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Date: Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Climate change - discussion on the role and responsibility of universities

In the fight against climate change, science is taking on a driving role. What the responsibility of universities is in this regard and whether they are sufficiently involved will be the topic of a public discussion as part of the "Environmental Lecture Series" of the Environmental Department of the Student Representation at the Technical University of Munich (TUM)

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Sustainability Campus news Event
Bioengineering Day 2022 am Munich Institute of Biomedical Engineering (MIBE)
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Keynotes and panel discussion in Garching on June 23rd

Bioengineering Day: AI in medical applications

Artificial intelligence (AI) can be used in medicine to evaluate image data and assist doctors in making diagnoses. For which applications is AI already being used successfully today? How can risks be limited? Who will take responsibility for decisions based on AI? Experts from science, medicine and industry will discuss these and other questions at the Bioengineering Day on June 23rd at the Munich Institute of Biomedical Engineering (MIBE) in Garching.

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Students meet in the Green Language Café
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Help shape the university

Workshops for climate action

Wanted: Ideas for reducing TUM's CO2 footprint. Students and employees are invited to participate in four workshops on the topic of "Climate Action at TUM". Registration is open until May 31.

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Women with laptops
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Webinar on decision making on May 17

How do we make decisions?

In business life we make dozens of decisions every day, conscious and unconscious. What do they depend on and how do individual decisions influence complex processes? In a free public webinar on May 17 at 1 p.m., researchers from the TUM Campus Heilbronn and the Israeli Hebrew University will explain important factors of decision making.

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Visitors view a drone
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Festival of innovative food production at the TUM Weihenstephan Campus

Farmvision Festival on May 6

What will the food production of the future look like? At the Farmvision Festival, the Hans Eisenmann-Forum for Agricultural Sciences at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) and its partners at the Weihenstephan Campus present sustainable, innovative, and exciting ideas. Researchers from various scientific institutions in Freising will be showing the latest results from their work.

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Gina McCarthy
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Former Climate Advisor to the US President

Gina McCarthy in the TUM Speakers Series

The former US National Climate Advisor Gina McCarthy will join the TUM Speakers Series on Friday, April 28, at 4 p.m. From 2021 to 2022 McCarthy was the first Climate Advisor in the White House. During her tenure, legislation on climate protection was passed which is regarded as the most extensive climate and clean energy law in the history of the United States.

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Biomedical Engineering Research
Reading time: 1 Min.

Speaker Series Biomedical Engineering in the summer semester 2023

We are MIBE Speaker Series

Organoids, 3D printing in medicine or CRISPR-Cas - in the "We are MIBE Speaker Series", scientists from the Munich Institute of Biomedical Engineering (MIBE) give insights into their research. The scientific talks last about 60 minutes, take place in Garching and will be streamed online.

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Upcoming event: Tuesday, April 4, 11:00 am

President Thomas F. Hofmann to speak at PresseClub München

The Tech Metropolis Munich is booming – Apple, Google, Microsoft and Amazon are all located here and are constantly expanding their presence. Prof. Thomas F. Hofmann, President of the Technical University of Munich (TUM) will explain what that has to do with the city's unique scientific ecosystem at an upcoming PresseClub München (International Press Club of Munich) event.

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Studies President Event
Manuel Atug
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Award for cybersecurity of critical infrastructures

For..Net Award goes to AG KRITIS and Manuel Atug

AG KRITIS and its spokesperson Manuel Atug will be recognized with the 10th For..Net Award for their work to raise awareness regarding the IT-security of critical infrastructures. The TUM Center for Digital Public Services (CDPS) and juris GmbH award the prize in honor of outstanding involvement on behalf of general welfare and digitalization. The award will be presented at the public For..Net Symposium on April 20 and 21, where use of data in medicine, administration and the legal system will be discussed.

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Artificial Intelligence Campus news Research Event
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Installation at the TUM Architecture Museum to open on March 28

Alfredo Jaar project on immigration policy

How can the pressing issues of our day, such as immigration policy, war, identity questions and refugee movements be represented artistically? Visual artist Alfredo Jaar has an answer. He addresses the debate in his new art installation for the Technical University of Munich (TUM) Architecture Museum.

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