Accelerators & Incubators

Incubators and accelerators are a good opportunity for start-ups to take advantage of the office infrastructure, consulting services, qualification offers, capital services and community offers. In addition to office space, coaching, mentoring sessions and events, it is above all the new contacts from the networks and the exchange of experience that start-up teams can benefit from.

TUM Incubator

The TUM Incubator covers a total area of almost 1000 square meters and offers prospective founders workplaces in individual as well as open-plan offices (open space). In addition to the free use of space, TUM Incubator also provides start-up teams with access to the TUM Start-up Community as well as workshops, coaching sessions and events.

As part of the Entrepreneurship Center at the Garching research campus, the TUM Incubator is located in the immediate vicinity of the TUM Start-up consulting , the Entrepreneurship Reserach Institute, UnternehmerTUM GmbH, the High-Tech Prototype Worksplace MakerSpace, as well as all research offerings at the Garching campus.

For more information on how to get access to the TUM Incubator, please contact: incubator(at)

Offer Overview:

  • Free use of individual offices and/or community workspaces, as well as the TUM Incubator Lounge and Incubator meeting rooms.
  • Free use of the TUM Incubator infrastructure (incl. kitchen, coffee machine, printer, foosball, white boards and media equipment)
  • Access to the TUM start-up community through participation in monthly events and workshops as well as through exchange with other TUM Incubator start-ups
  • Varied offer of coaching, mentoring and workshops
  • Direct spatial connection to the MakerSpace for prototyping and hardware development
  • Free Internet access
  • Gastronomic offers in the immediate vicinity: Lichtenberg Cafe, TUM Mensa Garching, gate Cafe

Participation Requirement:

  • Prerequisite is a prior consultation and assessment of the start-up project by the TUM Start-up consultancy
  • Within the founding team, at least one founding member must be from TUM (students, scientists, alumni (max. 5 years) and/or employees)
  • Access to the TUM Incubator is only available for teams in the pre-seed phase, i.e. BEFORE establishing the spin-off

Why using the TUM Incubator is worth it is explained by our founders:

"Through the TUM Incubator, we were not only able to enjoy the great working atmosphere and take our first entrepreneurial steps, but also build a network to many exciting start-ups, where we still exchange a lot and help each other out today."


"The TUM Incubator is a place that has helped take the first steps towards start-up and operations. The entrepreneurial atmosphere, which includes the startup network, the workspace and the digital tools, has allowed us to get results faster and ultimately to approach the process with much more fun."


"Joining the TUM Incubator was one of the best decisions we made on our startup journey. The regular events and meetings with mentors and other start-ups helped us grow, network and have meaningful conversations that led to amazing ideas on how to move forward. The TUM Incubator makes the start-up journey a little more fun and a little less stressful."

  • TUM Incubator

XPRENEURS is focused on entrepreneurial talent in the high-tech sector. The start-ups in our program develop solutions in the areas of smart city, urban mobility, space, medical technology, sustainability, food tech/agri tech, digital security, B2B software and hardware or smart enterprise. As an early stage team, you will validate your business model with our experienced team, gain your first clientele and secure initial investments.

Offer overview

  • free of charge program over a period of 3 months (2 bachtes per year)
  • intensive support by the XPRENEURS core team
  • individual mentoring by people with industry knowledge and experience
  • networking with successful business people and investors
  • lively community of founders
  • workshops and input sessions on sales, negotiation, law, human resources, team building and other relevant topics
  • intensive pitch exercises
  • funding of up to 5,000 EUR for prototyping projects (application and selection at the Initiative for Industrial Innovators)
  • office space in Munich and Garching
Further information about the XPRENEURS Incubator

In our TechFounders accelerator, you will prepare specifically for your first venture capital round and initiate strategic collaborations with companies. You will be supported by specialists with industry and investment expertise, founders and a mentoring network.

Offer overview

  • free of charge for early-stage start-ups with a working prototype
  • program over 20 weeks (2 bachtes per year)
  • 25,000 EUR project budget (without having to give up company shares)
  • pilot project with one of our corporate partners, potential first customers
  • intensive coaching and mentoring on various topics
  • professional and market-related feedback
  • use of our office space in Munich and administrative support
  • access to the high-tech prototype workplace MakerSpace
  • Demo Day with over 250 venture capitalists, business angels, industry contacts and press
  • access to the UnternehmerTUM network, including top-class mentors, business angels and venture capitalists
Further information about the TechFounders Accelerator Program

The Bio.Kitchen is a life science community lab of UnternehmerTUM. "We want to combine the innovative power of all life science talents who enjoy experimenting and want to realize their own ideas and cannot find room for this either at a university or in industry," explains Rüdiger Trojok, co-founder and lab manager of the

Offer overview

  • Access to a library of high-tech tools, AI, robotics and synthetic biology, for free experimentation and realization of own project ideas.
  • In addition, the lab offers all startups an excellent opportunity to work on smart lab technologies - especially in the fields of molecular biology, synthetic biology and microbiology.
  • Right next door is the high-tech workshop MakerSpace, where prototypes can be realized.
  • In addition, UnternehmerTUM provides Lab users with a unique network of industry partners, scientists, investors and high-ranking politicians

Further information on UnternehmerTUM [X] Bio.Kitchen

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