Living in Munich

We are delighted that you have chosen to pursue your full or part-time study at Tech­nische Uni­versi­tät München! Below, we have gathered some impor­tant informa­tion about living in Munich to help you get started. 

Interactive campus tour

Would you like to explore the Munich city campus and get some orientation around the university buildings? With this interactive tour, you can discover important locations around the campus. The tour will also give you some interesting and fun facts about our university. You can take the tour by using your smartphone or tablet. Let’s get started!

  • Step 1: Download and install Actionbound App for free at your app store (Apple or Android).
  •  Step 2: Find the tour: “TUM Campus Tour for International Newcomers”. You can switch the language via the menu item “Einstellungen” or “Settings”. You find the tour by pressing the button “find a bound” and type “TUM Campus Tour for International Newcomers”. The easiest way is to press “scan code” and scan the corresponding QR code.
  • Step 3: Let’s go! Your takeoff is in front of the Audimax at Munich city campus, Arcisstr. 21, 80333 Munich. The tour will last about 65 minutes. Now press start. The tour activates and you can start up and explore our campus!

Financial Aid

There are no tuition fees at TUM – students only need to pay the semester fees con­sisting of a Student Union Fee and a basic Semester­ticket for the public trans­portation net­work.

TUMint Student Relocation Service - an all-inclusive onboarding package for international students coming to Munich.

It is offered by TUM International GmbH.

Your Career in Germany

As an international student at TUM we support each step of your career in Germany. From finding your personal profile and designing your application materials to specific career development: We are there for you!

University Life

University study is more than lectures and exams. Student life at TUM shapes the whole person. Our students organize festivals, work together on departmental student councils, make music together and develop research projects. more