How to apply for Deutschlandstipendium

Important facts

  • Online application
    The application for Deutschlandstipendium is an online application.
  • Apply at:
  • Application period
    June 20, 2022 – July 03, 2022
  • Period of scholarship
    The duration of a full scholarship is 12 months (October 2022 – September 2023).
    The funding period can also be shorter e.g. if you move up as a scholarship holder during the funding period and receive funding from residual funds or in case you no longer meet the prerequisites for the program.
  • Amount of funding
    300 Euro per month
  • Exclusion criteria
    During the funding period, you may not receive any further aptitude and performance-oriented support of an average of 30 € or more per month. Funding for doctoral studies is not possible with a Deutschlandstipendium.
  • Can I apply although my TUM application is still pending?
    Yes. Everybody who intends to enroll at TUM for a program the upcoming winter term can apply.
  • International applicants
    You can apply from abroad. If you receive an offer of a Deutschlandstipendium from us and wish to accept it, you must have a German residence and have a German bank account. If you cannot provide proof of these requirements by October 15, 2022, the offer of funding will expire. Therefore, please take care of these requirements and, if necessary, a visa as early as possible.

Documents you have to upload for your application

  • Length: max. 1-1,5 pages
  • Content: Explain why you should get the scholarship
  • Important in special cases: Please describe all information in your application (for example: social engagement, personal circumstances) in detail.
  • If you have already received a Deutschlandstipendium in the past you can report from your experience.
  • We would like to award the scholarship as objectively as possible and ask that you refrain from providing personal information (name, address, e-mail, photo, etc.).

  • updatet resumé (1-2 pages)
  • We would like to award the scholarship as objectively as possible and ask that you refrain from providing personal information (name, address, e-mail, photo, etc.).

If you are currently in the application process for a Bachelor's Degree Program, you must indicate the grade of your general university entrance qualification (HZB) when applying. If your higher education entrance qualification (HZB) is from a foreign country please use the same "uni-assist-grade" as for the application of the Bachelor´s degree programm on TUMonline.

If you are currently in the application process for a Master's Degree Program, you must indicate your Bachelor's grade when applying for Deutschlandstipendium. If the grade is not available yet please type in your average grade on your transcript of records.
If your Bachelor degree is not from the EU or is from a country outside the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland please type in your "uni-assist-grade".

If you are currently enrolled at the TUM all credits until WiSe 21/22 will be considered. Only grades which are mandatory according to the examination regulations of your study course will be considered.

Please provide evidence to support the information you give in the application form. You can upload following certificates:

  • Confirmations on voluntary work and community service
  • Medical Certificates for physical or mental disorders
  • Working contract or confirmation
  • Care for own child
  • Care for elderly or disabled close relative
  • Orphanhood
  • Background of war or refugee experience

Most of the aspects can only be considered if the certificates are attached. Only confirmations in German or English will be accepted. Please make sure, that the translation is made by an official translator.

Please don´t send any requests about Deutschlandstipendium to the Secretary of your department or institute. Don´t ask for reports of your professors because they won´t be considered.

What happens after you submitted your application?

The selection process is as follows:

  1. After receipt of your application documents, the academic performance as well as the information on your commitment and, if applicable, on special life circumstances will be examined in accordance with § 3 StipG. It is mandatory that the so-called "soft factors" are sufficiently substantiated, e.g. by means of an official certificate. Unsubstantiated or insufficiently substantiated information cannot be taken into account. The scholarship is only awarded to applicants who, in addition to points for academic performance, receive additional points for their commitment or due to their special circumstances.
  2. The selection committee reserves the right to invite individual applicants for personal interviews for a better evaluation.
  3. At the September meeting of the selection committee, a list of proposals is drawn up from the applications, taking into account all the selection criteria and the earmarking of the sponsors. The scholarship holders will then be determined.
  4. The successful applicants will then be informed by e-mail about the offer to join the scholarship program. They usually have a few days to accept the scholarship. If no acceptance is made within the period stated in the e-mail, the entitlement to the scholarship expires. 
  5. The above offers for admission to the scholarship program will be sent out from the end of September. If you have not yet received an acceptance or rejection, you are on the waiting list. There is a chance that we will email you an offer of admission to the program in the following months. It is not possible to give information on which place the applicant is on. Therefore, please refrain from inquiries.

  6. As soon as all scholarships have been awarded, rejections will be sent by e-mail and will be visible on the application portal. In any case, you will receive information about the result of your application eventually.
  7. The first installment payment (October/November) will be transfered by mid-December.

According to the German Scholarship Law (StipG - German only), private sponsors may appropriate two-thirds of their scholarships to a particular field or course of studies. 

    Non-appropriated scholarships will be distributed proportionally among ALL departments.

    Any questions?

    You will get the answers in our FAQs.