Hotels, Youth hostels and more:
Short term accommodation

If you’re only staying for a short time – attending a conference, or while looking for longer-term accommodation – there are plenty of hotels and youth hostels available.

Staying in a hostel of the German Youth Hostel Association (DJH) does usually not come expensive. You will, however, need to be a member of the DJH or a youth hostel association from abroad.

Munich-City Youth Hostel (DJH)
Wendl-Dietrich-Str. 20
80634 München
Tel +49 89 2024449-0

Munich-Park Youth Hostel (DJH)
Miesingstr. 4
81379 München
Tel +49 89 78576770
Fax +49 89 785767766

Burg Schwaneck Youth Hostel (DJH)
Burgweg 10
82049 Pullach (ca. 30 min to the city center on the S 7 train line)
Tel +49 89 74486670
Fax +49 89 74486680

CVJM Jugendgästehaus (YMCA)
Comparable to DJH youth hostels but it's not necessary to be a member of the DJH.
Landwehrstr. 13
80336 München
Tel +49 89 552141-0
Fax +49 89 550428-2

Heilbronn Youth Hostel (DJH)
Paula-Fuchs-Allee 3
74076  Heilbronn
Tel +497131172961
Fax +497131164345

Munich-Thalkirchen camping site
Zentralländstr. 49
81379 München
Tel +49 89 7231707

The Tent - International Youth Camp in the Kapuzinerhölzl wood
In den Kirschen 30
80992 München
Tel +49 89 1414300

Straubing camping site
Wundermühlweg 9
94315 Straubing
Tel.: +49942189794

Tip: Stay in halls of residence during the vacations

Holiday rentals: In some halls of residence, students sub-let their rooms during the lecture-free period. Contacts via the Munich Student Union


Tip: Make an early reservation

During the Oktoberfest (Mid-September to the beginning of October) in particular it is extremely difficult to find any accommodation in and around Munich as all hostels and hotels tend to be fully booked. Prices can also be considerably higher in this period.

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