• 2/10/2023
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President Hofmann on the catastrophe in Turkey and Syria

Sympathy with the earthquake victims

The devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria has cost the lives of many thousands of people and torn apart countless families. Thousands more are seriously injured or have suddenly lost their homes. We can only imagine the suffering which the people in this region are currently going through. All our thoughts are with the numerous students from Turkey and Syria here at TUM and with their families and loved ones.

Astrid Eckert / TUM

We are united by the hope that we will succeed in at least alleviating to some extent the horrendous impacts of this natural disaster. Any affected TUM students or employees who require psychological assistance will find information on contacts at TUM here and here.

And anyone who would like to help lessen the human suffering in the impacted region can do so by donating, for example, through the central alliance of German relief organizations, "Aktion Deutschland hilft".

Thomas F. Hofmann, President

Technical University of Munich

Corporate Communications Center

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