• 12/19/2019

Academicus 2019 ideas competition

Queues, music, and the thing with technology

Once again, ideas were awarded that help to make our university a little better.

Academicus light bulb
The TUM light bulb: The Academicus competition aims to honor innovative ideas. (Picture: TUM)

In the scope of the award, the jury selected ideas that promise specific added value and could find their way into everyday life at TUM in the near future:

  • The students Katrin Geigenberger and Habib Sellami share a prize because their ideas pursue the same goal: to digitally control and optimize visitor flows at TUM in order to avoid unnecessary waiting times – resulting in less frustration and more time for the essentials.
  • Daniel Auer, research assistant at the BGU faculty, also addressed a topic that causes headaches for both students and lecturers, costing a lot of time and energy: defects in the infrastructure. His proposal aims to enable students to report defects and other problems with technology, furniture, etc. as directly and hassle-free as possible.
  • Simiam Ghan, research assistant at the Faculty of Chemistry, focuses on a completely different topic: pianos that are accessible to all members of TUM are supposed to create places of musical exchange – as a means to further cultural life at TUM, but also to promote exchange and togetherness.

The Academicus ideas competition at TUM is supposed to be more than a recognition of ideas and commitment. The aim is to offer an opportunity to initiate change and bring about real improvements.

All members of TUM are invited to take part in the Academicus ideas competition again in 2020.

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