Preparatory Study at the Studienkolleg

Some international secondary school certificates do not directly qualify students to study at a German university. In these cases, you can qualify for a degree program at a German university via the Studienkolleg.

What is the Studienkolleg?

The Studienkolleg is an educational institution for students who are qualified to study in another country,  but not in Germany. The final exam after the course at the Studienkolleg is the so-called Feststellungsprüfung. Successfully completing this exam qualifies you to apply for a degree program at a German university. The preparatory phase in the Studienkolleg takes 2 semesters.

The Studienkolleg München ist responsible for applicants to all bavarian universities, including TUM.

Degree Program or Studienkolleg?

Be sure to check as soon as possible whether your secondary school diploma qualifies you for direct access to a German university. If you are qualified to study in your own country, but not in Germany, then the courses at Studienkolleg are a way to qualify for a regular degree program at a German university. In some countries, you also need to have completed a university entrance exam or to have studied for at least one year at a univerity or similar institution.

Please be aware that the language of instruction at Studienkolleg is German. To apply, you need to provide proof that your German language skills are at least on Level B2. During the admission exam to Studienkolleg you will then have to prove that your language skills are sufficient to successfully complete the course there.

If you apply for Studienkolleg, you do not need a Preliminary Documentation (VPD) by uni-assist.

Application for Studienkolleg - Step by Step

The courses at Studienkolleg have a limited capacity – be aware that there is not guarantee for a spot in the courses, and that applications which do not fully comply with the formal requirements cannot be considered.

1. Online application

Applications for Studienkolleg are filed via our online application portal TUMonline – you cannot apply directly at the Studienkolleg itself. During the online application, you will be asked which degree program you wish to apply for after successfully completing the Feststellungsprüfung. The degree program you choose in this step determines the course at Studienkolleg you are assigned to, so choose carefully.

To our online application guide for the Studienkolleg

Application periods:

  • For summer semester: 15.11. – 15.01.
  • For winter semester: 15.05. – 15.07.

By the end of the application period, the online application must be completed and all requirements have to have arrived at TUM in the correct form.

2. Send your documents to TUM

You need to submit the following documents to TUM:

All diplomas/certificates have to be submitted as notarized hardcopies. If the original language of the documents is not German or English, they have to be translated by a sworn translator.

Please be aware that all documents have to have arrived at TUM by the end of the application period. This means you have to take the time the documents need to arrive via the postal service into consideration.

3. You receive an invitation to the admission exam

If you comply with the admission criteria and all of your documents have been checked successfully, you will receive an invitation to the admissions exam at Studienkolleg. The same message also informs you about your assigned area of concentration – depending on the desired degree program you stated during the online application.

Areas of Concentration

Studienkolleg offers several areas of concentation. Depending on the choice made in TUMonline, you are assigned to one of the three courses

  • T-course for technical and mathematical programs and programs in the natural sciences
  • M-course for medical programs and programs connected with biosciences or sports
  • W-course for business and economics programs.
  • G-course for programs in arts and humanities.

4. You take the admissions exam

You can only take the exam if you have received an invitation from a university – e.g. from TUM.

The admission exam takes place on a certain date for every semester. The dates can also be found on the website of the Studienkolleg.

If you fail the exam, you can repeat it twice. Should you not attend an exam date, it will count as a fail – provided you do not inform the Studienkolleg in time via email, including your application number.

If you are assigned to the T-course, you also have to complete a maths test.

Learn more about the admission exam on the website of Studienkolleg

5. You pay the semester fees

If you pass the admission exam, you can start your course at Studienkolleg. As student at Studienkolleg, you only have to pay the student union fees. As soon as your payment is registered, you are enrolled as a regular student at TUM.

6. You complete Studienkolleg

After 2 semesters (one year) you take the so-called Feststellungsprüfung. If you pass, you receive a subject specific higher education entrance qualification for Germany – and are free to apply for the bachelor's program of your choice (see step 1).

After Studienkolleg - application for a bachelor's

In order to apply for a regular bachelor's after Studienkolleg, you need to submit a new online application within the designated application periods. 

Even if you have originally applied for Studienkolleg via TUM, you need to submit a new application and hand in all required documents in time. 

What programs can I apply for?

Together with the school-leaving certificate from your home country, the Feststellungsprüfungszeugnis qualifies as a German subject-specific higher education entrance qualification. This means you can apply for all undergraduate programs within the range of your subject-specific qualification. The Feststellungsprüfungszeugnis is also valid as proof of your German skills.

Your school-leaving certificate (50%) + Feststellungsprüfungszeugnis (50%) = subject-specific higher education entrance qualification (100%)

The subject-specific qualification is defined by the course you take in Studienkolleg. 

If you have applied for Studienkolleg via TUM, you have already chosen a degree program you are interested in pursuing after Studienkolleg. You are, however, eligible to apply for every undergraduate program with the subject-specific qualification. 

Thank you for understanding that we can only assess your eligibility to apply for a certain program within the regular application process. A preliminary evaluation is not possible.

How are my grades evaluated when I apply?

Your higher education entrance qualification consists of both the school-leaving certificate from your home country and the Feststellungsprüfungszeugnis. So the results from both certificates will be evaluated equally.

Which documents do I have to submit to TUM?

After the end of the online application via TUMonline, you will receive an individual list with the documents you have to submit within the designated deadline. 

Since your higher education entrance qualification consists of both your original school-leaving certificate and the Festestellungsprüfungszeugnis, we require both documents as notarized hardcopies. 

If you have applied for the Studienkolleg via TUM, we already have your school-leaving certificate. You do then not have to submit it again.

Please be aware that you do not require a preliminary documentation by uni-assist when applying with a Feststellungsprüfungszeugnis.   

I have completed the Studienkolleg in a different German state.
Can I still apply to TUM?

You can apply for an undergraduate degree program at TUM if

  • you have a matching subject specific higher education entrance qualificatoin
  • the Studienkolleg you visited was either public or state-recognized.

Thank you for understanding that we can only assess your eligibility to apply for a certain program within the regular applicatoin process. A preliminary evaluation is not possible.

Advising and Information

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