The Technical University of Munich’s (TUM) budget for the accounting year 2018 amounted to nearly 1.6 billion Euros. The university raised a large part of these funds itself, excluding the subsidy from the State of Bavaria. 

Accounting year 2018, Figures in mio. Euros  

State subsidy559.1101.0660.0
External funds (third-party funds)306.050.8356.8
Self-generated income72.6463.2535.7

Including University Hospital in the Accounting year 2018, rounded Figures in mio. Euros

SourceExternal funding
State of Bavaria23.6
Federal government69.3
Endowed Professorships18.9
Private enterprise48.3
Other private donors36.4
AllocationExternal funding
TUM Department of Architecture4.6
TUM Department of Civil, Geo and Environmental Engineering20.6
TUM Department of Chemistry24.1
TUM Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering17.9
TUM Department of Informatics27.9
TUM Department of Mechanical Engineering49.7
TUM Department of Mathematics5.2
TUM School of Medicine14.3
University Hospital50.8
TUM Department of Physics27.0
TUM Department of Sport and Health Sciences1.8
TUM School of Education4.7
TUM School of Management19.9
TUM School of Life Sciences Weihenstephan36.2
TUM School of Governance (incl. HfP)1.5
Corporate administration and institutions50.6

Figures in mio. Euros, 1998–2018

Income from fundraising323
From industry41.6 %
From foundations33.3 % (excluding Dieter-Schwarz-Foundation)
From private individuals25.1 %