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Recognition of Credits

Everything you need to know about the recognition of courses or credits at TUM.

Recognition of Credits

You can apply for recognition of courses or credits

  • earned in another degree program at TUM,
  • earned at another university, or
  • earned during a stay abroad that you completed within your studies.


A prerequisite for the recognition of externally completed courses and previously earned credits is that there is no significant difference between the knowledge and skills acquired and the learning outcomes to be achieved in the TUM degree program. The recognition of credits is defined by the Bavarian University Law and the General Academic and Examination Regulations of TUM.

Application to a Higher Subject Semester (Fachsemester)

You have already completed relevant courses before your studies at TUM and would now like to apply for a higher subject semester (Fachsemester)? Our website on application to a higher subject semester provides all the information you need.

How does the Recognition Process work?

  1. Make an appointment with your departmental student academic advisor. Contact details are available in our program overview.
  2. Afterwards, you complete the application for the recognition of credits or courses, and submit all necessary documents. Details will be provided during the appointment with your advisor.
  3. You need to submit the application as well as all required documents within the first year of your studies.
  4. The formal requirements are reviewed, i.e. we check whether you have submitted all required documents and information.
  5. Once this is confirmed, the eligibility of your application is assessed. The department or school reviews the courses and credits you have already earned, and decides whether they can be recognized.
  6. As soon as this process is completed, you will be notified about the results. Recognized credits and courses will be documented in TUMonline.

Which documents do I have to provide?

The following documents or information must be submitted:

  1. application form for recognition
  2. performance and examination certificates, Transcript of Records (ToR)
  3. module description with associated learning outcomes
  4. information on the grading system, if different from that of TUM
  5. learning agreement, if you are participating in the Erasmus+ program

If this information is not or only partially available, you can provide further information: document curricula (workload), learning materials, examination tasks and materials, and the presentation of the external course offerings on the Internet or in brochures.

Further Information

  • Get in touch with your departmental student academic advisor as soon as possible, and ask about the deadlines and recognition process at your department or school. Contact details are available in our program overview.
  • Your application for recognition can only be processed once you are enrolled at TUM.
  • If you are planning a stay abroad via the Erasmus+ program, please be aware of the steps that are mandatory for recognition before you leave Germany.