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Software makes more ethically differentiated decisions

Autonomous driving: New algorithm distributes risk fairly

Researchers at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) have developed autonomous driving software which distributes risk on the street in a fair manner. The algorithm contained in the software is considered to be the first to incorporate the 20 ethics recommendations of the EU Commission expert group, thus making significantly more differentiated decisions than previous algorithms. Operation of automated vehicles is to be made significantly safer by assessing the varying degrees of risk to pedestrians and motorists. The code is available to the general public as Open Source software.

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A scientist looking at brain imaging data

World Cancer Day on February 4, 2023

Cancer research at TUM

How does cancer develop? How can we improve diagnoses and therapies? How can we prevent it from occurring in the first place? To answer these questions, TUM and its University Hospital rechts der Isar link the study of medicine with the natural sciences, life sciences, engineering and informatics. On the occasion of World Cancer Day on February 4, we offer an insight into research results of the past months.

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Sustainability competition for talented young researchers

New EuroTech Future Award launched

Starting immediately, talented young researchers from all six EuroTech partner universities can enter the competition for a new sustainability prize. The EuroTech Future Award is intended for scientists who have completed their Doctorate no more than five years ago. Their research must focus on one or more of the UN Sustainability Development Goals (SDG). The deadline for the first application round is April 9, 2023.

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Two students are chatting in a stairwell.
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Online editor Andreas Schmidt travels to South-East Asia

A direct line to Singapore

What makes universities in other countries tick – and what can we learn from them? With the Maximilian Graf Montgelas Fellowship, TUM administrative staff have the opportunity to explore these issues up close. Online editor Andreas Schmidt from the Corporate Communications Center paid a visit to the TUM Asia campus in Singapore.

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Natural scienes laboratory

ERC Consolidator Grants awarded to TUM researchers

European funding for five projects

With topics ranging from gaining a better understanding of how cells work, new RNA-based approaches to vascular diseases or the search for greenhouse gas sources in cities, projects by five TUM researchers were chosen by the European Research Council (ERC). The research projects will be funded with the highly endowed ERC Consolidator Grants.

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New power for the Digital Transformation

TUM School of Computation, Information and Technology founded

As part of its TUM Agenda 2030 the Technical University of Munich (TUM) opened its TUM School of Computation, Information and Technology (CIT) with a gala ceremony. In organizational terms, the School unifies the disciplines Mathematics, Informatics, Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies and is intended to increase brand-building synergy potentials for an accelerated Digital Transformation.

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Quantum Technologies Campus news Research President
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53 million euros from Bavaria's Hightech Agenda

TUM Center for QuantumEngineering dedicated

The new TUM Center for Quantum Engineering (ZQE) building at the Garching research campus is making headway. The project, supported by the State of Bavaria with approximately 53 million euros as part of the Hightech Agenda Bavaria, was dedicated on Tuesday.

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Quantum Technologies Campus news Research President
Prof. Julijana Gjorgijeva and Prof. Simon Jacob
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New computational models for cognitive disorders and pain

Using Big Data against mental disorders

How can physicians help patients suffering from mental health disorders like chronic pain, depression and stroke? An interdisciplinary team of researchers at TUM is developing new methods to investigate the neuronal patterns underlying these conditions.

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Artificial Intelligence Research
Four men are standing in front of a mountain ridge in the High Caucasus.
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Traveling through the Caucasus region in Georgia with two brewing experts

A journey to the birthplace of Lager beer

Without barley, hops and yeast, there is no beer. Brewing specialist Dr. Martin Zarnkow and beverage microbiologist Dr. Mathias Hutzler believe that a very special yeast variety might be found in Georgia. So they embarked on a “yeast hunt” and investigated microbiology and brewing traditions in the Caucasus region.

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A doctor talking to a patient
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General practice: Roundtable project brings citizens and researchers together

Shaping medical research together

The TUM Institute of General Medicine and Health Services Research has launched a research roundtable. The objective: Helping members of the public at large better understand general medical research – while benefitting from their knowledge and experience at the same time. The next meeting of the roundtable in Munich is set for January 26, 2023; participation is open to anyone interested.

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