TUM Entrepreneurship Center

The Entrepreneurship Center offers extensive services to technology-oriented entrepreneurs, from their initial ideas to the growth phase. TUM and its affiliate UnternehmerTUM Institute are housed together on the Garching campus to provide a one-stop-shop for these services.

Services offered

  • Start-up advice
  • Training
  • High-tech workshop (MakerSpace), equipped to build prototypes and carry out small batch production
  • Entrepreneurship – Research: Professors from the TUM Entrepreneurship Research Institute (ERI) combine practical experience, research and teaching
  • Office space and workspace clusters for those interested in founding a business and start-ups in the TUM Incubator

TUM Incubator

TUM entrepreneurs are given offices and workspaces as well as counselling, all of which are freely available. This allows us to provide support for start-ups in preparation for founding in order to successfully bring their ideas to market.


Industries: robotics industry, cleaning services industry
Support: Initiative for Industrial Innovators Grant
Contact: Lukas Wiesmeier
Website: www.angsa-robotics.com

Let´s make green spaces clean again!

Small trash in grass environment is a daily problem for event organizers and administrations of public parks. Currently, picking it up is a completely manual process, which makes it time consuming and expensive. Angsa develops an autonomous trash picking robot which can detect different trash items like cigarettes or bottle caps. The trash is then picked up with a vacuum cleaner guided by a robot arm.



Industries: optics, electronics, marketing & advertising
Suport: EXIST-Forschungstransfer
Contact: info(at)apicbeam.com
Website: www.apicbeam.com

APICBEAM display technology creates free-floating images and videos in mid-air for use in digital communications. Unlike conventional technologies, APICBEAM does not present the image information on a two-dimensional surface, but encodes it in a thin line of light using optical dispersion. The generated image appears like a hologram, can be viewed from all directions and keeps facing all viewers at all times.

Industries: plastic industry and waste management
Contact: info(at)beworm.org

Beworm is a Munich-based Startup that wants to tackle the plastic pollution problem by developing a biotic recycling system.

Beworm is developing a biotic/biocatalytic recycling process to degrade oil-based plastics like polyethylene. Polyethylene is the world’s most used plastic and therefore crucial for the pollution of the environment. For a long time, these materials were considered non-degradable, but in recent years research has documented over 90 different organisms, microorganisms and biomolecules that are able to break down long-chain polymers.
One of these organisms is the larva of the wax moth, with which the Start Up carried out its first experiments. The degradation is executed by bacteria and enzymes in their digestive system, which can break down polymers into their monomers, the so-called "building blocks". These monomers can then be processed back into raw material like granulate. This closes the gap in the plastic material cycle and consumer plastics are “upcycled” to a renewable raw material source. In order to scale up the process, the start-up is now focusing on the production and optimization of PE-cleaving enzymes. If the process is successfully optimized, it could be a milestone in the fight against plastic contamination.



Industry: diverse
Contact: kontakt(at)design-ai.de
Website: www.design-ai.de

“We solve problems of today with technologies of tomorrow.”

Design AI develops innovative software solutions through the combination of Design Thinking and Artificial Intelligence. Through use-case identification, business-case evaluation and technical implementation, we help to leverage the value of your existing and future data and to realize significant competitive advantages.

Industry: data security
Scholarship: Initiative for Industrial Innovators Grant
Contact: Tobias Claßen
Website: www.eclipse-security.de

“A Smartphone Case that prevents hackers from recording any kind of information from your phone´s cameras and microphones.”

Eclipse is a smartphone case designed with information protection in mind. A simple but elegant technology that allows for the disabling of the microphones and cameras when not in use and thus protecting you from hackers and digital eavesdroppers. The design is user friendly, cost efficient and in contrast to digital solutions, unhackable.

Industries: Education, Language learning, Technology, AI, Personal Digital Assistants (PDA)
Support: EXIST-Gründerstipendium
Contact: hello(at)meetelia.com
Website: www.meetelia.com

“Meet Elia – your personal assistant for language learning you've always wanted!"

Elia is a smart assistant which connects language learning with your real life using state-of-the-art AI and psycholinguistic research. Elia offers help whenever and wherever you use the language in your daily life and also creates personalized learning materials. In contrast to other products, Elia first starts from the learners themselves by firstly looking at the content relevant to their lives and only then creating personalized learning materials.

Industries: mobility, smart city
Contact: info(at)elixon.de
Website: www.elixon.de

“Smart Traffic re-envisioned.”

Urbanization and increasing individual traffic present cities with the great challenge of optimizing traffic flow in order to avoid emission-intensive congestion. elixon combines intelligent data processing with modern sensor technology.
With elixon, traffic management is being rethought - cities and municipalities are provided with an intelligent solution to shape the Smart cities of the future.

Industry: Logistic
Johannes Julius Lutzer
Website: -

Team FILICS uses innovative concepts to develop highly autonomous transport vehicles for intralogistic transport. The current state of the art is applied, which was developed in cooperation with the university. The goal of the company is a highly dynamic transport system that transports loads efficiently and accurate with little space.

Industry: logistics & aerospace
Contact: Balázs Nagy
Website: -

Logistics Without Infrastructure.

