Psychological Counseling

While a university education offers many chances and opportunities, for students it is also a very demanding stage of life that often brings with it major changes and stress. Sometimes the situation can simply become overwhelming as problems grow and appear impossible to handle. Confidential discussions led by professional counselors can help open up new perspectives and develop productive approaches to personal challenges.

The Munich Student Union offers students free and anonymous help.

Essentially any student can contact the Munich Student Union if they want to discuss their problems with experienced psychologists. The student union offers advice on a number of issues including:

  • Problems with studying (decision making, exam anxiety, fear of authority)
  • Relationship and partner conflicts, problems finding partners, coping with separations
  • Isolation and contact problems (e.g. social phobias)
  • Problems with leaving home (e.g. separation from parents, new orientation)
  • Depression, anxiety, self-harming behavior, suicidal tendencies, psychosomatic ailments, eating disorders, compulsive disorders etc.
  • Suffering caused by sexual abuse
  • Addictions (e.g. drugs, gambling, computer or internet addictions)
  • Integration problems experienced by international students

Psychological support in challenging times and crisis situations

The current situation poses new challenges for all of us and often leads to feelings of stress, helplessness or loneliness. Here you will find a selection of general counselling facilities in Munich that specialise in psychological crisis situations. In urgent cases, please do not hesitate to contact experienced experts who can help you with an open ear, clarify your individual situation and, if necessary, initiate further support measures.

Further support offered by the University Communities

Protestant University Community at TUM

Our everyday life is complex and every person is constantly faced with new challenges and turning points that need to be mastered. The Protestant University Community (EHG) at TUM offers help and support for individuals, couples and teams in various formats. The offer is free of charge and the framework is strictly confidential. The EHG advises all persons – students and staff –  regardless of their respective ideological convictions in German, English and Spanish. Counseling and support by EHG TUM

Catholic University Community at TUM

The Catholic University Community (KHG) at TUM offers free psychological counseling and coaching for students and staff at TUM, e.g. in case of problems with studies, personal crises and other difficulties – in a confidential and neutral discussion framework and independent of ideological views. It is also possible to have an individual coaching in German and English for learning and examination questions, in decision-making situations or when planning a career. Counseling and support by KHG TUM