University life

A rich and varied campus life awaits you at Technische Universität München (TUM) – with everything from major festivals through a vast sporting program to exciting student research opportunities.

There’s more to student life than lectures and exams. Extra-curricular activities at TUM give stu­dents the chance to develop their personalities and skills. They organize festivals. They get involved in student bodies. They join music clubs or set up creative research projects. Student life at TUM

Halls of residence or a flat in the trendy Glocken­bachviertel? Finding accommodation in Munich is dif­fi­cult – but not impossible. Average rents are higher than any other city in Germany and there is a shortage of accommodation. That's why TUM helps its students and staff to find somewhere to live. After all, we don’t want to lose any talented prospects. Accommodations in Munich

Germany’s largest university sports community, based at the facilities built for the 1972 Summer Olympic Games. With 90 different sporting activities ranging from beach volleyball and swimming to yoga, there is something for every inclination and ability. Munich university teams regularly take to the podium in national, European and world intervarsity competitions. TUM's sporting program

What does art have in common with technology? Everything at TUM! We have an excellent and varied program for art lovers. Musicians can join any of Mu­nich’s 14 academic orchestras. Electrical Engineering and Information Technology students get to produce their own digital 3D films. Music and Arts at TUM

The TUM family just wouldn’t be the same without our alumni. As mentors, they actively share their ex­peri­ence with the next generation. They support the uni­ver­sity as foundation benefactors or sponsors and maintain contact with former fellow students through­out the world. Alumni & Career bring the different gen­era­tions together in a variety of ways. These include mentoring opportunities, further training for our gradu­ates and a Career Service. Over 40,000 TUM alumni from Germany and abroad are already active members of the TUM network. Our graduates have set up TUM alumni clubs in every corner of the globe. Alumni Network

See what student life is really like with “Explore TUM” – our interface between school and university. We offer many opportunities for school-goers to get a taste of life at TUM. Pupils TUM

Research at the Deutsches Museum: How do you build a robot? How can you locate the stars in the night sky? What do sounds “look” like? Science becomes hands-on at TUMLab, TUM’s experimental lab for school pupils and teachers at the Deutsches Museum.

Munich – Home of TUM

The Bavarian capital on the Isar has countless at­trac­tions. It’s unique flair is complemented by a strong artistic and cultural identity and enviable leisure op­por­tu­nities. TUM’s main campus is surrounded by world-famous art galleries like The Pinakotheken, the Mu­seum Brandhorst and the Glyptothek.