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Henry Winner (left) and Matthias Ostermeier

A challenge for the new representatives in the Senate

Excellent studies despite Corona

The students of TUM have two new representatives in the Senate: Henry Winner and Matthias Ostermeier have been members of the important academic body of TUM since October 1, 2020. Taking office in the middle of the Corona crisis...

Fabian Jodeit with face mask

MedTech OneWorld Students e.V.

Half a million masks for Africa

Masks made from coffee filters for the African continent? A group of TUM students pursued this idea with great success: half a million masks have just been shipped to Ethiopia. Fabian Jodeit from the TUM Chair of Medical Materials and Implants knows the details.

Man watching sun at horizon

Digital awareness week in November

TUM4Mind – Take Care of Your Mental Health

At the beginning of the winter semester, you are certainly wondering what it has in store for you.. Right now, it is more important than ever to take care of your mental health – and to be conscious of your personal resources. TUM4Mind can help you with this.

Jessica Neusser at the Olympiapark

MUCtrail – the environmental adventure trail

With Mia and Fritz through the Olympiapark

Six stations focusing on climate and climate change in Munich: MUCtrail is a virtual science trail in the Olympiapark. It was developed by a team from the TUM's Junge Akademie. Jessica Neusser introduced it on site.

Student learning at library

TUM University Library

Longer Opening Hours for the Winter Semester

From October 12, 2020 the TUM University Library will extend its opening hours. All branch libraries will open earlier in the morning and library visits on weekends will be possible again.

Runners in the rain

Not to be missed

Lunch, Run, Learn

In the lecture “Innovative Entrepreneurs” you will meet outstanding managers, entrepreneurs, and executives from a wide range of industry sectors.

Face mask

Start of the semester 2020/21

Protective measures, contact data collection, and Digital Learning Commitment

The winter semester 2020/21 has begun – and, due to the pandemic, we will continue to be faced with major challenges. In order to get through this difficult phase as unscathed as possible, we will have to stand together.