The Technical University of Munich’s (TUM) budget for the accounting year 2016 amounted to 1.407 billion Euros. The university raised a large part of these funds itself, excluding the subsidy from the State of Bavaria. 

University budget: 1.407 billion Euros

Accounting year 2016, Figures in mio. Euros  

State subsidy503.7127.0630.8
External funds (third-party funds)261.042.8303.8
Self-generated income57.2415.5472.8

External Funding: 304 million Euros

Including University Hospital in the Accounting year 2016, rounded Figures in mio. Euros

SourceExternal funding
State of Bavaria24.8
Federal government57.0
Endowed Professorships8.8
Private enterprise47.3
Other private donors32.5
AllocationExternal funding
TUM Department of Architecture3.1
TUM Department of Civil, Geo and Environmental Engineering17.0
TUM Department of Chemistry20.0
TUM Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering14.9
TUM Department of Informatics23.3
TUM Department of Mechanical Engineering53.9
TUM Department of Mathematics4.0
TUM School of Medicine57.4
TUM Department of Physics21.0
TUM Department of Sport and Health Sciences1.9
TUM School of Education5.2
TUM School of Management4.5
TUM School of Life Sciences Weihenstephan33.5
TUM School of Governance (incl. HfP)0.5
Corporate administration and institutions43.6

Fundraising: 283 million Euros (1998-2016)

Figures in mio. Euros, 1998 - 2016

Income from fundraising283.4
From industry122.5
From foundations96.7
From private individuals64.2

Detailed statistics reports "TUM in Zahlen"

"TUM in Zahlen 2015" (PDF, 610 KB) – in German

Archived reports since 2006


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