Deutschlandstipendium – we are celebrating birthday!

The „Deutschlandstipendium“ celebrates its birthday! For ten years, numerous young talents have been supported by Germany’s national scholarship program. At TUM alone, more than 5,200 scholarship holders have received both financial and non-material support since then. Behind this number are just as many young people with different life paths.

Results of the Deutschlandstipendium

Announcement of the results: October-November 2021
Please be aware that we can´t answer your questions about the status of your application.
The scholarship recepients will be selected in october and november.

300 Euros per month – and excellent networking opportunities

Deutschlandstipendium is a scholarship for exceptionally gifted, high-achieving students. It gives them the space to develop their personal talents, engage with society and unleash their full potential in the process. This is because mentoring by the sponsors is a crucial aspect of the scholarship program alongside financial support. Apply

But the sponsors also benefit. This scholarship program enables them to support up-and-coming talent who have a chance to complete an excellent education at TUM, while also building early connections with the managers and leaders of tomorrow. In addition, the German government generously matches every sponsor’s donation to the scholarship program. Many educational paths open up and new perspectives pave the way for students' futures. Become a sponsor

300 Euros per month and excellent networking opportunities could be yours – provided your sense of social engagement matches your grades. From TUM’s perspective, just as important your grades is your willingness to embrace responsibility, contribute to society and forge your own path in life.

By donating 150 Euros or more per month, you can support the next generation of talent while building connections with the promising managers and leaders of tomorrow.

The Deutschlandstipendium is about a lot more than funding: Scholarship recipients and sponsors alike also benefit from opportunities to meet and interact – whether at the grand official ceremony, events organized by companies and foundations or private mentoring sessions.

Thank you for your support!

In 10 years, a large vibrant network of talented young people, private individuals and companies has emerged. We would like to thank all the sponsors who have made this possible.

And we welcome all those who would like to continue supporting young talent with a Deutschlandstipendium in the future and become part of this network.

Brochure about the Germany Scholarship at TUM

You can download the brochure (Pdf, 5 MB) or ask for a print copy by mail to deutschlandstipendium(at)

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    • Reading time: 4 MIN

    Supporting young talent together

    Fundraising campaign for the 'Deutschlandstipendium'

    Funding a scholarship does not need to be a major financial effort. It is also possible to support young people on their educational path together, with many individual contributions. Marking the anniversary of the national scholarship program 'Deutschlandstipendium', we are therefore joining the strengths of our university family with a fundraising campagin. Let us foster young talents in all their diversity together!

  • TUM student Neslihan Ülkü Şahin
    • Studies

    A scholarship that gives freedom

    The "Deutschlandstipendium" at the TUM: 10 years

    No other German university has more "Deutschlandstipendium" scholarship holders than TUM. Over the past 10 years, the scholarship program served to support talented students who, in addition to their studies, are also involved socially – and they benefit from more than just financial help: The scholarship holders and the sponsors form a unique network.

  • Michaela Wilfling in front of a field with poppies
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    A summer semester with obstacles

    TUM student Michaela Wilfling

    Michaela Wilfling is in her fifth Master's semester of "Ergonomics – Human Factors Engineering". The fact that she is bilaterally deaf from birth does not limit her. We asked her what is special about her course of studies, how her semester abroad in Tokyo went, and how the digital summer semester is going for her.

  • Scholarship recipients talking to Federal Minister Johanna Wanka und TUM President Wolfgang A. Herrmann.
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    "Developing a sustainable financial-aid culture"

    Deutschlandstipendium: TUM President calls for civic reinforcement of university communities

    The president of the Technical University of Munich (TUM), Wolfgang A. Herrmann, has called for a stronger culture of academic financial aid in Germany. Speaking at the TUM-hosted annual assembly of the national Deutschlandstipendium scholarship program, Herrmann added that a strong sense of community at universities is a prerequisite for this development. TUM has organized more than 500 scholarships from approximately 100 sponsors that include former scholarship recipients and even a collective effort by the current scholars. German Federal Minister of Education and Research Johanna Wanka remarked that the Deutschlandstipendium had in the meantime become firmly established in the community.

  • Stephan Wolf helps "his" scholarship recipient Anne Nyokabi with advice on studies and career.
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    Deutschlandstipendium – The next generation

    Former recipients now sponsoring scholarships

    While students at the Technical University of Munich (TUM), Christian Schmied and Stephan Wolf received a Deutschlandstipendium from the national scholarship program. Now the two are financing scholarship grants themselves, even though they are still only beginning their respective careers. And they are also helping "their" scholars with their studies. TUM is the first university where former Deutschlandstipendium holders are now sponsoring scholarships, and current students are already sure they will follow this example.

  • The 2016 Paralympics in Rio? TUM student Vanessa Bui hopes to qualify. (Photo: Astrid Eckert)
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    Taking a bow to Rio

    Paralympics 2016:

    The 2016 Paralympics in Rio are Vanessa Bui’s big dream. The TUM student and passionate archer is currently preparing intensively for the qualifications. She is a student of Computer Science at TUM and has been granted a “Deutschlandstipendium”-scholarship. In an interview for TUMstudinews, she talks about how she manages to balance her hobby and her studies.

  • An unusual journey through life: Aashish Pokhrel, who is from Nepal, came from South Asia to Munich to study. (Photo: Maren Willkomm)
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    From Nepal to TUM

    “Deutschlandstipendiat” Aashish Pokhrel:

    A moving biography: Aashish Pokhrel is from Nepal. The fact that he is now studying at TUM isn’t something that can be taken for granted. A political revolution changed the course of his life quite early. In an interview with TUMstudinews, he reports on his life’s journey from an SOS Children’s Village to Munich.

  • “Germany is my second home.” TUM-student Wiyar Sharif, who is from Afghanistan, will be supported by a “Deutschlandstipendium”. (Photo: Maren Willkomm)
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    Afghanistan is always at the back of my mind

    Wiyar Sharif, a “Deutschlandstipendiat”:

    When Wiyar Sharif was four years old, his parents fled from Afghanistan to Germany with him and his four siblings. Then, the TUM-student’s family had to build up a whole new life and get settled. Today, the 24-year-old is a student of Civil Engineering at TUM and will be supported by a “Deutschlandstipendium”-scholarship from this semester onwards. In an interview with TUMstudinews reporter Sabrina Czechofsky, Wiyar talks about his experiences and about his future plans.