Hilde Domin Programme

Target group:

The DAAD's Hilde Domin Programme provides funding for students and doctoral candidates who are at risk.

Applications are open to students and doctoral candidates who are denied the right to education in their country of origin due to their ethnic, sexual, gender or religious identity or their political or civic involvement.

Nomination requirements:

Students and doctoral candidates from all academic disciplines can be nominated, apart from human medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, pharmacy, and law

  • who can prove or credibly demonstrate a threat to their personal well-being or safety (e.g. physical violence, arrest, denial of civil and educational rights, etc.) to the nominating institution
  • who are in possession of educational certificates that enable entrance to a higher education institution and warrant the pursuit of a desired higher education qualification according to the anabin database
  • who may not be already residing in Germany or the European Union at the time of nomination
  • language skills must beproven for the chosen language to study
    English proof: Cambridge English, Cambridge Business, IELTS, ISE, TOEFL iBT, TOEFL Essenstials, TOEIC sowie PTE Academic
    German proof: TestDaF, DSH, German Language Diploma of the Standing Conference of the Ministers of
    Education and Cultural Affairs of the Länder in the Federal Republic of Germany (DSD), Goethe-Zertifikat, Austrian Language Diploma and telc Deutsch
    → please inform yourself about the minimum language requirements for the desired degree program
    → if you do not submit a certificate, you may only receive the scholarship subject to certain conditions
  • Valid passport of the applicant and any accompanying spouse and/or minor children (on the day of the DAAD application deadline) still valid for at least 1 year

  • possibility to start at the semester you are applying for the scholarship

  • required language skills for the chosen study course available

Please note:

All information on the Hilde Domin Programme can be found on the DAAD homepage.

Please don´t send any pictures. Documents have to be translated into english or german . Suitable applicants can be nominated only once via the respective school; all further processing is handled by the DAAD.

Please note that a nomination does not mean that you are automatically entitled to study at TUM. You must apply as normal like all the other applicants. We do not issue any confirmations. Informations about the application process for a study course can be found here

Questions about the study course can be asked at the academic advisor of the school you are interested in.

Are you interested in completing a doctorate at TUM? Please read the information on the homepage of the TUM Graduate School. The request for nomination for the Hilde Domin program for a doctorate is made via the e-mail internationalspam prevention@gs.tum.de

There is no entitlement to a nomination.

What happens after the nomination?

If you have been nominated by us, the DAAD will check your data. This can take a few weeks. If you have been selected by the DAAD, you will receive an email from the DAAD asking you to apply online. Some confirmations can only be handed out if you are entitled to study at TUM. Usually you can submit some documents later if you explain this in your application.


Planned start of studies summer semester 2025

  • Send Inquiry for the nomination for Hilde-Domin Programme: February 1–29, 2024
  • TUM checks all the inquiries and nominate: March 1–15, 2024
  • Application period at DAAD: March 19, 2024 – April 16, 2024

Send Inquiry for the nomination for the Hilde-Domin Programme for the summer semester 2025

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