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Application to a higher subject semester

If you have already completed relevant courses at a different university or in another course of study, you can apply for a higher subject semester. To do this, you need a credit transfer report.

In any case, be sure to contact your departmental student academic advisor before applying for a higher subject semester.

If you apply for a degree program at TUM and have already completed courses in another, related program, you can make an application to have these courses recognized. If courses or credits are recognized to a certain amount, you will be placed in a higher subject semester of the degree program. 

Which courses can be recognized?

The recognition of credits is defined by the Bavarian University Law and the General Academic and Examination Regulations of TUM.

Credits from identical or similar degree programs will be officially recognized. This means that all credits will be recognized as long as no large disparities exist with respect to the skills or knowledge acquired. This again may result in the placement in a higher subject semester, even if you do not apply for the recognition of the respective credits. 

Credits from non-related degree programs can only be recognized if the acquired knowledge is identical to that received at TUM. This can only be assessed after an in-depth review at the department. 

How do I apply for a higher subject semester?

Application for a higher subject semester is handled by the department, and the process may vary. Generally, there are 2 main ways in which the process is organized:

The upstream process starts with a mandatory advising session at the department before making an application. There, you will discuss your previously earned credits with a representative of the department. You will fill in the application for a higher subject semester during the advising session. With the signature of the department, the application turns into a credit transfer report. You can then apply online, and submit the credit transfer report together with the other application documents. 

The downstream process starts with you applying directly via TUMonline. You fill in the credit transfer application and submit it together with the other application documents to the department for application and enrollment. The department then processes your application and decides whether sufficient credits can be recognized to place you in your desired subject semester. 

Important: The credit transfer report should not be confused with the official procedure for recognizing previously earned credits, which can only be initiated once you have actually enrolled. The credit transfer report is always preliminary (except for programs with restricted admission) and the result may be changed after the official recognition process. 

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Which process applies to me?

In this list you will see how your department handles the recognition of credits. Be sure to contact the departmental student academic advisor of your desired program in any case.  

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What do I have to hand in? What are the deadlines?

You will have to submit

  • the credit transfer report (upstream) or application (downstream)
  • the module descriptions of the modules you want to have recognized
  • the grading scale which was used in case the modules have been completed outside of Germany.

You have to submit these documents by the end of the application deadline for the desired program to the department for application and admission, just like the rest of your application documents. 

Important: Enrollment at TUM in a higher upper-division semester is not possible without the credit transfer report!

For degree programs with restricted admission (numerus clausus), the credit transfer report has to be completed by the end of the application period, even if it is a downstream process. So please be sure to contact your faculty or department early on in order to allow for the review of your application to be completed in time. Also, for degree programs with restricted admission, the result of the credit transfer report is binding.

Special case: Application from the first to the second semester of study

Applicants who are currently in their first semester of study and would like to apply for the second semester of study at TUM are often unable to provice a transcript of records by the end of the application period. In this case, you can submit a confirmation of your registration for the relevant exams instead. Please contact your departmental student academic advisor to find out whether the transcript has to be submitted for the final assessment.

Please note:

Be sure to check the rules concerning progress monitoring in the General Academic and Examination Regulations and the Academic and Examination Regulations of the desired degree program.

These define the amount of credits you have to have acquired at the end of a certain subject semester. If these thresholds are not met, final failure of the program may be the consequence. Therefore, we strongly recommend you contact the departmental student academic advisor before applying to a higher subject semester.