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Academicus - Making Ideas Visible

Academicus 2018 Award Ceremony

As part of an event in the Vorhoelzer Forum, Prof. Dr. Gerhard Müller, Senior Executive President for Academic and Student Affairs, presented the 2018 Academicus laureates with their official trophy. At the same time, the progress concerning the implementation of the ideas was presented to the audience. 

Winners of Academicus 2019

Once again we have received a staggering amount of ideas. Every single one was appraised and discussed by our jury. 

In the end the jury has chosen four ideas, which are both innovative, creative and viable - and will hopefully contribute to make studying at TUM even better.

TUM Barometer - Queue Tracking

Two submissions share a common prize for their proposals to digitally direct streams of visitors and minimize waiting periods:

  • TUM Barometer, submitted by Habib Sellami (student)
  • Queue Tracking, submitted by Katrin Geigenberger (student)


Submitted by: Daniel Auer (staff member)

A proposal to add tags with qr codes to lecture halls and seminar rooms, enabling students and staff to quickly and directly report malfunctioning infrastructure.

Meet at the Piano

Submitted by: Simiam Ghan (staff member)

Impulse to create spaces for music as catalyst to enrich the cultural life and atmosphere at TUM.

What is the Academicus?

Academicus ist the TUM ideas competition. Since 2002 it hopes to inspire TUM students, staff, researchers, professors and alumni to play an active role in improving the conditions of study and teaching at TUM.

A jury selects the best ideas, and the winner will be awarded a prize of € 500,-