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Withdrawal from University

Withdrawal means that a student’s name is removed from the register of students upon leaving the university.

Legal Basis

Withdrawal is regulated in §§ 12, 13 and 14 of the Enrollment, Re-enrollment, Leave of Absence and Withdrawal Regulations (Immatrikulations-, Rückmelde-, Beurlaubungs- und Exmatrikulationssatzung) of the Technical University of Munich in conjunction with Article 49 Bavarian Higher Education Act (Bayerisches Hochschulgesetz).

Main Reasons for Withdrawal

The main reasons for withdrawal are:

  • voluntary withdrawal
  • passing the final examination
  • ultimately failing a pre-, interim or final examination that is mandatory according to the examination regulations, or when students cannot meet the requirements for applying to take these examinations
  • failure to meet the re-enrollment deadline for continued studies

Voluntary Withdrawal

  • If the student submits a request for exmatriculation, this request is to be complied with. Please download the application form from your TUMonline account under “Print Documents”.
  • As a rule, voluntary withdrawal takes place at the end of a semester unless you apply for immediate withdrawal for good reasons. In this case, withdrawal occurs on the day the application is filed.

Withdrawal on Account of Passed Final Examination

  • Withdrawal from the university occurs at the end of the semester in which students pass their final examination.
  • Withdrawal occurs by virtue of law, i.e., students are “automatically” un-enrolled from the university upon passing their final examination. An application for withdrawal is not necessary in this case. 

Mandatory Withdrawal on Account of Ultimately Failing Examination Requirements

  • Students will be officially un-enrolled from the university if they have failed to pass all required examinations (preliminary, intermediate or final) for the last time, as in accordance with the examination regulations, or if they have not fulfilled the requirements for application to one of these examinations for reasons within their control.
  • In this case, mandatory withdrawal officially occurs. This means that the TUM must take the initial action and declare the withdrawal: the student is not required to take the initiative to withdraw.
  • Mandatory withdrawal is the result of ultimately failing and is declared simultaneously with the examination results in the case of such failure. Withdrawal becomes effective with receipt of notification.
  • Please keep in mind to apply for reimbursement on time.
  • Information on ultimately failing an examination

Withdrawal Due to Failure to Meet Re-Enrollment Deadline

Legal Consequences

  • Upon withdrawal, students lose their membership with the TUM and all rights and duties connected therewith. The Student Card and the Enrollment Certificate may no longer be used as of the date of withdrawal.
  • As a rule, students lose their right to take part in examinations (see the following exceptions).
    • It is very important to note that this does not apply to repeat examinations because the time allowed for the repeat examination may not be interrupted by a withdrawal (this applies only for students who are still studying under the General Diploma and Examination Regulations (ADPO)).
    • In addition, retroactively, there may be an obligation, in accordance with the examination regulations, to perform an examination for which a student had registered before the withdrawal occurred.


  • The application for withdrawal must be filed at the Admissions and Enrollment Office. You will find the application form in your TUMonline account under the menu tab “Student Downloads”.
  • You must enclose your student identification card with the application.
  • If the withdrawal occurs by virtue of law or officially, students must immediately hand in their student identification cards upon demand of the TUM.
  • In the case of withdrawal by virtue of law, students of the TUM receive a notification with legal advice as well as written confirmation of the withdrawal.
  • Your TUMonline account remains active as an “alumni account” after your withdrawal. Access to this account is possible only with a mytum user name (tum or mytum email address).


The confirmation of withdrawal can be downloaded from your TUMonline account via the section print documents.

Your TUMonline account remains active as an “alumni account” after your withdrawal. Access to this account is then possible with a mytum user name (tum or mytum email address).


Please send your application or inquiry via post, fax or email to:

Technical University of Munich
Admissions and Enrollment Office
Arcisstraße 21
80333 Munich
Telephone: 089/289-22245
Fax: 089/289-25414
E-mail: studium(at)tum.de