Current Covid-19 news

Current news from TUM about Covid-19 and the coronavirus Sars-CoV2: How we are researching solutions, informing the public and advising politics, supporting society with our own initiatives - and how we are keeping university operations running during this pandemic.

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    Thought-provoking ideas for the post-corona era

    Emeriti of Excellence publish essay collection

    The historical challenges of the coronavirus pandemic also harbor opportunities for social progress. This insight inspired 90 authors to formulate stimulating ideas on how to shape a sustainable future. Their texts have now been released in an essay collection published by the Emeriti of Excellence of the Technical University of Munich (TUM).

  • Grüne Suppe und Brokkoli, Salbei, Petersilie und Lauch.
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    Nutrition in the days of COVID

    An interview with Prof. Hans Hauner about COVID-19 and nutritional medicine

    The current Corona outbreak affects nearly all aspects of medicine and of everyday life in general. In this context, questions about the importance of nutrition arise frequently; these include questions about how the right diet could protect you from contracting a COVID infection or about the influence nutrition could have on the progression of the disease. Hans Hauner, Professor for Nutritional Medicine at the Else Kröner-Fresenius-Center for Nutritional Medicine at the Technical University of Munich (TUM), provides some insight in this interview.

  • Ein QR-Code wird mit einem Handy gescannt
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    Contact tracing while protecting privacy

    QRONITON covid-19 tracing service developed at TUM

    The latest regulations require restaurants to record the contact details of their guests to help the authorities to issue warnings in case of covid-19 infections. A team at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) has developed an IT service that simplifies the registration and contact tracing process while protecting personal data. The service could complement the coronavirus warning app launched by the German Ministry of Health and might also be used at locations where contact lists are not mandatory.

  • Hospital ward with drug infusion and doctors.
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    Remdesivir effective against Covid-19 even after short treatment periods

    Comparable clinical results after five and ten days of treatment

    In an international study, scientists from eight countries have investigated the use of the medication Remdesivir in the treatment of Covid-19. One result of the study, which included the participation of the Technical University of Munich's university hospital TUM Klinikum rechts der Isar: The changes in the clinical condition of patients treated for five days were comparable to the changes in patients treated for a period of ten days.

  • Eine Frau schlägt die Hände vors Gesicht
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    Domestic violence during the coronavirus pandemic

    First major study on the experiences of women and children

    Around 3 percent of women in Germany were subject to physical violence at home during the strict lockdown period and 3.6 percent were raped by their partner. In 6.5 percent of all households, children were subjected to violent forms of punishment. These are some of the results of the first major representative survey on domestic violence during the coronavirus pandemic. In cases where women were in quarantine or families suffered from financial insecurity, the figures were significantly higher. Only a very small percentage of the women concerned made use of support services.

  • Prof. Dr. Henning Wackerhage in seinem Labor.
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    Sports and the corona epidemic

    Interview with Prof. Henning Wackerhage on the interactions between sports and the coronavirus epidemic

    For sports, the current corona epidemic is the biggest challenge of the last 100 years. Henning Wackerhage, Professor of Sports Biology at the Technical University of Munich (TUM), has therefore analyzed the relationships between sports and the Corona pandemic together with colleagues from the universities of Gießen, Glasgow, Hildesheim, Mainz and Padua as well as the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry. In this interview he explains selected results of the study.

  • Ausschnitt aus einer konventionellen Röntgenaufnahme des Brustkorbs
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    New x-ray method for Corona diagnosis ready for patient testing

    Low-dose radiographs could reveal typical lung changes

    Researchers at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) have developed an innovative x-ray method for lung diagnostics, which they now plan to test in one of its first applications for diagnosis of the respiratory ailment Covid-19 caused by Coronavirus. The method could clearly identify abnormalities typical of the illness and involves a significantly lower radiation dose than the computed tomography methods currently in use. Last week, the German Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS) issued the approval necessary for the tests.

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    Researchers develop software for drug repurposing

    In the hunt for new treatments against the coronavirus

    Currently, the corona pandemic is dominating the entire social life in Germany and in many other parts of the world. We are working flat out in order to better help the more than one hundred thousand seriously ill people in hospitals. One promising approach to extending current treatment methods is to use existing and approved drugs to combat the virus.