FAQ to the Auditor Program For Refugees

Questions and answers

1. What is the Auditor Program for Refugees?

The program is designed to familiarize refugees with the university and the German higher education system, in general. Where possible, it strives to enable participants to begin regular study at TUM or another institution of higher education. They will be able to audit (sit in on) course modules in German or English and have access to the university’s information and advising services. Please note: Participants will be visiting regular courses in TUM degree programs. You can get advised on the selection of courses in the departmental student academic advising offices of individual schools and departments.
Every auditor is accompanied throughout the semester by a “buddy” (more information on the Buddy Program is available here).

2. When does the Auditor Program begin?

The program begins on the first day of the lecture period (for winter semester, it begins on 16 October 2017). To participate, you must first register as a student auditor.

3. Can participants also visit language courses? Where? When?

Student auditors may visit language courses offered by the TUM Language Center. You may register for courses at the Language Center in the first week of the lecture period. For the first time in winter semester 16/17, the Language Center is offering a compact course. More information on the compact is available here.

4. What are "Buddies"?

Buddies are students, doctoral candidates, scientific staff and employees from any of TUM’s schools or departments and central administration.

5. How do I get in touch with my buddy?

You will meet your buddy at the kick-off event (first event of the semester), where, together with your buddy, you will plan activities to take place throughout the semester.

6. Who is my contact person for the program?

Buddy Program: Peter Finger; Student auditor registration: Nina Grote; Course selection: Departmental student academic advising; General information on Auditor Program for Refugees and questions regarding regular study: Student Advisory Office; All other questions: David Schneider

7. I have already spent a semester in the auditor program. Am I allowed to register for another semester?

Yes. However, you must register again for the new semester.

8. Will I be issued a student ID?

No. Because student auditors are not enrolled as regular students, they are not issued a student ID card. You will be given a copy of your official registration form.

9. Will the registration process for the winter semester be different from summer semester?

You must provide verification of German language skills at level B1. English language skills are no longer accepted for registration as an auditor.

10. Are there language requirements for the program? Do I need a placement test or a certificate?

For more information on accepted forms of verification of German language skills at level B1, refer to this link.