Silencio is the name of an eVTOL (electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing) UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) development series to be built by a 19-member student organization of the TU Munich consisting of Bachelor, Master and PhD students. The third prototype "Silencio Gamma" will participate in the competition "New Flying Competition 2020" in September 2020 in Hamburg.
In the future, our vehicle will not only be used for logistics purposes in urban areas, but also in rural areas. Places that are difficult to reach play a particularly important role here. In the course of the project and even beyond the competition, the loading capacity of the vehicle is to be increased to up to 100 kg. In combination with its autonomous nature, this opens up unprecedented possibilities, e.g. in disaster relief, for critical supply deliveries or even on large construction sites.

Industries: Luxury goods, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Electronics, Packaging
Support: EXIST-FT
Contact: Ben Mayer
Website: https://www.instagram.com/imagin_technologies/

Our mission is to image the nanoworld, thus enabling consumers to verify the authenticity of products only by using their smartphones.

Today, every feature that can be observed with the bare eye can easily be reproduced while small and complex features need special tools for their read-out. Consequently, product labels that are both, secure and accessible by the end-user, have remained a missing link. We designed a novel product label that is unforgeable, unique and easy to read-out by anybody and anywhere.

Industries: SaaS
Maximilian Lund
Website: –

“Automated Machine Learning for Relational Data”

LIP is a B2B platform for industrial Data Engineering and Machine Learning. Customers will upload their data in LIP’s data centers by default. On the customer’s request the data will be  analyzed, and decision - making apps will be created and deployed automatically. Those apps can be used proprietarily by the customer or can be licensed to other companies.

Industry: process and automation
Support: EXIST-Forschungstransfer
Contact: team(at)modelwise.ai
Website: www.modelwise.ai

"Agile safety engineering"

modelwise empowers engineers to design safe products. Our model-based AI software enables quick and cheap safety analyses of product designs with one-click.

Industries: fitness & health, corporate IT, banking, research
Contact: support(at)neuphony.com

Website: www.neuphony.com

“Neuphony believes in unlimited potential of human mind and strives toward unlocking it for its users to bring out the best in them.”

Neurofeedback has been scientifically proven to be a powerful tool to improve the overall health of your brain including improving memory, sleep quality and reducing stress and anxiety. Neuphony brings you the benefits of neurofeedback at the comfort of your home with the help of our headband and a mobile application. The headband measures the electrical activity of your brain and the mobile app based on the sensor data modulates the music to push your brain to your desired state. Over sessions it trains your brain on how to acheive the desired state itself.

Industries: Artificial Intelligence, FinTech
Contact: contact(at)newgate.de

Newgate is developing a comprehensive AI-powered data analytics platform for financial institutions, providing deep insights into market, news and fundamental data, helping to reduce risks and increase returns while seamlessly integrating into existing IT systems.

Industries:Foodtech, Agriculture, Poultry

We are building the ORBEM GENUS, A.I. powered imaging technology, that will solve two problems in the poultry industry: the wasting of 9 billion infertile eggs and the unnecessary killing of 7 billion 1-day-old male chicks. The GENUS combines cutting-edge magnetic resonance imaging with advanced deep learning to automatically sort eggs according to their fertility status or gender. Our novel, patented technology is making a difference with a triple bottom line strategy:

  • People – We’re feeding the world by introducing billions of eggs into the global food market.
  • Planet – We’re preventing the unnecessary killing of billions of 1-day-old male chicks, reducing food waste and energy consumption along the way.
  • Profit – We’re creating new revenue streams, increasing hatchery productivity and efficiency, and dramatically reducing incubation costs

Industries: Personal and Laundry Services, Logistics
Contact: contact(at)reinio.de

Website: www.reinio.de

“Your laundry duties aren't yours anymore.”

Reinio is an On-Demand Door-To-Door Laundry and Dry Cleaning Service that takes care of your laundry duties. With mobile and web platforms we enable customers to make and schedule orders effortlessly. Partnering with one of the largest laundry shop networks in Germany, we aim to reduce time and stress associated with laundry, dry cleaning, and shoe care.

Industries: Natural Science Education, Contextualized & Applied Learning
Contact: reversed.edu(at)gmail.com

Website: https://www.thinkmakestart.com/reversed/

“We are enabling contextualized and hands-on teaching through a modular drone as a learning platform supported by an intuitive lesson planner for teachers.“

We provide a modular drone as a learning platform for 8th - 10th grade Maths & Physics education at German High Schools to enable hands-on and contextualized classes. By dissembling the drone into different experiments, isolated physical concepts as e.g. the balance of forces can be demonstrated and the learnings can be reintroduced into an understanding of the functionalities of the drone. The drone is supported by a web accessible lesson planner with extensive teaching material readily available to the teacher.

Industries: sports, E-Commerce, marketing & sales
Contact: info(at)tryup.de
Website: www.tryup.de

“Building the world’s leading platform to Try & Buy experience-rich sports products.”

When buying experience-rich sports products – such as skis, skateboards, bikes, tennis rackets, etc. – you never know for sure if the product you are interested in is the right one for you.
TRYUP! lets you try sports products beforehand. We send the product directly to your home so you can test it like it was yours. Conveniently & riskless – trust your experience!


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