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Exchange and best practice for lecturers from all disciplines

This is precisely the point where the next Summer Teaching Forum comes in. It will will take place on Tuesday, 11 May, registration is still possible. Here, lecturers from all disciplines can exchange ideas, develop visions together and discuss best practices in university didactics.

Informatics lecturer Dr. Stephan Krusche also values this exchange. In 2020, he was awarded the Ars legendi Prize for his digital teaching.

„Corona has pushed digital teaching and online exams. In the future, we will still return to meet and network on campus and offer hybrid teaching formats. Innovative and interactive teaching existed before Corona. The framework may have changed, but the joy of teaching remains, also with digital formats.”— Dr. Stephan Krusche, Department of Informatics

TUM students Michelle Hagenauer and Jakob Ohlenmacher from the "AG Nachhaltigkeit"

"AG Nachhaltigkeit": Climate change, resource consumption and waste generation

“We know what’s at stake”

A heavy responsibility: The construction sector is responsible for around 40 percent of global CO2 emissions and 60 percent of waste generated in Germany. That is the challenge that the architecture students Michelle Hagenauer and Jakob Ohlenmacher wish to tackle with their sustainability action group “AG Nachhaltigkeit".

Sustainability Campus news Studies
TUM student Laura Bauer with rover LARSS

TUM team develops rover that converts lunar dust into building material

LARSS getting set for Moon launch

With a remote-controlled rover that can turn dust and sand into solid construction material, a team from the TUM student group WARR is taking part in the 2021 Field Campaign of the Space Innovation initiative, based in Switzerland. With their project, the students hope to contribute to the construction of the first human settlement away from Earth.

Research Studies
Johanna Baehr, research assistant at the Chair of Security in Information Technology
Reading time: 4 Min.

Chip with secure encryption will help in fight against hackers

A post-quantum chip with hardware trojans

A team at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) has designed and commissioned the production of a computer chip that implements post-quantum cryptography very efficiently. Such chips could provide protection against future hacker attacks using quantum computers. The researchers also incorporated hardware trojans in the chip in order to study methods for detecting this type of “malware from the chip factory”.

Artificial Intelligence Quantum Technologies Research
Veronica Becker from Plant a Seed

Veronica Becker from "Plant a Seed" is a holder of the "Deutschlandstipendium"

Harvest time in the courtyard

A stroll through the main Munich campus reveals frequent glimpses of Veronica Becker’s project. With their raised vegetable beds, she and her team are not only making the campus greener, but also more livable. The Deutschlandstipendium scholarship gives her the freedom she needs to turn her ideas into reality.

Sustainability Campus news Studies

Not to be missed: Service for Students

Service, offers, deadlines

Take on a maths challenge, think about global waste reduction, plan a study abroad trip: Current dates, deadlines and offers for our students.

Students in the museum district
Reading time: 2 Min.

QS Best Student Cities Ranking covers student experience and quality of life

Munich rated second-best university city in the world

A favorite with students, excellent job opportunities for graduates and outstanding quality of life: In the latest edition of the QS Best Student Cities Ranking, Munich placed second behind number one London.

TUM in Rankings
TUM student Alexander Kophal

Alexander Kophal is part of the Online Tandem at the TUM Language Center

“Sweden just never let me go”

In 2012 Alexander Kophal grew very fond of an entire country, including its culture and language: He was living with a host family in Uppsala, Sweden. Now 24, and studying for a masters degree in mechanical engineering at TUM, he is still learning Swedish. He is part of an online tandem with native speakers at the TUM Language Center.

Campus news Studies

Sport shooter Carina Wimmer is headed for the Olympic Games in Tokyo:

“If it wasn’t for Covid, I wouldn’t be going to the Olympics”

Carina Wimmer has been dreaming of a trip to Tokyo for years: But the TUM student and military athlete was not planning a vacation. Her goal was to compete in the 2020 Olympic Games. Just a few weeks ago she booked her ticket after winning two gold medals with her air pistol at the European Championships.

Campus news Studies
Three female participants have an animated conversation at the TUM4Mind Action Day 2018.

Ideas competition “Studienbezogene Verstärkung der Exzellenzstrategie” 2021 starts

Looking for digital and project-based teaching formats

Mental health, online labs and a virtual forest: the field of contributions that have already been implemented through the ideas competition “Studienbezogene Verstärkung der Exzellenzstrategie” (study-related reinforcement of the excellence strategy) is wide. Now the next round starts, seeking concepts for digital and project-based forms of teaching, learning and examining.

Studies Teaching
Students chat and work together in the foyer of one of the StudiTUM houses.
Reading time: 2 Min.

StudiTUM houses reopen while digital offers remain in place

Learning together at TUM

The Corona pandemic fundamentally changed studying last year: The campus was empty a lot of the time. Most courses took place online. And in order to study in a concentrated manner and prepare for exams, students were often unable to meet with their fellow students. Now, however, a bit of normality is finally returning: The StudiTUM houses are open to students again.


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What is good teaching in the virtual space?

At the current summer forum on 11 May, the focus will be on combining online teaching with on-campus courses, electronic exams, and how to design good teaching in the virtual space.