Making a difference!

The scholarship program gives students the invaluable bonus of more time. Many of them use this extra time to give something back to society. Students who wish to dedicate their time to a good cause can currently choose from two initiatives.

TUM Deutschlandstipendium Aktive-, Alumni- & Förderverein e. V.

The Germany Scholarship scheme motivated us to reflect on the bigger picture and gave us the opportunity to look beyond university life at ways we can contribute to society in general. Now we are keen to give something back. Back in 2015, we had the idea of collecting donations from a wider circle of people so that even more students at TUM can benefit from a Germany Scholarship. Our initial organization relied on word of mouth and our network of friends. Now, by setting up the sponsorship association, we are taking our initiative to the next level by bringing together past and present scholarship recipients, friends and supporters. Funding an entire scholarship is far beyond the means of many, especially those who are still studying for their degrees. But if we all join together, we are able to achieve much more. Find out more

The “Donating talent” initiative

The organizers of the “Sharing talent” initiative and many of those involved are recipients of the Germany Scholarship. Thanks to the scholarship program, we are able to concentrate fully on our studies. The scholarship gives us one invaluable advantage: time. We want to use some of this time to give something back to society. Since 2014, we have joined many other volunteers to work on projects to help our fellow citizens and the environment. We sort through clothing donations, provide coaching to refugees or take part in environmental protection projects. Our involvement in the various projects is flexible, depending on our personal interests and the amount of time we are able to spare. We warmly invite other students to join us in our “Sharing talent” initiative.


An overview of the current projects of "Donate Talents"

We take responsibility for our environment

“Plant a Seed” is a pilot project for tangible sustainability at TUM. The aim of “Plant a Seed” is to set up a unique interdisciplinary educational project for sustainability at TUM. We literally want to plant seeds with our campus gardens. The project aims in particular to shed light on the importance of green spaces in cities, to offer workshops for sustainable consumption and production of food and to provide solutions for the “urban heat island effect”. Watch the video about “Plant a Seed”.


We help children develop their skills

The Arche in Moosach offers children and young people from socially disadvantaged backgrounds a warm, free lunch and leisure activities in the afternoon as well as homework supervision. We are active here! Our focus is on supporting primary school children (1st to 4th grade) with their school work, which we offer not only on site but also online during Corona times.



We research on superfoods

The Project "Food as Medicine" is a series of Workshops on Superfoods and their Health Benefits. We work on presenting scientific research findings on a particular Food and its Health benefits to enable you to make better health decisions. The project helps in building a bridge between nutrition science and the people who wish to understand and inculcate healthy habits in their diet consciously by uncovering the science behind natural treatments and supplements. The ultimate aim of this project is to build a healthier and stronger community.


We help students learn new skills

The TUM Skills Center is an online platform where students can learn new skills. These skills are taught by students through instructions, videos and face-to-face exchanges. The project is characterized by a diverse range of skills. For example, students can use us to improve their skills in cooking, photography, fitness, speed reading or manual labor. The online platform not only offers the perfect opportunity to present your own skills and hobbies, but also to inspire other students to exchange ideas with them and ideally to learn new skills themselves.



We help in environmental protection

Clean-up for environmental protection
Picture: Tom Hicks

Together we help the state association for bird protection with the maintenance of biotopes in Munich and Freising. This mainly involves mowing and a lot of small-scale work in the field. Such a day in nature with physical activity is a lot of fun together! We started in the summer semester 2017. We also organize clean-up campaigns in cooperation with the City of Munich to keep our green spaces clean.



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Are you a student or staff member at TUM and interested in lending a hand?
On our moodle page Kurs: Talente Spenden ( you can find all current dates for the projects taking place. The site also offers more detailed information on projects and their contact persons. You can also register for campaigns via moodle. So just click on the link and be there!

If you are not a student but are interested in taking part in an ongoing project like the cooperation with Münchner Tafel (food banks), the Salesianum (sheltered accommodation for youths) or the DOMICIL retirement home, we would love to hear from you.
Please contact talente-spenden(at)




TUM Deutschlandstipendium Aktive-, Alumni- & Förderverein e.V.
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“Donating talent” initiative
Are you interested in donating your time and talent so you can make a difference to society? Then please contact us at moodle: Talente Spenden (
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