Semester Ticket Munich

On the Move in Munich: Since the winter semester 2013, students of the TUM and other Munich universities get the semester ticket. The ticket is valid for the underground and suburban trains, as well as all trams, buses and some regional trains in entire Munich public transportation network (MVV). All students must pay the fee for the basic ticket as part of their student fees. You may also purchase the IsarCard Semester to have 24 hour access to the MVV network.

Important notice concerning Student Cards

Please note: The special arrangement for the MVV use of student cards with a validation from the previous semester expired in the winter semester 2021/22. It is mandatory to carry a student card with the validation of the current semester on MVV transportation.

Please validate your Student Card at our validation machines.

The following regulations apply to the use of MVV transportation in Munich in winter semester 2021/22

  • Student Cards with validation/validity for the winter semester 2021/22 can be used as MVV travel authorization in the off-peak hours (Mon – Fri 6 p.m. – 6 a.m. and all day on weekends).
  • If you wish to purchase the IsarCard Semester, your Student Card must be validated/valid for winter semester 2021/22.
  • As before, an official photo ID (e.g. ID card) must be carried in addition to the Student Card. 
  • As before, the certificate of enrollment will not be recognized as a right to travel by MVV.

Please also refer to the information about the semester ticket on the MVV website.

All students are obliged to pay Euro 72 each semester for a basic ticket. This fee is col­lected together with the Student Union Fee upon enrollment. The basic semester ticket authorizes students to use all forms of transpor­tation within the entire MVV network on week­days be­tween the hours of 6 pm and 6 am, as well as on weekends and holidays. More: MVV home page

IsarCard Semester: For students planning to use their semester ticket to travel to and from the university every day, we recommend the “IsarCard Semester”. It costs 201.60 euros in the winter semester 2021/22 (209.30 euros from the summer semester 2022) and aut­ho­ri­zes stu­dents bearing a student ID card and official photo ID to use all forms of trans­por­ta­tion within the entire MVV network without restrictions. More: MVV home page

Video: How does the semester ticket work?

Semester ticket made simple (in German):
A film by MVG – Munich Transport Corporation.

Duration: 2:49 min.

Where and when can I buy the IsarCard Semester?

  • Basic ticket: You can use your student ID when travelling in the MVV network after validating it for the semester. The student ID is only valid as ticket in conjunction with an official photo ID (e.g. passport or driving licence).
  • IsarCard Semester: Beginning on 2 September 2013, the IsarCard Semester will be available for purchase at all customary outlets of the MVV (machines, kiosks, etc.). For more information consult the MVV home page. 

Exemption from the Solidarity Contribution

An exemption from the obligatory solidarity contribution is available only for disabled and chronically-ill students upon submission of a formal request.

To apply for the exemption, you must show proof of your entitlement to travel free of charge in public transportation (together with addendum and token from the Ministry of Family and Social Affairs).

Applications must be submitted directly to the university in which you are enrolled. For continuing TUM students, the deadlines for submission are as follows: 15 February for summer semester; 15 August for winter semester. For first-semester students the deadlines are 15 March for summer semester and 15 September for winter semester.

Students enrolled simultaneously at both the TUM and another university (e.g. those in teacher training programs or sport and health sciences programs) should submit their application to the university in charge of their degree program.

Application for exemption from solidarity contribution (in German only)

Reimbursement after Withdrawal

Please read our information about reimbursement or contact:  

Student Fees Management

Office hours:

Monday to Friday 9 am – 12 pm
Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 1 pm – 4 pm

Where? Arcisstr. 21 (main campus, city center), 
Raum 0144A (Service Desk)