• 5/4/2021
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CHE University Rankings: top scores for study conditions

TUM awarded outstanding grades by its students

Students at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) have given their university an excellent report card. For the rankings of the Center for Higher Education (CHE), they evaluated many different aspects of the study experience. TUM was among the leaders in every ranked subject area.

Students of TUM Andreas Heddergott / TUM
Students are very satisfied with the study conditions at TUM.

The CHE rates individual subjects at more than 300 universities every three years, above all as a resource to guide prospective students. To compile the rankings, it conducts student surveys and assesses various performance indicators. In around 30 categories, which vary from subject to subject, universities are classified in three groups.

In the latest rankings, TUM placed in the top group dozens of times. The students rated the overall study situation as excellent in chemistry, informatics, mathematics, medicine and political science. They also awarded top marks in general categories such as teaching programs (informatics, mathematics, medicine, political science, sports sciences) and study organization (chemistry, mathematics, medicine, physics, political science, sports sciences).

Outstanding support and infrastructure

TUM had frequent top-group placings especially under the headings support in the study entry phase, graduations in appropriate time (undergraduate), research orientation, library and IT infrastructure. Other strong ratings were achieved, for example, in biosciences for teaching of scientific competence and job market and career orientation, and in physics for laboratory internships.

Noteworthy are the outstanding ratings for political science, a field in which TUM was completely covered in the CHE rankings for the first time since assuming the role of host university for the Bavarian School of Public Policy (HfP) and restructuring its teaching programs from 2016 on. The degree courses focus primarily on the interactions of politics and technology, which play a decisive role in almost all political spheres today.

Number 12 worldwide in Employability Rankings

In recent years TUM has also achieved high scores in the CHE rankings for management sciences and information systems as well as engineering.

The fact that TUM graduates receive excellent preparation for the career world is demonstrated on a regular basis in the Global University Employability Ranking, based on a survey of around 9,000 companies in more than 20 countries. In the most recent survey, TUM placed 12th worldwide.

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