the role of UN delegates. WorldMUN

Student initiative with a philosophical focus: "Master your mind, not just your classes" is the guiding principle of Philosophia Munich. The student initiative offers spaces, ideas and events for the exchange about philosophical core topics such as ethics, epistemology or consciousness. Everyone is welcome to attend the weekly meetings, prior knowledge is not required. Philosophia Munich

Christian Democratic Student Association: The Ring of Christian Democratic Students at the Technical University of Munich is involved in university politics at TUM.

Coding workshops for girls: she codes is an initiative of committed students of KIT and TUM who want to inspire girls for computer science and technology.

Information about scholarships: In the Scholarship Network Munich e.V. scholarship holders inform themselves about all questions concerning the awarding of scholarships and network with each other.

Promotion of Tech Skills: The TechLabs team supports students in expanding their know-how in the field of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence in theory and practice.

Original and engaging lectures: TEDxTUM organizes conferences, inviting experts from all areas to present their ideas, share their experiences and speak about innovation and technology. TEDxTUM

Biomedicine in practice: The TUM Association of Biomedical Engineering Students (TUM ABES) organizes field trips to biotechnology companies and offers workshops in biomedical physics and electronics.

The Association of Munich Student Initiatives (VMSI) facilitates dialog and cooperation between the various student initiatives based in Munich and represents their common interests. VMSI


Theater group at the Garching campus: We are a diverse troupe of TUM students, doctoral candidates and staff members who stage plays in our spare time. During term time, we get together for weekly sessions of improvisation, technical exercises and games to improve our acting skills and have a bit of fun in the process! We are always looking to welcome new people – either as performers or backstage. We are passionate about drama and are convinced it is a cultural enrichment to life at the Garching campus. AcTUM – Drama im Vier(t)akter [four-stroke drama]

Social hub for the Garching campus: With events like Pasta Friday, Pizza Week or the weekly pub quiz, the C2 bar is a fun place for stu­dents to hang out. C2  Campus−Cneipe

Radio station for students at Munich's universities: With interviews and contributions on the topics of research, student initiatives and startups, Campus After Hours informs about current events at Munich's universities.

Soccer league of the TUM faculties and schools: Student teams and teams from the faculties and schools compete in the Faculties Football League.

Mixed hip-hop in Munich: Students learn different hip-hop dance styles in the Fusian Dance Crew, develop choreographies together and perform them at events.

Cinema in the lecture hall: Every Tuesday and Thursday during the semester, the tu film transforms the Carl-von-Linde lecture hall in the city center and the MW 1801 lecture hall in Garching into real cinemas with a cinema projector and snack stand.

Reading circle for people interested in literature: At their meetings, members of the TUM Book Club discuss selected readings from various genres.

Club for e-sports enthusiasts: The Munich eSports offers gamers a wide range of activities related to gaming and e-sports, such as weekly gaming evenings, public viewing of e-sports tournaments, and online and offline tournaments.

The TUM student big band: In the TUM Jazzband, students play a broad repertoire in big band formation and regularly perform at TUM concerts and events.

Magicians' Club: In the TUM Magicians' Club, students of all experience levels learn and practice magic tricks together with fellow students.

Innovation and sustainability

Climate crisis concerns us all: The international and interdisciplinary team of “100 Voices – One Planet” collects personal testimonies of 100 people from 100 countries about climate change to raise awareness about the consequences of the overheating of the earth. 100 Voices – One Planet

Network for nature lovers: The LBV university group connects students of TUM and Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University who are committed to nature and environmental protection.

Plant a Seed aims to realize the potential of sustainability concepts and integrate them into the urban environment by providing an interactive learning opportunity for students and inspiring creative implementation ideas.

Since 1985, speakers from nature con­ser­va­tion or­ga­ni­za­tions and the worlds of re­search and busi­ness have de­liv­ered talks on en­vi­ron­men­tal tech­no­logy, health, con­sum­er rights and climate pro­tec­tion. “Umwelt” lecture series

Sustainable Resource Management Lecture Series: The SRM Talks Initiative organizes events around sustainable resource management for interested parties from all disciplines.

Climate justice movement at Munich's universities: As an independent subgroup of Fridays for Future Munich, Students for Future is committed to the fight against the climate crisis and for more climate justice.

