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Sustainability competition for talented young researchers

New EuroTech Future Award launched

Starting immediately, talented young researchers from all six EuroTech partner universities can enter the competition for a new sustainability prize. The EuroTech Future Award is intended for scientists who have completed their Doctorate no more than five years ago. Their research must focus on one or more of the UN Sustainability Development Goals (SDG). The deadline for the first application round is April 9, 2023.

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Online editor Andreas Schmidt travels to South-East Asia

A direct line to Singapore

What makes universities in other countries tick – and what can we learn from them? With the Maximilian Graf Montgelas Fellowship, TUM administrative staff have the opportunity to explore these issues up close. Online editor Andreas Schmidt from the Corporate Communications Center paid a visit to the TUM Asia campus in Singapore.

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New power for the Digital Transformation

TUM School of Computation, Information and Technology founded

As part of its TUM Agenda 2030 the Technical University of Munich (TUM) opened its TUM School of Computation, Information and Technology (CIT) with a gala ceremony. In organizational terms, the School unifies the disciplines Mathematics, Informatics, Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies and is intended to increase brand-building synergy potentials for an accelerated Digital Transformation.

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53 million euros from Bavaria's Hightech Agenda

TUM Center for QuantumEngineering dedicated

The new TUM Center for Quantum Engineering (ZQE) building at the Garching research campus is making headway. The project, supported by the State of Bavaria with approximately 53 million euros as part of the Hightech Agenda Bavaria, was dedicated on Tuesday.

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General practice: Roundtable project brings citizens and researchers together

Shaping medical research together

The TUM Institute of General Medicine and Health Services Research has launched a research roundtable. The objective: Helping members of the public at large better understand general medical research – while benefitting from their knowledge and experience at the same time. The next meeting of the roundtable in Munich is set for January 26, 2023; participation is open to anyone interested.

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In weightlessness: Michaela Benthaus on a parabolic flight together with former NASA astronaut Dr Cady Coleman (left).
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Michaela Benthaus at "AstroAccess" in Houston

Aerospace student experiences weightlessness during parabolic flight

Michaela Benthaus had dreamed of becoming an astronaut since she was a young girl. Then came the accident that changed her life completely. In December the aerospace student experienced zero gravity for the first time – through a US program that aims to make space accessible to everyone.

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Alternative career tracks for mid-level academic staff

Interested in a career in science management?

Not all scientists are aiming for a professorship. The CareerDesign@TUM program provides support in finding and pursuing alternative career tracks.

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Podcast special episode "We are TUM"

Researchers from Ukraine come to TUM

After the Russian attack on Ukraine, TUM has created a special Fellowship program and accepted ten researchers from the country, including Julia Yamnenko. This special episode of the podcast "We are TUM" introduces her and two other scientists from Ukraine.

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Activity break during the lecture: Prof. Diepold can be seen in the lecture hall from behind, stretching his arms upwards, students in front of him, also with their arms stretched upwards
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A proposal from the TUM Future Learning Initiative inspired systematic breaks during course time

Just take a break

The next exam is coming up, so it's study, study, study. Oddly enough, it might be much better to take a break first. In fact, our brains need regular recovery periods to really be able to process and memorize what we have learned. The university didactics experts Dr. Alexandra Strasser and Denis Sedlmeier from ProLehre want to systematically facilitate such periods in teaching at TUM. They have taken up a student project that was awarded in our first ever TUM Future Learning Initiative.

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Season's greetings

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year

We wish all students, staff, alumni and friends of our university a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. At the same time, we would like to thank everyone who has accompanied us through a challenging and successful year. Happy holidays and a successful 2023 to all of you and your families!

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