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Coronavirus: University operating under restrictions until at least 3 April 2020

Our university's operations have been placed under restrictions by TUM Board of Management until at least Friday, 3 April 2020 at midnight in order to slow the spread of the coronavirus Sars-CoV-2 and the COVID-19 disease. We try to keep this webpage up to date, but please understand that we cannot guarantee completeness in view of the dynamic situation. Please send important information for this website to webcommunications(at)tum.de.

Please inform yourself regularly about the latest developments and decisions concerning the handling of COVID-19 through the following channels:

Critical information in brief (as of 27 March 2020)

The TUM Board of Management has ordered the university to place its operations under restrictions as of 6 pm on Wednesday, 18 March 2020.

  • Access only to persons working in system-critical areas (exceptions: e.g. University hospital)
  • All other staff working from home
  • No on-campus teaching activities of any kind nor any examinations are taking place
  • Operating hours e.g. for advising services and departmental administrative offices: accessible by email; for telephone make prior arrangements
  • Events like conferences or workshops are prohibited. Meetings of small working groups are to be held only where absolutely necessary.
  • Semester tickets: Student Cards validated for winter semester 2019/20 remain valid.

Anyone who has stayed in an area that was designated as a risk area by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) at the time of their stay, or that was designated as such within 14 days thereafter, is prohibited from entering higher education institutions in Bavaria for a period of 14 days after leaving the risk area.

Duration: It is not yet foreseeable how long the restricted operations will remain in effect. However, this situation will continue until at least 3 April 2020 at midnight. Some restrictions (e.g. at the university library) will be kept in effect until at least 19 April.

How COVID-19 affects studies, teaching and examinations – including application for studies. Coronavirus: Studies and Teaching

All circulars from the TUM Board of Management as well as state ministry regulations (e.g. on labor law) on the MyTUM-Portal.

Flexible solutions for teaching online: advice, tutorials and courses for lecturers offered by ProLehre | Medien und Didaktik.

Digital services are available as usual. All branch libraries including study areas are closed. FAQ and further details

Effects on daily operations – Please consider when making requests

As you know, TUM entered restricted operations as of 18 March 2020. Among the measures introduced at this time was the restriction of our capacity to employees in system-critical areas, who are bearing unusually heavy workloads, as a result. We ask that you take these circumstances into consideration, when contacting our offices. We require our limited human resources to deal with urgent matters that have a direct and immediate impact on employees and company partners (contracts, appointments, parental leave arrangements, financial matters, etc.).

In order to sustain operations at TUM despite recent restrictions, managers and heads of all units are authorized to allow employees to work remotely from home (Telearbeit), insofar as possible. As long as TUM remains under restricted operations, superiors have the authority to make decision on remote work, independently and without further inquiries or otherwise requisite formalities.

We on the TUM Board of Management trust that managers and heads of TUM units will implement necessary measures with confidence, courage and in moderation to sustain university operations as best we can in these challenging circumstances.

Information from departments and institutes

Hygiene: General recommendations

The easiest way to contain the spread of infection is by following good hygiene practices, which also protect against infection with the new coronavirus:

  • Keep at a distance and avoid close contact with obviously ill persons
  • Refrain from friendly handshakes for greetings and goodbyes
  • Wash hands frequently using soap
  • Use disposable tissues for coughing and sneezing; alternatively, sneeze or cough into the crook of the arm

For more information, refer to the hygiene tips of the German Federal Center for Health Education at www.infektionsschutz.de/hygienetipps, as recommended by RKI. In view of the wave of influenza, these measures are advisable everywhere and at all times. Please heed the signs in the TUM rest rooms.

Notification of cases of suspicion or contact

In cases of suspicion or contact (for returnees from risk areas see above), superiors must immediately send a notification to krisenstab-coronavirus(at)tum.de and notify the relevant state health office (http://www.freistaat.bayern/dokumente/behoerdeordner/7555456214). Affected persons or, if applicable, their legal guardians are to be informed of these measures. The public health authority will evaluate the given health risk and initiate any necessary measures.

For detailed information and instructions please consult the circulars from the TUM Board of Management and state ministry regulations (e.g. on labor law).