Platform on the topic of sustainability: The Green Team ​​​​ aims to sensitize students to sustainability issues and supports them in the implementation of sustainable concepts.

Fostering sustainable development of African communities through research-based solutions: We are a non-profit organization, which unites students, researchers, alumni and friends of TUM. All of us work on the question, how energy transition can foster sustainable development of communities in Africa. In addition, we are an accredited university group of TUM. TU eMpower Africa e.V.

All things blockchain: The TUM Blockchain Club is dedicated to advancing blockchain technology and decentralization. It hosts networking and educational events, supports students with their projects, and aims to help connect academia with industry.

Research on CO2 removal: The TUM Carbon Removal team is working on a technology to remove and sequester carbon dioxide from the Earth's atmosphere and oceans to stabilize the climate system.

International exchange

Europe-wide student forum: From con­­fer­ences in Budapest to cul­tural events in Ljubljana – AEGEE pro­motes co­op­er­a­tion and in­ter­cul­tural ex­change be­­tween young people in Europe. AEGEE

At the “Asian-European Society at TUM” (AES), our core mission is to enhance mutual understanding among students from diverse cultural backgrounds, with a focus on Eurasian relations. Therefore, we organize a broad range of events to bring people together and to match interested students with potential employers both in Asia and Europe. Our event series includes speaker events on current topics as well as corporate workshops and social events. AES

Platform for German-Chinese exchange: The German-Chinese Initiatives for Business and Education (DCI) offer information about China and support the exchange between young people, universities and companies of both nationalities.

Social projects abroad: As an international exchange organization, AIESEC offers internships and social projects for young people abroad.

Studying in Europe: The Erasmus+-Programm program enables students to spend a semester abroad at partner universities or to do an internship in a company in Europe.

Looking for work experience? The Munich local committee helps students find work experience abroad and supports international interns who have come to Munich. IAESTE

Are you looking to connect with students from your home country? Students of various countries have set up local student groups. You can find all country groups on our international students pages: Leisure time and networking: Student groups of different countries

International spirit at TUM: ESN TUMi offers events especially for international students at TUM. TUMi tutors organize nearly 400 of them every year – they are open to all TUM students. Find all information in the TUMi App: https://tumi.esn.world/

TUM: Junge Akademie

During the 20-month scholarship period, members of TUM: Junge Akademie have the opportunity to realize their own projects, chosen for their strong practical focus and potential contribution to society. Overview of all projects at Junge Akademie

Action days, street science and science hacks: TUM: Junge Akademie organizes a wide range of activities that enrich campus life at TUM and help promote dialog between students, researchers and the general public. TUM: Junge Akademie

Social projects

Saving lives with stem cells: The AIAS e.V. team in Munich provides young people with information about leukemia and encourages students to sign up to the German bone marrow registry (DKMS). AIAS e.V.

Highlighting issues and effecting change: The Munich cam­pus group uses art auc­tions, in­for­ma­tion stands and talks to raise aware­ness of human rights. Amnesty International

Travel for a good cause: Get as far as possible in only 36 hours, as a team of two without any money – and raise funds for an educational project in Tanzania (Jambo Bukoba e.V.). BreakOut

Taking responsibility: Stu­dents pro­vide as­sis­tance for people in need in Germany and around the world, high­light­ing so­cial pro­blems and un­der­taking projects to tackle them. Campus for Change

Engaging effectively: The members of Effective Altruism Munich seek out and work on the areas in which their efforts will have the greatest impact. The central question is: How can we use our limited resources to help the most?

From Munich to Burkina Faso: This stu­dent group is de­di­cated to im­proving people’s quality of life by helping them support them­selves fi­nan­cially.
enactus Munich

Development cooperation: Engineers Without Borders is a non-profit recognized aid organization that has been successfully carrying out development cooperation in Africa and Asia for almost 20 years to improve the living conditions of people in need. With us, students work together with alumni from all disciplines on projects to improve infrastructure and education.

Supporting students: In the Lern-Fair association, students volunteer to support students in their learning and thus contribute to improving equal opportunities in education.

Listeners telephone – from students for students. Voluntary students help their fellow students with a sympathetic ear on the telephone. Nightline München e.V.

Nutrition Education Network: The Physicians Association for Nutrition (PAN) educates medical students on nutritional topics to promote sustainable and healthy diets.

