• 4/26/2023
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Number one worldwide in management studies

Top rankings for educating “Digital Leaders”

TUM is among the best universities in the world for preparing students for the digital economy. In the latest edition of the Digital Leaders in Higher Education rankings, it placed 11th overall. In the management studies category, TUM holds the number one position worldwide. It ranks third for entrepreneurship programs and fourth in computer science.

Students and researchers in a lecture room Andreas Heddergott / TUM
Students at TUM are perfectly prepared for the digital economy.

Which universities prepare their students best for working with digital technologies? Who is producing the future digital leaders in big companies and start-ups?

To find out, the consultancies Emerging and Trendence used the Crunchbase database to analyze the university degrees of 110,000 digital professionals working with the most world’s most innovative companies. They also asked around 3,600 IT professionals, start-up founders and young talents about the universities where they would recruit graduates. The results are reflected in the Global Ranking for Best Universities for Digital Learning and Studies in the series Digital Leaders in Higher Education.

Best university for future manager

TUM is the world’s best university in the category Digital companies’ management studies. This ranking indicates how many managers with digital companies earned degrees through business, marketing and finance programs offered by the ranked universities.

With regard to preparing graduates for digital start-ups, TUM is number three behind the University of Tokyo and the University of Melbourne. For this category, the degrees held by founders were identified. Furthermore, the digital experts were asked about the best entrepreneurship programs.

TUM is among the top four universities for computer science programs. For this category, the survey also looked at the quality of research.

Moving up seven places in the rankings

In the overall rankings, TUM placed number 11. This represents an improvement of seven places versus the previous year.

Other respected rankings also confirm that TUM provides its students with ideal preparation for the career world. In the Global University Employability Ranking, which surveys thousands of managers in more than 20 countries, TUM holds the 12th position. And in the CHE University Rankings, students regularly award excellent ratings to TUM for the study conditions and the courses offered.

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