Students volunteering their time as career coaches help school­kids from dif­fi­cult homes and so­cially or eco­nom­i­cal­ly dis­­ad­van­taged back­grounds. Rock your Life

Free education for pupils: following the example set by Wikipedia students build up a free platform for pupils with loads of explanations, exercises, videos and lectures. Serlo.org

Free tutoring: In the non-profit association Studenten bilden Schüler e.V. (“Students educate pupils”), students offer free tutoring for children and young people from educationally disadvantaged and low-income families to enable more equal opportunities in the education system. Studenten bilden Schüler

Support for students in crisis regions: The volunteer team of Study without Borders advocates for higher education in crisis regions through outreach, scholarships, and the improvement of educational infrastructures.

Strengthening voluntary work: Under the umbrella of Donate Talents, there are several voluntary projects organized by Deutschlandstipendium scholarship recipients, such as reading mentoring, tutoring for refugees, or caring for protected meadows.

United Nations Children's Fund: The volunteers of the UNICEF University Group are committed to helping disadvantaged children all over the world.

Information against vaccination fear: The team of VACCtion informs about the mode of action and chances of vaccines. In its portal, students' questions are answered and fears are reduced.

Weitblick is a non-profit initiative formed by students who believe in equal education for all, world-wide. With us, Munich students from all fields of study can utilize their unique talents in creative ways and help bring life to different projects. Weitblick München

Entrepreneurship and economy

Business consulting: The students in 180 Degrees Consulting provide advice to charitable and social organizations. Their aim is to develop innovative, practical and sustainable solutions. 180 Degrees Consulting

Student consulting services: Acad­e­my Con­sult mem­bers gain ex­pe­ri­ence in the work­ing world by pro­vi­ding their con­sul­ting ex­per­tise to com­pa­nies in a wide range of sectors. Academy Consult

Build a network throughout Germany: Organize career fairs, special theme days and training courses with Bonding student initiative. Bonding Student Initiative (German)

The world of aerospace: This student ini­tia­tive puts mem­bers in touch with the aero­space in­dus­­­tr­­y ­­i­­n Munich and around the world. EUROAVIA München e.V.

Establishing contacts: Stu­dents from all fa­cul­ties or­ga­nize career forums, work­shops and talks at all TUM cam­puses – bring­­ing stu­dents and pro­­spec­tive em­ployers to­geth­er. IKOM

To learn more, see the Image-Video of IKOM.

Club for people interested in venture capital: The Munich Student Venture Club informs students on the topics of business start-ups and venture capital models.

Gain practical marketing experience with Germany's largest student initiative dedicated to marketing. Offers include talks, project work, trainings, symposiums, and social events. MTP Munich

Networking in the automotive sector: The Student Automotive Association e.V. promotes exchange between students and companies in the (automotive) mobility industry.

The desire to balance business ethics with economic interests brings together this association of Munich university students. Through various initiatives and events, they promote issues such as sustainability, corporate responsibility, green investments and social entrepreneurship, teaming up with institutes, NGOs and various companies to support their efforts. Sneep: local Munich chapter

Getting enthusiastic about entrepreneurship: Students learn about successful startups, work together with them – and invite entrepreneurs to their course of lectures. STARTmunich

Germany’s oldest entrepreneurial student intiative encourages and supports students from various degree programs and all Munich universities to act entrepreneurially. Students gain inside into professional life through workshops, their own projects, through starting up businesses and various club activities. Moreover, they can build on the support of more than 300 club alumni.  TEG | The Entrepreneurial Group e.V.

Understanding the financial market: This club or­ga­nizes train­ing seminars and en­­cour­ages mem­bers to de­vel­op their own the­o­ries on fi­nan­cial de­vel­op­ments. TU Investment Club

Working with companies: This student initiative organizes lectures, seminars and excursions with economic and political decision-makers. TUM Business Club e.V. (German)

Networking, project work and more: We offer students a network for their studies and their later professional life - whether with excursions to companies or meetings with other universities, as well as seminars, workshops, regulars' tables, hikes and even soldering courses. One of our projects is the VDE School Initiative, in which students bring technology into schools. Munich universities’ group of the VDE Verband der Elektrotechnik Elektronik Informationstechnik for South Bavaria